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Winning strategies: 4 reasons why pro players lose at poker Poker
Manthra Koliyer
Posted on 20 Mar, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 20 Mar, 2021
By Manthra Koliyer
On 20 Mar, 2021

Winning Strategies: 4 Reasons Why Pro Players Lose

You could be a pro at poker but have you wondered why do you lose certain games? You could have lifted the biggest poker titles but would struggle at times even while playing with some newbies. You play tight when required, practice self-control, and play within your bankroll. Yet, you lose?  Have you wondered what are the reasons for losing games despite checking all the boxes? Here are four reasons for losing at a good game. 

You are not good at game selection

Some poker games would be difficult while others would be easy. In lower limit games the type of players on the table could be from beginners to pro-level. In any particular game in mid to large-sized card room or table, there may be beginners who would be difficult to beat. A skilled player can take the advantage of newbies as they may lack experience but you should not always end up judging your opponents.

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Your game is too predictable and tight

Are these interconnected? Yes, they are. Some newbies could be well versed with poker lessons and they would be eagerly waiting to apply their skills in a casino. Home gamers may not have the confidence, but they would know their game very well. As a pro, playing too tight would not always help. You may have to let it loose at times in low-limit games. The narrow ranges that a pro looks for may inhibit their ability to take advantage of the errors that even the worst opponents will make. Tight and aggressive gameplay could make pros and their playing styles very easy to read even by mediocre opponents. 

Rake is too high to beat

Rake can be a huge problem, especially in lower-limit games. As a pro player, you might be applying skills to beat your opponents but the rake may be so large that your advantage would not be sufficient. Your rake may not be sufficient to beat the house tax on winnings. Usually, rake tends to be lesser in online rooms as compared to live games. 


As much as a pro knows his game, there could be days when no sort of trick would work. Players can run for months together without getting good wins. Experts believe that players must play for a minimum of 500 to 1000 hours and only then can they rely on their games. As a typical part-time player, focusing on playing well and being result-oriented must be focused. Irrespective of a newbie or a pro player, a good sense of the game and the hands that should be played are required. 

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