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Mental Strength Promotion

07 Dec, 2017 5 Reasons Why Mental Strength is Important in Poker

Today, Poker is considered as a mind sport across the world. However, in India, the belief of gambling slowly taking a turn for good. And this is because people have started realising that poker is a mind sport. But to play this mind sport, you need to have a strong mind that can be use...

Poker Promotion Promotion

07 Dec, 2017 5 Ways You Can Learn How to Read Your Opponent in Poker

When it comes to playing poker, having your opponent’s information can be of vital importance. Here are 5 ways you can read your opponent in poker – 1. Follow the betting pattern – Try following the bet size of your opponents. The ones with less experience will bet big on good cards and...

Poker Winner Promotion

23 Sep, 2017 The Cashout Question

In recent times poker enthusiasts are looking at taking up the sport in a more serious way. The idea of turning a profitable hobby into a lucrative career is an appealing thought especially for those players who are already beginning to make a good bankroll at supporting their pro (or s...

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