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Ultimate Poker League 2024: Who Are The Big Winners? Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 27 Mar, 2024
By Mrinal Gujare
On 27 Mar, 2024
By Mrinal Gujare
On 27 Mar, 2024

Ultimate Poker League 2024: Who Are The Big Winners?

Spartan Poker launched an amazing series in the form of Ultimate Poker League 2024. This series makes you feel right at home as it is surely inspired by the cricket season. The poker tournament series offers ₹17 Crore in prize money. This event kicked off on 15th March and will run till 7th April 2024. So far the series has seen top players from the Indian poker fraternity ship titles and bump up their bankrolls in a big way. Let us take a look at the big winners.

Gaurav Sood

Gaurav Sood

Who doesn’t know about Gaurav Sood? He is regarded as one of the best MTT players in the country. With several notable online titles to his credit, Sood never fails to impress. The Dentist turned poker pro participated in the UPL 2024 series and shipped the Helicopter DST ₹12 Lakh GTD for a sum of ₹2,88,000. This event had a buy-in of ₹5,750 and was held on Sunday at 9:30 PM. 

Kunal Patni

Kunal Patni in the house! Expect fireworks now!

Kunal Patni, fondly known as KP in the Indian poker community, has a massive fan following among the players. Considered as one of the veteran poker pros from India, KP took down Friday Smash ₹15 Lakh GTD. He had a payday of ₹3,53,153. This ₹5,750 buy-in event was hosted on Friday at 8 PM. Patni is among the most seasoned poker players from the country. Not just online, KP has established his supremacy on the live felts too. Patni has registered victory in multiple Asian poker tournaments. 

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Amit Gehani 

Amit Gehani

We know of Amit Gehani as the IOPC Jan 2022 Main Event winner. Yes, we all remember that smashing victory, the player registered at the highly anticipated series. But this time around, Gehani signed up for UPL 2024 on Spartan Poker and nailed the Helicopter ₹4 Lakh GTD, (₹5,750 buy-in) for ₹1,05,000 and the Monday Smash PKO ₹5 Lakh GTD (₹2,875 buy-in) for a payday of ₹51,943. So far, this businessman cum poker player has collected ₹1,56,943 from this event. 

Laksh Pal Singh

Lakshpal Singh

We have another IOPC Main Event winner making a splash at the Ultimate Poker League 2024. Laksh Pal Singh made heads turn with his victory in the Tuesday Smash tourney. The pro shipped this ₹15 Lakh GTD (₹4,600 buy-in) for a sum of ₹3,34,908. 

Well, these are a few top pros who are grinding and winning big at the Ultimate Poker League 2024. There are some more who stifled competition and grabbed the numero uno spot in the tournaments.

  • Helicopter – ₹2 Lakh GTD – Yash Chitre – ₹51,100
  • Sunday Smash – ₹25 Lakh GTD – Snehil Aggarwal – ₹5,81,250
  • Thursday Maximum – ₹20 Lakh GTD – Ritwik Khanna – ₹5,39,119
  • Wednesday Smash – ₹20 Lakh GTD – Debneil Mukherjee – ₹4,23,000
  • Saturday Smash PKO – ₹5 Lakh GTD – Amit Kaushik – ₹63,529

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