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Patrik Antonius And Viktor Kudinov Deliver The Sickest Hero Calls Poker
Donna Amo
Posted on 08 Sep, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 08 Sep, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 08 Sep, 2022

Patrik Antonius And Viktor Kudinov Deliver The Sickest Hero Calls

Looks like the action at Triton Super High Rollers is getting more epic with every passing day. The world’s top poker players are pulling all stops and making some of the sickest hero calls that’s getting the poker community excited. So far, we have poker pros Patrik Antonius and Viktor Kudinov making their mark at the series with some jaw-dropping moves. With one of them going on to ship their first Triton Poker title!

Patrik Antonius

The first one to get the people buzzing was poker pro Patrik Antonius who made an incredible call at the $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em high roller at the Triton Poker Cyprus. Antonius just had a bottom pair when he decided to call and give himself a double-up through the chip leader Fahredin Mustafov.

Patrik Antonius And Viktor Kudinov Deliver The Sickest Hero Calls

Patrik Antonius (Photo Credit: Triton Poker)

With blinds at 200,000/400,000 and big blind ante at 400,000 the hand began with an 800,000 raise from Mustafov on the button. He was holding Th 8c in hole cards. Antonius, who had Jh 2h, defended his big blind. A flop of 7h 2c 6c landed on the board and Antonius checked after making a bottom pair. Mustafov had a straight draw and bet 700,000. Antonius called and a Qh landed on the turn.

Antonius, who now had a flush draw, checked once again and Mustafov pushed 1.4 million in the pot. After tanking for two and a half minutes, Antonius finally called. The river of Ad came on the board and Antonius checked. Mustafov then went all-in for the rest of his 3.5 million. However, even though Antonius only had a bottom pair, he did not fold immediately and left even the commentators Randy Lew and Henry Kilbane stunned. Lew exclaimed, “Can he make the call for the sickest hand of this tournament?!”

The Finnish pro then went into a deep tank for six minutes using most of his time banks and called with just a pair of twos. This earned him a “good call” remark from Mustafov who showed his bluff. Commentator Lew then celebrated stating, “Patrik Antonius, ladies and gentleman. He’s done it!”

Antonius went on to clinch the win which was also his first Triton Poker title. He took home a lovely prize money worth $825,000.

Antonius said, “It has some special feel. Triton is growing…all the top players are playing this tournament, so it’s nice to win, I have to say. And it’s a nice way to start a series like this.”

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Viktor Kudinov

Just a day after Antonius made his hero call, Russian player Viktor Kudinov made his insane hero call against Pokercode coach Fedor Holz. The insane hand took place at the final table of the $30,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed event at the Triton series. With blinds at 50,000/100,000 and the big blind ante at 100,000, the action began with Holz making a 240,000 raise from the small blind. He was holding 6d 4c. Kudinov then called from the big blind with hole cards Tc 9s.

Patrik Antonius And Viktor Kudinov Deliver The Sickest Hero Calls

Viktor Kudinov (Photo Credit: Triton Poker)

The flop of Qh 2c Kh appeared on the board and Holz and Kudinov checked. Then a Ks fell on the turn and Holz bet 175,000. Kudinov, who now had a gutshot straight draw, called. The river showed Ac and Holz pushed a bet of 390,000 into the pot as a bluff. Kudinov used a time bank and then proceeded to call with just T-high.

Commentator Ali Nejad said, “Flatting with T-high would literally be the sexiest thing I’ve seen in a Triton (event) so far, and we’ve seen some very sexy plays.”

Holz called and when the two players showed their hands it was Kudinov who raked in the big pot while Holz gave a respectful nod to Kudinov after his bluff failed.

In the end, Kudinov finished in seventh place for $164,000 while Holz walked away in fifth position for $272,300.

Even Daniel Negreanu admitted that it was a pretty sick call on his Twitter handle.

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Photo Credit: PokerNews and Triton Poker 

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