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Doug Polk ROASTED Justin Bonomo In Video, Calls Him Dumb Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 18 Jun, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 18 Jun, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 18 Jun, 2023

WATCH: Doug Polk ROASTED Justin Bonomo, Called Him Dumb

Doug Polk loves the limelight, doesn’t he? Be it commenting on controversies which he’s not even vaguely related or just jumping in with an analysis video, Polk is a true master when it comes to making headlines. And he’s done it again. Oh yeah, the Upswing Poker founder, shared a video talking about the recent instances that matter a lot to him and apparently the world should know about it too. 

The video covered a recent burglary at the Paris Las Vegas, and spoke about safety measures to prevent thefts. But what caught our attention is Polk’s attack on the number one player on the All Time Money List. 

Yes, Polk took a massive dig at Justin Bonomo and going by the former’s statements, it sure looked like Polk was calling out the latter’s hypocrisy. Sounds interesting? Keeping to know what happened. 

Polk released a video on his YouTube channel very clearly trying to draw attention to Bonomo’s hypocrisy when talking about being compassionate. Polk started the conversation about players wearing masks, hoodies and sunglasses in a bid to hide their tells and overall identity.

He goes on to add that the World Series of Poker (WSOP), does not allow for accessories which hide the identity of the players. While hoodies, sunglasses, and masks are allowed but all of them together are not permitted by the rules. 

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Polk then shows a clip of Bonomo talking about players wearing masks as per their wish. Strangely, Bonomo talks about players wearing masks getting trolled and says that people need to be more compassionate towards others. 

This was where Polk found his opportunity to throw shade at the Fairfax-born poker pro. Polk shows screenshots of Bonomo’s rude and non-compassionate tweets (including the one where Justin calls Doug a monster). Polk also shared a screenshot of Gutshot’s article on Bonomo calling Daniel Negreanu pathetic

But the video did not end there. The Texas-based pro also revealed that he is blocked by Bonomo on Twitter and he used a different account to check out Bonomo’s tweets. Polk’s voice had an ample amount of sarcasm fused into it that we were super eager to know how far the Lodge Poker Club partner took it. 

Bonomo talks about bullying and Polk actually went to great lengths to show that Bonomo has done that himself and then used a platform to talk about compassion and bullying being popular in the poker circuit. 

Justin Bonomo

Justin Bonomo

Polk’s video did show Isaac Haxton’s winning image with a mask, and the unknown player donning a mask, sunglasses and hoodie which made that player unrecognisable. The debate of masks, and tricks of hiding tells, ended in Polk throwing tons of shade at Bonomo apart from calling him dumb at the end of his video.

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