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How to ship IOPC titles? Ft. Amit Gehani Poker
Manthra Koliyer
Posted on 07 Jun, 2022
By Manthra Koliyer
On 07 Jun, 2022
By Manthra Koliyer
On 07 Jun, 2022

How to ship IOPC titles? Ft. Amit Gehani

Every poker player irrespective of whether they grind in the India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) or not, wishes to get some tips from the top pros. Yes, we heard each of you. Gutshot got in touch with Amit Gehani, winner of the IOPC January 2022 Main Event. He won truckloads of money (read: over ₹56 Lakh). The IOPC Jan 2022 win was his career-best online score and that diamond-studded 18K gold crown was truly well deserved. 

This banker was also on the cover of Gutshot’s February 2022 e-magazine where he spoke about his strategies, wins and much more. Coming back to shipping IOPC titles, when we asked Gehani to list down some tips, he did it like a pro. Take a look:

  • Learn your game well before you decide to take the plunge. Once you’ve entered a game, play selected hands but play them with aggression. A loose playing grinder is easy to catch on the table, so take advantage.
  • The most important point is to play when in position and playing ranges. I have seen people losing big stakes while playing random hands out of position. Keep changing your raises while in different positions and hands. Don’t let the opponent judge your hand with standard raises.
  • Try learning about your opponents. If you are playing only on selected sites you will most likely come across the same opponents. It’s good to know about their profile and playing style. Play the player instead of playing the game.

  • Your hands are definitely the most important, but poker’s correct judgment is to analyze your opponent’s hand/s. The moment you realize that your opponent’s hand is stronger than yours, there is no point in bluffing and giving away chips easily.
  • Bluff selectively but again, aggressively. On a 20 BB table, people who bluff with 2 big blinds won’t be able to make an impact as anyone would call to make their draws/set. The bluff sizing definitely should be good enough to make your opponents fold their hands.
  • Value betting is very important. Try to get more value on a confirmed hand.  
  • Finally, the most important tip is to play within your bankroll. Responsible gaming is the key. Big winnings were never achieved in a day. People grind for years to reach the level where they are today. Start grinding in small tournaments which are within your bankroll and slowly move up. 

Through these seven highly valuable tips, Gehani has emphasized on bankroll management, playing the correct hands, bluffing and more. Remember, these tips came from an IOPC ME crusher, so you know Gehani not just believes but also follows them. So far, his game in the current IOPC series has been amazing as he shipped Event #8 and added ₹87,398 to his bankroll

If you wish to grind in IOPC June 2022 on Spartan Poker and ship some IOPC titles and make a splash on the virtual felts, follow these top seven tips shared by Gehani and you are good to go. 

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