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Battle It Out On 9stacks’ Micro Series Offering 3+ Lakh GTD Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 30 Sep, 2021
By Mrinal Gujare
On 30 Sep, 2021
By Mrinal Gujare
On 30 Sep, 2021

Battle It Out On 9stacks’ Micro Series Offering 3+ Lakh GTD

9stacks, one of the fast-growing real money gaming sites, has announced its Micro Series with 3+ Lakh in guarantee and a leaderboard worth ₹20,000. Yes, you read that right. Online poker players can battle it out from 2nd-4th October, for an attractive prize pool and a smashing leaderboard. The Micro Series with 13 events will be hosted across three days, so expect some power-packed performances from players.

The latest promotion by 9stacks will kick-start with the #1 – NLH KickOff tournament. The buy-ins in this promotion range from ₹110 to ₹275. Isn’t that amazing? Sure is. Players need to keep in mind a few things if they are planning to grind hard in this series.

The top six positions on the leaderboard will be awarded handsomely. The leaderboard topper will receive 8K (4K in Bonus Balance + 4K Locked Bonus). 1K (500 in Bonus Balance + 500 Locked Bonus) will be awarded to the fifth and the sixth positions on the leaderboard.

9stacks has upped the ante with its online poker promotions. Make sure you block your calendars from 2nd-4th October. Do not miss out on this wonderful offer by 9stacks. Sign-up on this online poker platform and be rest assured of having a gala time and winning big.

Are you wondering if that was all? No, there is some more. 9stacks is giving you an opportunity to earn milestone points as well. Yes, that’s right. For example: In #1 KickOff, x = 110/10 = 11. If the unique entries stand at 100, then y = 11* √(100/2) = 77.78. If a player finishes in the second spot, then he/she will get 77.78 milestone points and not 96.49 points.

Further, players can earn additional bonus points every time they knock out their rivals. For example, a player will be awarded x*z every time he/she dispatches a player.


  • x = buy-in/10.
  • 1 bounty, z = 0.5.
  • 2 bounties, z = 1.
  • 3 or more bounties, z = 1.5.

Total Points:

Milestone points plus bonus points will give you the total number of points earned. For example: In #1 Kickoff, x = 110/10 = 11. If you finish second with two bounties, you will get 77.78 milestone points and (11*1) = 11 bonus points. The total points earned are 88.79.

Players can also grab discount packages from 9stacks. Micro Series Day 1 will have five tourneys with a total buy-in of 902. Players can purchase a discount package and get the buy-in figure down to 820. This offer will expire on 2nd October at 1.06 PM.

Hopefully folks, with all this information you are 100% convinced that 9stacks’ Micro Series is your chance to grab some hefty prize money. So what are you waiting for? Sign-up on 9stacks now.

Battle It Out On 9stacks’ Micro Series Offering 3+ Lakh GTD

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