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Tom Dwan Following Doug Polk's Footsteps In Robbi-Garrett Scandal? Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 13 Oct, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 13 Oct, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 13 Oct, 2022

Tom Dwan Following Doug Polk’s Footsteps In Robbi-Garrett Scandal?

The Garrett Adelstein – Robbi Lew controversy has taken the poker world by a storm since the scandal broke. With the entire fraternity divided on whether Lew cheated or not, it looks like the conclusion on the matter is near at hand. Lew is all set to take a lie detector test to prove her innocence and put the cheating allegation imposed on her to rest. 

It all started after Lew, who is considered to be new to high-stakes poker, pulled off a J4o hand against Garrett Adelstein’s suited connectors (8 7 ). Lew called an all-in by Garrett on the board of T T 9 3 , with 47% chances. The river brought 9 , giving Lew her winning hand. However, she agreed to run it twice. The second river card again brought victory for Lew with A . Furious at losing the $269K pot, Adelstein accused Lew of cheating. 

Popular pro Tom Dwan, who seems to be maintaining a neutral ground in the matter, recently tweeted that he believes that Lew would pass the lie detector test. He in fact, said that he could even bet on the same. He also suggested that they wouldn’t ask her about other hands she won or the time she played 5/10 and was supposedly trying to kick someone she knew under the table.

Later he added that “she’d pass a lie detector in Vegas, not do a follow up, and not consent to phone records being given to police and others.”

Several Twitter users replied to his tweet pointing out that she had given her phone records and her phone to the police for investigation.


A user named replied on Dwan’s tweet saying, “If I was involved in cheating like this, that text from Bryan would NOT be written on my phone. But since it does appear to be written in her style, I’d wonder what both their phone GPS records would say for that day and time.” Dawn defended her saying, “Things like this would be quite easy to verify if she wanted to prove innocence.However it seems clear after hearing Julie incredibly gently and sweetly tell her truth and story, that @RobbiJadeLew see’s other people’s versions of reality as a threat. 🤔🤔🤔🤔” (sic)

An hour later, Dawn went on to tweet that during the lie detector test, Lew should also be asked about her story with Julie Yorn. Lew is adamant that Yorn was lying. 

With so many accusations, speculations and past records being pulled up, hopefully the lie detector settles the dust on the muck being thrown on either parties.

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