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What Does A Battle Of Poker Pros Look Like? Check Out Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 03 Mar, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 03 Mar, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 03 Mar, 2023

What Does The Battle Of Poker Pros Look Like? Check Out

The Final Table Series  (FTS) kicked off on 2nd March 2023 and with that a slugfest was also set into motion. FTS is now in its 6th edition and the battle to win big in poker has only become more fierce and intense. FTS 6.0 is hosted across platforms like Spartan Poker, PokerHigh and BLITZPOKER, but that does not mean pros are not grinding on other online poker rooms. PokerBaazi and Adda52 are also witnessing blazing hot action and there’s a lot that has happened over last night. Let’s take a look.

FTS #1 Big Bang (25 Lakh GTD)

This event with 2,582 total entries and a buy-in of 1,100, saw Vaidik Murkar emerge victorious. But the final prize pool of 2582000 was also shared by the second finisher and those who had an ITM finish (279 places). The runner-up was Rohit Barve. The top two spots took prize money worth ₹4,38,165, and ₹2,42,708 respectively. The min-cash paid was ₹2,452. 

FTS #2 (10 Lakh GTD)

With 836 entries fighting it out this event generated a final prize pool of ₹12,54,000. Ravi Jain took first place followed by a mystery player called ‘bloodring_banger.’ Both added ₹2,42,022 and ₹1,52,486. This event paid top 71 spots and the min-cash was ₹4,765. 

FTS #3 Thursday Titan (50 Lakh GTD)

IOPC Jan 2021 champ, Laksh Pal Singh became the Thursday Titan after nailing the title for a sum of ₹9,09,599. Singh cracked a deal with doubledown Akshat Sharma to end the tourney. Sharma had a payday of ₹8,40,240. 

FTS #4 Thursday Grande – 60 Lakh GTD (6 Max)

Vinayak Bajaj took a pay cheque of ₹13,91,366 after winning the Thursday Grande title. He ended the tourney in a deal with a mystery player ‘IveyLeague9009’ ₹13,32,283. Top 13 places got a piece of the 6100000 final prize pool and the min-cash was an impressive sum of ₹1,25,050.

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FTS #5 Turbo (15 Lakh GTD)

This event had Ganesh Kamat nailing the title after battling it out with Spartan Poker pro, Zarvan Tumboli. The top spots had paydays worth ₹3,07,296 and ₹1,94,832. The tourney had a final prize pool worth ₹15,84,000 and the top 55 places were paid as the min-cash stood at ₹7,761.


Banker turned poker pro, Kunal Patni shipped the Godfather event (5.5K buy-in) like a boss. He added 465065 to his bankroll. Behind him was Lavesh Meena who took the runner-up spot for ₹4,05,584. Total of 500 entries were vying for the Godfather title and among them only 55 got paid. 


Daily Value Boost (10 Lakh GTD)

This event had 778 entries and the top 137 places got paid. The min-cash was 2.68K. The final prize pool was ₹11.67 Lakh and the first place was won by Parag Shah for ₹1.69 Lakh. The runner-up was Sameer Agarwal for ₹1.31 Lakh. 

The Summit (₹20 Lakh GTD)

This event smashed its initial guarantee to make a final prize pool worth ₹31.73 Lakh. The event had 423 entries slogging hard to nail the title. But it was Maddhav Kohli who won the title and ₹5.4 Lakh. The second place went to a player called ‘Whoarewe’ for ₹3.58 Lakh. 49 places got paid and the min-cash was 22.21K.

Sprint (₹12 Lakh GTD)

This tourney (3.85K buy-in) had 456 entries vying for the top spot and the biggest chunk of the prize pool. Top 5 players ended the tourney in a 5-way deal. The biggest piece of the prize pool went to a mystery player called ‘1299sanj’ i.e. ₹2.02 Lakh, followed by online reg Mohit Mehta for ₹1.61 Lakh. Third in line was another mystery player ‘jackrabbit1007’ for ₹1.56 Lakh, next up was Neeraj Kumar for ₹1.4 Lakh, and ₹1.36 Lakh went to Siddharth Ranshevre. The min-cash was 11.17K and top 49 places were paid from the final prize pool of ₹15.96 Lakh. 

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