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Vinay Rajpal Takes The Number One Spot On FTS 3.0 Leaderboard For 10 Lakh Poker
Donna Amo
Posted on 23 Sep, 2021
By Donna Amo
On 23 Sep, 2021
By Donna Amo
On 23 Sep, 2021

Vinay Rajpal Takes The Number One Spot On FTS 3.0 Leaderboard For 10 Lakh

Final Table Series 3.0 (FTS 3.0) ended on a high note with Ankit Wadhawan taking home the prestigious FTS 3.0 Main Event title. Throughout the 10 days long poker festival, players filled the online felts on Spartan Poker, PokerHigh, and BLITZPOKER with their enthusiasm. Besides FTS 3.0 tournament titles, many players were also competing for the top position in the FTS 3.0 leaderboard.

With a huge guarantee of ₹30 lakh, the FTS 3.0 leaderboard top prize was a sought-after position by many players. However, after an intense ten days of grinding, it was Vinay Rajpal aka ‘BeepBeepImaJeep’ who eventually topped the leaderboard for ₹10,00,000. Rajpal accumulated a total of 4,840.67 leaderboard points in the end. His victory in the FTS #4 and FTS #22 tournaments helped him build up a point lead from the rest of the players. Rajpal’s dedicated grind during FTS 3.0 paid off in a big way.

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Vinay Rajpal

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The rest of the top ten places were taken by FTS #1 winner Abhijeet Kumar aka ‘TheSupremeOne’ who pocketed ₹6,00,000 in second place. Online reg Shashank Desai aka ‘reconnecting’ scored the third highest points and took home ₹4,00,000. In fourth place was two-time IOPC leaderboard topper Bhanu Prakash aka ‘spectre’ with ₹2,20,000 as his reward. FTS 3.0 Monster Stack final tablelist Suraj Todi aka ‘GotNoChange31’ received ₹1,80,000 in fifth position.

Friday Special final tableist and FTS #19 winner, Ram Kakkar aka ‘JohnnieRunner-Runner’ took the sixth place on the leaderboard for ₹1,60,000. Ashish Kumar aka ‘notoriouskonvict1’ who shipped FTS #3 came in seventh and walked away with ₹1,40,000. The eight place was taken by Mithun Mahesh aka ‘Zima Blue’ who reached the FT of Head Hunter and was the runner up in the Saturday Special tournament. Mahesh took home ₹1,20,000. The final two spots were taken by Anmol Agarwal aka ‘Bullslayer’ in ninth place for  ₹1,00,000 and M Balakrishnan aka ‘LACHANCE’ in tenth place for ₹80,000.

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Final FTS 3.0 Leaderboard Standings:

  1.   Vinay Rajpal aka ‘BeepBeepImaJeep’ – ₹10,00,000 
  2.   Abhijeet Kumar aka ‘TheSupremeOne’ – ₹6,00,000 
  3.   Shashank Desai aka ‘reconnecting’ – ₹4,00,000 
  4.   Bhanu Prakash aka ‘spectre’ – ₹2,20,000 
  5.   Suraj Todi aka ‘GotNoChange31’ – ₹1,80,000 
  6.   Ram Kakkar aka ‘JohnnieRunner-Runner’ – ₹1,60,000 
  7.   Ashish Nailwal aka ‘notoriouskonvict1’ – ₹1,40,000 
  8.   Mithun Mahesh aka ‘Zima Blue’ – ₹1,20,000 
  9.   Anmol Agarwal aka ‘Bullslayer’ – ₹1,00,000 
  10. M Balakrishnan aka ‘LACHANCE’ – ₹80,000 

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