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Jeremy Ausmus’ Suspicion Led To WSOP Banning Jared Strauss? Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 08 Jan, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 08 Jan, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 08 Jan, 2023

Jeremy Ausmus’ Suspicion Led To WSOP Banning Jared Strauss?

Remember in October 2022, Jeremy Ausmus lost an online World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet to a relatively new player, Jared Strauss? After that Ausmus suspected that the latter had cheated and all we could think of was that the pro was following the footsteps of Garret Adelstein by imposing cheating allegations on Strauss aka ‘JStrizza.’

The post from Ausmus received a lot of backlash as users accused him of being a sore loser (including us!). However, it was quite natural for him to suspect foul play since ‘JStrizza’ had only played $500-$1,500 buy-in events since 2015 through mid-2020. However, he was faced with rough times in late 2020, when he started entering $60 tournaments repeatedly. 

Although Ausmus’ allegations did not catch much steam back then, things took a different turn and it came to light that Ausmus wasn’t wrong. Maybe Strauss wasn’t as innocent as Robbi Lew, and had actually indulged in cheating to win the coveted WSOP bracelet. Back then Ausmus had expressed his suspicion via a tweet right after finishing second in the $7,777 WSOP online bracelet event. 

Come 2022, Strauss was suddenly seen playing games with four-figure buy-ins including the tough $7,777 WSOP online event which he eventually won.

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Ausmus is a big name, and hence, people were curious if WSOP representatives reached out to him to get the matter resolved. Unfortunately, back then it apparently did not happen. 

The issue was left unresolved for months until this morning. On 5th January 2023, Ausmus shared a thread of four tweets explaining that he had received an email from WSOP stating that they were investigating the final table of the contentious event. The email also stated that the account that won, ‘JStrizza’ was permanently banned from the WSOP.com site. 

In his second tweet, he mentioned that WSOP’s policies do not allow them to disclose any of the findings of their investigations hence he doesn’t exactly know why the account was banned within just a few days of the event. “But to ban an account they surely found something very concrete whether it was a tool or teamviewer etc. I’ve never heard of them doing such a thing,” he added. 

In the following tweet he says that no extra money or bracelet was awarded to any other player. Strauss had apparently received them, and Ausmus was told that it was a bigger deal to take money back from the players and hence WSOP paid Strauss anyways. Reportedly, the money wasn’t taken back possibly because of the existing Nevada regulations. 

In his last tweet, Ausmus stated that, a top player playing other accounts or taking over other accounts when deep into an event and/or using Real Time Assistance (RTA) pose massive threats to online poker. He further said that it is precisely why he decided to speak up on the issue in the first place. The five-time WSOP bracelet winner also lauded WSOP for looking into the matter and taking action against Strauss. 

Although it seems that Strauss cheated in the said WSOP bracelet event, one thing is clear that Ausmus was correct in highlighting the matter. Amidst the heat of the Garrett Adelstein – Robbi Lew drama, all we could think of was that Ausmus was pulling off an Adelstein with no concrete proof. 

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Photo credit: Poker.org

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