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Amit Gehani Is Spartan Poker’s February Player Of The Month Poker
Manthra Koliyer
Posted on 31 Mar, 2022
By Manthra Koliyer
On 31 Mar, 2022
By Manthra Koliyer
On 31 Mar, 2022

Amit Gehani Is Spartan Poker’s February Player Of The Month

On the sixth of February, the Main Event of the India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) was hosted on Spartan Poker, and Amit Gehani walked away with the Crown. After pocketing ₹56,40,288, Gehani became an overnight star. Spartan Poker has nominated this crusher as their player of the month for February. We got in touch with the cover star of our February issue to know more about his journey on Spartan Poker

You have been nominated as the player of the month for February by Spartan Poker. How do you feel about that?

The feeling is definitely great. Being chosen as the player of the month brings a lot of happiness to my family and me. I hope I can repeat this later as well.

Your average count of bullets fired in tournaments is considerably less. How do you refrain from buying into tournaments again and again? 

Being a banker myself, I am good at my bankroll management. In every tourney I grind, the plans are to go maximum with 2-3 bullets. If one isn’t succeeding in that, it is better to opt out of that tourney and play another one. There is no point in buying when you get bad beats in a particular tourney.

What is your strategy when you are on the FT and heads-up?

Reaching the Final Table (FT) is the first strategy while I am playing. Once on FT, you know you are going to get paid handsomely irrespective of your rank. The best way is to maximize your chip count and use it to the best use when you have the most favorable hands. I have no different strategy for heads up, just like any other gameplay. Keep your cool and be happy that you are already in the top 2, leaving hundreds and thousands of players behind.

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How different is Spartan Poker as compared to others in the business?

As mentioned in my previous interviews, games on Spartan Poker are well designed. The look and feel of the app itself are much better than any other Indian poker site. I am very happy with their dedicated customer support. I am eagerly waiting for the brand to announce live poker tourneys.

IOPC #114 -3.50 Crores GTD – The Crown winning was your biggest prize money so far. What do you aim for next? 

The aim is to keep grinding and be at FTs in most of the tourneys. I am more interested in playing live poker tourney and tasting success in it.

One poker strategy you swear by?

Aggressively play your good hands. Remember that you should fold when you are not sure. There is nothing wrong with losing a pot rather than limping and being out of the tourney.

What do you prefer—live poker or online poker?

As of now, I am only playing online poker. It is more profitable compared to live poker because the number of hands played is much faster online than live tourney. Plus, since it’s all virtual, you can actually multitask and play more tables together. Comparatively, live poker is easier as you have a chance to read your opponents. There is no software to guide you, and it is solely dependent on grinding entirely depends on you, which is the best part about live poker. Both are different formats, and I would love to play both live and online.

Do you have plans of playing live in the coming months?                               

I am waiting for some good tournaments to be hosted. 

Where do you see yourself in the next five years when it comes to poker?

I am not a reg poker player, nor am I interested in taking poker as my next career anytime soon. As of now, I play it for fun. I want to continue grinding and be where I am right now, at least for the next five years.

We hope Gehani crushes more titles in the coming days. For more such daily news, and feature articles, keep reading GutshotMagazine.com. Follow us on our social handles Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and Telegram.

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