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Pocket52 Big Pocket Series ₹5 Crore GTD This July 2023 Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 17 Jul, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 17 Jul, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 17 Jul, 2023

Pocket52’s Big Pocket Series Is the Biggest Ever With 5 Crore GTD!

Hello there, poker people! We have some exciting news to tell you all. One of the fast-growing online poker platforms in the country, Pocket52.com has announced its biggest series ever. What is it? Hold on, we will tell you all about it, just keep reading.

Pocket52’s Big Pocket Series

Yes, that’s what Pocket52’s latest and biggest series ever is called—Big Pocket Series. This tournament series comes with an enticing guarantee of ₹5 Crore. Amazing right? Sure is.

With such a lucrative prize pool on offer which poker player would want to miss out on this promotion? We don’t know of anyone like that. With the latest offering Pocket52 is upping its game and hoping to get as many players into its fold as possible.

This tournament series will run from 22nd July to 30th July and has 54 tourneys in its schedule. If you are someone looking for a poker series to grind this season, then look no further than Pocket52’s Big Pocket Series.

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The Big Pocket Series has buy-ins starting at just ₹220. These buy-ins go up to ₹11,000. So if you are not a player with a heavy-duty bankroll, don’t worry, the Big Pocket Series will cater to players of varied bankrolls.

Pocket52 Big Pocket Series Tournaments

This amazing poker series offers tournaments like High Roller, Mini Main Event, Main Event, PLO5 among others. The High Roller tourney comes with a ₹15 Lakh GTD and ₹11,000 buy-in.

Similarly, the Main Event has a ₹50 Lakh GTD and ₹5,500 buy-in. Those who love PLO5 can grind in this event which comes with a prize pool of ₹12 Lakh GTD and buy-in of ₹3,850.

Aren’t you impressed with Pocket52’s Big Pocket Series offering? We know you are. So don’t wait, just sign up on Pocket52 via Gutshot Magazine and get started.

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