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WPT Prime Cambodia 2022: Main Event Updates Poker
Donna Amo
Posted on 21 Aug, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 21 Aug, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 21 Aug, 2022

WPT Prime Cambodia 2022: Main Event Updates

Kunal Patni on being overall Day 2 chip lead

“It’s a great spot to be in going into Day 2 as the overall chip leader. However, we all know poker variance and how things can change in a couple of hands. My plan is just to play good poker and accumulate all the chips by the end of the day.”

Day 1C Completed

With the elimination of Jeungu Seo, Day 1C is completed, and the top 55 players have made their way to Day 2, which will take place tomorrow. Among the 55 survivors are seven Indians, out of which three players, namely Siddhanth Kripalani, Abhinav Iyer and Zarvan Tumboli, are among the top 10 stacks of the day. Other players who have also qualified are Akshay Kapoor, Gaurav Sood, Avneesh Munjal and Sumit Sapra. Day 2 of the Main Event will see banker turned poker pro Kunal Patni kick-start the day as chip lead with a stack of 708,000 chips at his disposal to fight for the top spot. It would be interesting to see if Patni maintains his dominant position throughout Day 2. 

Stay tuned for the final chip counts.

Jeungu Seo Bubbles The Money And Day 2

Level 16: Blinds 4,000-8,000, big blind ante 8,000 

Day 1c Money Bubble” width=The last and final flight, Day 1C, of the WPT Prime Cambodia Main Event has finally concluded with the elimination of South Korea’s Jeungu Seo. Dzmitry Halubitski raises to 16,000 followed by Jeungu Seo’s all-in call of 40,500 from the big blind. The Belorussian asks for an exact count and calls, as he admits that he has a trash hand. Seo shows aKT off-suited while  Halubitski flips a 85 off-suited. A loud cheer follows when Halubitski’s ‘trash hand’  improves to two pair on the flop of A 8 5 . The J on the turn gave Seo some outs with a gutshot straight draw. However, the 6 on the river sent him away as the crowd cheered at the bursting of the money bubble.

  • Halubitski: 85
  • Seo: KT
  • Board: A 8 5 J 6

Bluff Busted

Level 14: Blinds 2,500-5,000, big blind ante 5,000 

2021 WSOP: Abhinav Iyer’s Dream Run Comes To An EndThe action folds to the blinds, and the small blind, Chen Zhou limps in, Abhinav Iyer raises 9000 from the big blind and is called. The flop fans 2 7 6  and both players check to see A  on the turn. Here, Iyer bets 12,000, and Zhou check-raises to 37,000. Iyer calls and the river opens to 5 . Zhou shoves all in and Iyer snap-calls. Zhou bluffs with J 4 , Iyer shows a set with pocket sevens to scoop the pot and bust out Zhou.

  • Iyer: 77
  • Zhou: J 4
  • Board: 2 7 6 5

Forced To Fold, Trung?

Level 10: Blinds 1,000-2,000, big blind ante 2,000

Akshay Kapoor open raises and Vu Duc Trung defends the big blind. On seeing the flop of  A J 2 , Trung checks, and Kapoor bets 6,000. Trung calls to see 7 on the turn. He checks again and Kapoor now bets 16,000. Here, Trung folds, giving away the pot to Kapoor. Well, we’d call this a forced fold.

End of Late Registration

Level 7: Blinds 500-1,000, big blind ante 1,000 

WPT trophy

WPT trophies
Photo credits: Somuchpoker

The late registration for the WPT Prime Cambodia 2022 $1,100 Main Event has officially ended. While the final flight, Day 1C, has recorded about 440 entries, the total number of entries at the Main Event across the three flights stands at 1,050 entries. The event has a record-breaking prize pool of $1,018,500, which will eventually be shared by the top 131 places, who will take home a min-cash of $1,810. All survivors on Day 2 will make it in the money, which means the top 55 survivors from Day 1c will make their way to Day 2. Currently, the day has 225 players still battling their way. 

The ultimate champion of the tournament will pocket a handsome $179,160, including a $10,400 entry into the WPT World Championships to be held at the end of the year, along with travel expenses and accommodation. The winner also gets the prestigious WPT Prime trophy. The runner-up and second runner-up will also be awarded with trophies.

WPT Prime Cambodia 2022 Breaking Records

Level 6: Blinds 400-800, big blind ante 800

Photo Credits: Somuchpoker

The final flight of the WPT Prime Cambodia 2022 Main Event has been breaking some records. The flight has so far gathered a huge entry field of 428 entries already, and there’s still some more time to go before the end of late registrations. This is the biggest entry field so far (Day 1A – 264 entries, and Day 1B – 364 entries). The total field size has also surpassed the 1,000 entries mark. The record of 896 entries at the WPT Prime Gold Coast Main Event in June 2022 has been broken. And that’s not all. The prize pool has touched the seven-figure mark (over $1,001,040), It happens to be for the first time that the prize pool of any poker event has reached the seven figures in Cambodia.

Zarvan Tumboli Eliminated

Level 4: Blinds 300-500, big blind 500 

Spartan Poker pro Zarvan Tumboli is not enjoying his run so far at the Main Event. After not qualifying through the earlier two flights, Tumboli played the Day 1C event today. He posted the same on his Instagram stories saying “Main Event 1C. Have run terrible in the Main so far. Hope to turn things around today.”


However, as per the latest update from WPT, Tumboli has been eliminated. The Indian pro shoved all in for over 12,000 holding A 6 . Anh Nguyen called holding pocket eights to see the board of T 7 K 5 3 . Nguyen’s snowmen held as Tumboli had to move out. Can we expect Tumboli to re-enter?

Manish Lakhotia Shown The Door

 Level 3: Blinds 200-400, big blind ante 400 Indian pro

Manish Lakhotia has been eliminated shortly after after the start of Day 1C. With the late registrations still going on. Will the pro fire his second bullet at the flight?

Day 1C begins

Photo Credits: Somuchpoker

Flight Day 1C has begun and the players at Nagaworld Integrated resort in the beautiful city of Phnom Penh in Cambodia are flocking to the Ballroom at Naga 1 for their last chance to play the prestigious Main Event of the series. And in the coming hours, the numbers are set to increase as the Day 1C flight is the last flight leading to the Main Event. 

The $1,100 Main Event has already attracted 610 entries so far and surpassed the initial $500,000 guarantee with ease. Here’s a quick lowdown of fights Day 1A and Day 1B:

Day 1A: 264 entries / 33 survivors – bubble burst at the end of Level 15
Day 1B: 364 entries / 43 survivors – bubble burst mid-way through Level 16
Total across two days: 610 entries / 76 players qualified for Day 2

Coming back to the Day 1C flight, every player participating will receive 30,000 in chips for a buy-in of $1,00. The game starts with a big blind ante at blinds 100/200. Players can re-enter unlimited times till the end of late registrations, which will stay open till the first six levels of the day. For today every level will last for 40 minutes each. 

Stay tuned for all the latest updates delivered to you. Until then, read how the WPT Prime Cambodia 2022 has been for the Indian contingent so far

Day 1B Ends With 43 Survivors

Level 16 – 4,000/8,000, big blind ante 8,000

10:55 AM UTC, Aug 19: The field has now been whittled down to the final 43 players. The survivors will now progress to Day 2 and have bagged and tagged their chips. 
Final chip counts after the end of Day 1B:
Position Proper Name Country Chip Count
1 Chi Jen Chu Taiwan 706,500
2 Sameer Agarwal India 644,500
3 Jiho Song South Korea 595,000
4 Sam Ath Lor Vietnam 470,500
5 Ashish Munot India 452,500
6 Frank Lillis Iran 433,000
7 Sokmeng Hun Vietnam 430,000
8 Steve Ng Singapore 429,500
9 Viet Hoang Tran Vietnam 378,500
10 Cheng Xiong United States 364,000
11 Peter Kim United States 336,000
12 Sangbeom Lim South Korea 327,000
13 Michael Falcon Denmark 323,000
14 Trung Van Nguyen Vietnam 306,500
15 Selim Souissi Tunisia 300,500
16 Lester Edoc Philippines 288,000
17 Xuan Van Nguyen Vietnam 253,000
18 Laksh Pal Singh India 241,500
19 Kim Lay Ly Canada 208,000
20 Heng Hao Sai Singapore 207,000
21 David Erquiaga Philippines 201,000
22 Kanchan Sharma India 196,500
23 Hwany Lee South Korea 192,000
24 Quoc Bao Pham Vietnam 173,500
25 Sherwyn Ng Singapore 155,000
26 Hsing-Hsiung Tai Taiwan 155,000
27 Kaushal Vasa India 148,500
28 Amit Kaushik India 145,500
29 Louis Maniere France 139,000
30 Jeffrey Lo Hong Kong 124,000
31 Lars Hougaard Denmark 123,000
32 Jean Robert Autran France 118,000
33 Michael Allen United Kingdom 112,500
34 Jasven Saigal India 109,500
35 Hsien Ren Koh Malaysia 104,000
36 Tien Thanh Nguyen Vietnam 95,000
37 Jae Kyung Sim South Korea 90,500
38 Hiroki Karatsu Japan 87,000
39 Kevin Tang United States 85,000
40 Zdravko Duvnjak Crotia 59,500
41 Abhinandan Sarda India 45,500
42 Ankit Jajodia India 43,000
43 Prommin Talordpong Thailand 14,500

Day 1B Bubble Is Reached!

Level 16 – 4,000/8,000, big blind ante 8,000

10:40 AM UTC, Aug 19: Chi Jen “Justin” Chun raises to 21,000 from the cutoff and then calls Timothy Nichols’s all-in for around 60,000. The board opened to 9 6 3 8 7 and with his cards A K holding no water, Nichols exits in the 46th place. 

Anh Nguyen also exits, which reduces the field to the last 44 players.

Level 16 Begins (46 Left)

Level 16 – 4,000/8,000, big blind ante 8,000

10:24 AM UTC, Aug 19: The final 46 contenders continue as Level 16 begins. The blinds are now at 4,000/8,000 and a big blind ante of 8,000. There is an average of fewer than 31 big blinds, and the money bubble is almost here.

Phillip Nguyen Bids Adieu!

Level 15 – 3,000/6,000, big blind ante 6,000

Phillip Nguyen

Phillip Nguyen (Photo Credit: World Poker Tour)

10:11 AM UTC, Aug 19: Peter Kim three-bets from the small blind, and Phillip Nguyen goes all-in out of the big blind with K 8 . The board J 6 4 9 Q gave Kim the victory and Ngyuen is eliminated.
  • Kim: A J
  • Nguyen: K 8
  • Board: J 6 4 9 Q





Break Near the Money Bubble

Level 15 – 3,000/6,000, big blind ante 6,000

10:10 AM UTC, Aug 19: Level 15 has now been completed and the field is down to the final 47 players. Players are currently on a 15 minutes break. The money draws closer as only 43 players will advance. 

Victor Chong Knocked Out By Sameer Agarwal

Level 15 – 3,000/6,000, big blind ante 6,000


Victor Chong

10:05 AM UTC, Aug 19: Unfortunately for Victor Chong, his cards 5 5 fall against Sameer Agarwal’s K K . Chong was eliminated, and Agarwal zoomed over 600,000.

Level 15 Starts (54 Remaining)

Level 15 – 3,000/6,000, big blind ante 6,000

9:32 AM UTC, Aug 19: As the money bubble approaches, there are only six tables left on the field. With 54 contenders still playing, the blinds are now 3,000/6,000 and a big blind ante of 6,000. 

Sameer Agarwal Maintains His Chip Lead

Level 14 – 2,500/5,000, big blind ante 5,000

Sameer Agarwal

Sameer Agarwal

9:32 AM UTC, Aug 19: A player from the hijack position bets 30,000 in a flop of T 6 3 . Sameer Agarwal raises to 75,000 from the button, and Michael Allen tanks from the big blind, and the clock is called on him, and he folds. The third player in hand also folds, and Agarwal takes the pot and now has a healthy stack of 655,000.

Sokmeng Hun Gets Lucky

Level 14 – 2,500/5,000, big blind ante 5,000

8:54 AM UTC, Aug 19: After calling a bet by the small blind on the 4 4 2 flop, Sokmeng Hun bets on the T turn with cards A 7 . He then faces the check-shove by his opponent. Hun then calls, and while his opponent had A Q it was the T on the river that gave two pairs on the board. With both players having an ace kicker, the pot was split between them.
  • Hun: A 7
  • Player X: A Q
  • Board: 4 4 2 T T  

Level 14 Begins (59 Remaining)

Level 14 – 2,500/5,000, big blind ante 5,000

8:49 AM UTC, Aug 19: The blinds are up by a very small amount and will now coast each player 2,500/5,000 and a big blind ante of 5,000 when they are in the small or big blind. There are only 59 players remaining and the Main Event Day 1B is coming to a near close. Only 43 will advance to Day 2 and the average stack is around 35 big blinds.

Kanchan Sharma Scores A Needed Double Up

Level 13 – 2,000/4,000, big blind ante 4,000

Kanchan Sharma

Kanchan Sharma

8:26 AM UTC, Aug 19: Jae Kyung “Simba” Sim raises to 8,000 from under the gun with hole cards A A , and Kanchan Sharma with Q Q goes all-in. Sim asks for a count, which is comes to 89,500 and he calls. The community cards fan out to A T 8 6 4 . While Sim flopped a set with his aces, it was no match for Sharma’s flush, and the Indian pro scored a much-need double up with her stack swelling to 195,000. 
  • Sharma: Q Q
  • Sim: A A
  • Board: A T 8 6 4


Anmol Mehta Nearly Escapes Elimination

Level 13 – 2,000/4,000, big blind ante 4,000

Anmol Mehta

Anmol Mehta

8:11 AM UTC, Aug 19: From the small blind, Louis Maniere goes all-in, and Anmol Mehta from the big blind calls all-in with a short stack of 24,000. At showdown, the board opens to 9 9 8 4 8 and when the players’ cards go face up, Mehta escapes being eliminated thanks to his high card advantage. 
  • Anmol Mehta: Q T
  • Louis Maniere: 5 4
  • Board: 9 9 8 4 8  




Level 13 Begins (73 Remaining)

Level 13 – 2,000/4,000, big blind ante 4,000

8:09 AM UTC, Aug 19: There are now 73 contenders remaining and Level 13 has started with blinds at 2,000/4,000 with a big blind ante of 4,000. The average stack size has gone down to 35 big blinds.

Sameer Agarwal Chips Up in Three-Way Action

Level 12 – 1,500/3,000, big blind ante 3,000

Sameer Agarwal

Sameer Agarwal

8:09 AM UTC, Aug 19: Sameer Agarwal raises from the cutoff position. Kanchan Sharma and players from the small and big blind calls. When Q 6 3 appears on the flop, the action checks to Agarwal who continues for 5,500. He gets two callers. Everyone checks on the turn T turn. A 9 falls on the river, and Sharma check-calls a bet worth 18,500 by Agarwal. She then reveals her 8 8 but they hold no water against the 8 7 of Agarwal and he grabs the pot with a ten-high straight. He now has a stack size worth 330,000 while Sharma is down to 95,000. 

  • Agarwal: 8 7
  • Sharma: 8 8
  • Board: Q 6 3 T 9


Ashish Munot Kicks Tobias Bui Out

Level 12 – 1,500/3,000, big blind ante 3,000

Ashish Munot

Ashish Munot

7:40 AM UTC, Aug 19: After a preflop raise battle, it was Crown Poker Club Hanoi founder Tobias Bui who busted when his K K was defeated by India poker pro Ashish Munot‘s A A when the board J 2 7 9 Q fans out. Bui busts as Munot’s stack soars to 330,000.


  • Munot: A A
  • Bui: K K
  • Board: J 2 7 9 Q  


Level 12 Begins (95 Remaining)

Level 12 – 1,500/3,000, big blind ante 3,000

7:14 AM UTC, Aug 19: There are fewer than 100 players remaining in the tournament and Level 12 has begun. Blinds are now at 1,500/3,000 with a big blind ante of 3,000. The average stack is just under 40 big blinds.

Less Than 100 Players Remain

Level 11 – 1,500/2,500, big blind ante 2,500

6:58 AM UTC, Aug 19: According to the tournament screens in the Ballroom at Naga 1, the Day 1B field now has 99 players. WPT Global ambassador Andrew Neeme is no longer in contention. Michael Falcon also has just over 20 big blinds to play with.

Triple Up For Lars Hougaard

Level 11 – 1,500/2,500, big blind ante 2,500

6:52 AM UTC, Aug 19: There was a three-way all-in at the table with Lars Hougaard. His hole cards of Q Q was against a player’s  pocket jacks, and Ta Khanh Linh’s K Q . The board opens to 3 5 3 8 4 and gives Hougaard a nice triple up!

  • Hougaard: Q Q
  • Player X: J J
  • Linh: K Q
  • Board: 3 5 3 8 4

Level 11 Begins (117 Players Remaining)

Level 11 – 1,500/2,500, big blind ante 2,500

6:34 AM UTC, Aug 19: Level 11 has now started and the blinds are at 1,500/2,500. The big blind ante is 2,500. Currently, there are 117 players still playing. Only the top 43 players will qualify from Day 1B to Day 2.

Level 10 Begins

Level 10 – 1,000/2,000, big blind ante 2,000

5:55 AM UTC, Aug 19: The blinds are now 1,000/2,000 with a big blind ante of 2,000. There are 126 remaining players and the average stack is 41 big blinds. It is expected that the bubble will burst towards the end of Level 15 or early in Level 16.

Great Start For Phillip Nguyen

Level 2 – 200/300, big blind ante 300

Phillip Nguyen

Phillip Nguyen (Photo Credit: World Poker Tour)

11:55 PM UTC, Aug 18: Phillip Nguyen, Dazhang Chen, and Trong Hieu Nguyen enter into a three-way all-in. The players’ hole cards go face up and the board runs out A 6 3 9 J . Phillip Nguyen doubles up through TH Nguyen and Chen busts from the competition. 

  • Phillip Nguyen: A J
  • Trong Hieu Nguyen: A 6
  • Dazhang Chen: K 8
  • Board: A 6 3 9 J


Level 2 Begins (110 Entries)

Level 2 – 200/300, big blind ante 300

11:46 PM UTC, Aug 18: Level 2 of the event has begun, and the blinds are now at 200/300. The big blind ante is 300. There are more than 100 entries in the field so far.

Anand Kumar Knocks Out A Player Early

Level 1 – 100/200, big blind ante 200

Anand Kumar - WPT Cambodia (1)

Anand Kumar (Photo Credit: World Poker Tour)

11:38 PM UTC, Aug 18: In the first level, Anand Kumar already has double the starting stack after he butted heads with Kenneth Burke and won another pot after that. Burke was not in his seat and missed his up and down draw against Kumar’s pocket nines (World Poker Tour). 

In Kumar’s next winning hand there was a four-way limped pot and a flop of Q Q J . Kumar bets 400 from the cutoff position and one player calls, Both check on the turn 3 and 9 . Kumar wins the pot with 2 2 against his opponents A T .

  • Kumar: 2 2
  • Player X: A T
  • Board: Q Q J 3 9

Michael Lindstrom Scoops First Big Pot of the Day

Level 1 – 100/200, big blind ante 200

11:21 PM UTC, Aug 18: A small pot forms preflop as three players are in action. The flop opens to reveal J 7 2 and Harold Brooks bets 800 from the big blind. Michael Linstrom calls from the button along with the player from the small blind. When 6 falls on the turn, Brooks bets 1,800 to the pot and only Lindstrom continues. Brooks checks on the river T and Linstrom bets a sizable 5,200. This causes Brooks to fold and Linstrom takes the massive pot.  

Anand Kumar Wins An Early Pot

Level 1 – 100/200, big blind ante 200

11:12 PM UTC, Aug 18: A player from the small blind position bets 2,500 on the  J 8 8 9 turn and Anand Kumar calls to see the 2 on the river. The small blind bets another 5,000 and Kumar thinks before calling. Kumar’s K 9 hole cards work out for him and he wins the pot and his opponent’s card reveal A 5 as his bluff fails.
  • Kumar: K 9  
  • Player X: A 5
  • Board: J 8 8 9 2  

Shuffle Up and Deal!

Level 1 – 100/200, big blind ante 200 

The second starting day has begun with 43 players registered. Tables with at least four players on them have commenced. 

Day 1B of WPT Prime Cambodia $1,100 Main Event Begins

The World Poker Tour (WPT) Prime Cambodia $1,100 Main Event began on a successful note. Held at the NagaWorld Integrated Resort in the capital of Phnom Penh, the event’s flagship tournament is well on its way to crush its $500,000 guarantee. Day 1A of the Main Event has already concluded with Adda52 Game Ambassador Kunal Patni leading the pack survivors.

So far, Day 1A drew in a field of 264 entries out of which 33 players advanced. There are two more starting flights remaining. The second flight, Day 1B, kicks off at 1 PM local time in the Ballroom at NagaWorld Integrated Resort. Players will have a starting stack of 30,000 chips and each level has a 40-minute duration.

After every three levels on Day 1B, there will be a break. The day will end once the last 12.5% of the player field is reached. There are unlimited re-entries available during the registration period which will close at the end of Level 6, before the start of Level 7.

Players who didn’t make it on Day 1A can re-enter into the tournament on Day 1B. Even those who are not satisfied with their stack size on Day 1A can re-enter. They can take home the bigger stack size to Day 2 while also being awarded a min-cash for the other previous efforts. Will players surpass the 708,000 chip lead by Kunal Patni? Stay tuned!

Watch this space for all the live updates on the WPT Prime Cambodia 2022 Main Event. 

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