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Flashback Friday: When Sajal Gupta Shipped FTS 5.0 ME Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 02 Dec, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 02 Dec, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 02 Dec, 2022

Flashback Friday: When Sajal Gupta Shipped FTS 5.0 ME

It’s Friday and it calls for a #FlashbackFriday! Today let’s recall the time when poker pro Sajal Gupta who championed the Final Table Series (FTS) 5.0 Main Event. The event concluded on 6th November 2022 amid some cracking fireworks unfolding on the virtual felts. The Main Event saw two starting flights leading to Day 2, which concluded with Gupta taking home the coveted title. The event had a guarantee of  ₹2 Crore which was crushed to generate a final prize pool of ₹2,06,72,000.

A total of 86 survivors made it to Day 2, out of which the top 79 places took home the min-cash of ₹70,284. Gupta overpowered the competitive field to win the title for ₹39,66,956. He beat Armaan Kochhar in the heads-up, and the latter took home ₹2,488,908 in prize money. But Spartan Poker‘s FTS 5.0 Main Event was not the only title Gupta added to his name this year. He also won his first-ever Asian Poker Tour (APT) title this July in the No-Limit Hold’em event at the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Summer Festival Hanoi 2022 at the Vietnam Series of Poker (VSOP). 

We got in touch with Gupta to understand his perspective on the APT victory, taking down FTS 5.0 Main Event on Spartan Poker and more. 

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Excerpts from Sajal Gupta’s interview

What was it like to win the FTS 5.0 Main Event?

It feels great to win such a big event. Spartan Poker keeps coming with bigger and better series regularly and the up top prizes keep going up. I’m glad that I was able to win one of them.

How did the series turn out for you??

I only played a couple of events in this series, and got out pretty early in the rest. I guess the good run was saved for Main Event one.

2022 has been a great one for you. First APT and now FTS 5.0. How would you like to end the year?

Yes, 2022 has been a pretty good one for me MTT wise. I have barely played but managed to pick up my two biggest scores. This just highlights the variance in poker. I was a much better player a couple of years back and I put in much more volume but couldn’t close a big one; this year I did it. I’m thankful for this upswing.

Any plans to play live in the coming months? 

No plans of playing live, at least this year. 

What was your strategy like going into final table?

I was just playing normally on the FT, nothing fancy. The structure of the game was deep so I didn’t need to get very creative or out of line.

What was the FTS 5.0 Master Table experience like?

It was very uneventful. I didn’t run that deep as expected and got out pretty early. 

FTS 5.0 may have been a mixed bag for the Main Event winner but that does not mean conviction was missing in Gupta’s play. Not every day is a good day in poker and Gupta’s FTS 5.0 journey is proof that players need to be ready for the tables to turn at any time. We hope to see Gupta nail more coveted titles in the coming future. 

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