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Category: IPC 8K Mega Satellite

IPC 8k Mega Satty Winners IPC 8K Mega Satellite

17 May, 2022 IPC 8K Mega Satty: Check Out The Top 10 Winners

India Poker Championship (IPC) returns after a hiatus of two years. Day 1 of the series had a decent turnout with 95 entries locking horns. The Mega Satellite was a ₹8,000 buy-in event which had 10 exciting packages up for grabs worth ₹85,000 each. The top 10 grinders won packages to th...

IPC 8K Mega Satellite

17 May, 2022 Siddarth Lives The Dreaded Bubble

After a six-hour-long grind, Siddarth Singhvi‘s pocket tens proved to be fateful, as he busted at the 11th position, a place that every player dreaded at today’s event. Anish Arora shoved all-in preflop from the big blind, holding A9. Singhvi tanked before finally pushing hi...

IPC 8K Mega Satellite

17 May, 2022 Abhijeet Survives The Sushant Scare

With only two tables remaining at Level 15, With blinds at 3,000/5,000 Aditya Sushant bet 10,000 preflop in order to apply pressure on the short stack. Abhijeet Kumar went all-in with 26,000 (5 BB) with Ac Ks. The board then ran out with Tc 8h 2s Qs Kd and gave Kumar a double up with [&...

IPC 8K Mega Satellite

17 May, 2022 Tanking Failure For Saransh

Saransh Garg bet 10,000 chips from the small blind at Level 14, blinds 2,000/4,000, with Cowboys. Gutshot Pro Anant Purohit shoved all-in with his 66,000 stack holding pocket fours to put Garg under pressure. Garg tanked for a while before finally shoving his remaining little stack. The...

IPC 8K Mega Satellite

17 May, 2022 Chip Counts For The Final 13!

During Level 13, we have an updated chip count of the top 13 players. Subodh is leading with a massive stack of 140,000 chips.  Position Player Chip count 1 Subodh 140,000 2 Shravan  138,000 3 Aayush Agarwal 97,000 4 Abhijeet Kumar 88,000 5 Aditya Sushant 86,000 6 Gagandeep  72,000 7 si...

IPC 8K Mega Satellite

17 May, 2022 Ananth’s Run Comes To An End

On Table 7, Ananth Thakur, the short stack, shoved all-in preflop holding Jh Tc. Anant Purohit with his Ah Jc also pushed his stack in. The board displayed Qc 6d Ac Qd 7h, which gave Thakur a Q-pair on the board, however, Purohit got two pairs (AA, QQ) for the win. Thakur busted just th...

IPC 8K Mega Satellite

17 May, 2022 Chirag Heads Towards The Exit

National Poker Series (NPS) 2022 Main Event winner Chirag Sodha went all-in with 21,000. Anish Arora also throws in all his remaining chips in the pot and Sodha called the difference in chips. The board  ran out 4c 4d 8d 7s 7h. This gave eights up for Arora which eliminated his rival fr...

IPC 8K Mega Satellite

17 May, 2022 Dhirendra Powerless Against The Ladies

At Level 13 on Table 7, with the blinds going up to 1,500/3,000, Gutshot sponsored pro Dhirendra Kumar with just about 2 BB went all-in. Online reg Ritwik Khanna raised it to 4 BB and Saransh Garg jammed his entire 16 BB stack with Ladies. Khanna, very close to the top 10 decided to fol...

IPC 8K Mega Satellite

17 May, 2022 Wrong Timing! Bad Beat For Sameer

Subodh, with his ace and king suited, bet 8,000 preflop from the big blind at Level 13 – blinds 1,500/3,000. Sameer shoved his stack of 42,000 chips (14BB), and surprisingly Subodh with a very average 8c 5c hole cards called it off. The flop of Qh 9h 4s was safe for Sameer, howeve...

IPC 8K Mega Satellite

17 May, 2022 Ace Kicks Anuj Out

At Level 12 with blinds at 1,500/2,500, WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant bet 5,000 preflop with Ace-Queen suited which was called by Anuj Mishra who held Qd Js. The flop opened 9c Qs 8h and gave both players a queen-pair which hinted that a sure shot action was to follow post-flop. T...

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