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Siddhanth Kapoor and Runner1 share spoils in Spartan's TGIF TGIF

06 Apr, 2020 Siddhanth Kapoor and Runner1 share spoils in Spartan’s TGIF

Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF) was the chorussed yell of 80-90% of Indians last night as the working week ended for most, and the much-awaited Friday night had arrived. For poker players however, the night wasn’t different from any other one. Wake up, eat, grind, repeat. And m...

Vivek Singh takes down TGIF on Spartan TGIF

28 Sep, 2019 Vivek Singh takes down TGIF on Spartan

The Friday fever is back again, and this time loaded with immense action. Spartan Poker is abundant with online tournaments allowing all poker players to enter and win big. Yesterday saw yet another winner to the recently launched but already popular TGIF INR 10 Lakhs GTD. The thrilling...


07 Sep, 2019 Shravan Chhabria starts his weekend with TGIF win on Spartan!

 Every Friday, Spartan hosts two major tournaments, TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) INR 10 Lakhs GTD and The Elite INR 20 Lakhs GTD. All 7 days of the week, Spartan Poker organizes thrilling actions attracting huge number of Indian participants, and Fridays are always the best of the lot. ...


24 Aug, 2019 Ashish Munot Thanks God for Friday!

Spartan Poker always hosts an array of online poker tournaments for players of all pockets. On Fridays, they host Elite, which has a steep buy-in of INR 11,000. Alongside this, they also host Thank God Its Friday (TGIF) INR 10 Lakh GTD, which has a much lower buy-in of just INR 1,650. W...

TGIF Srihari Bang begins his weekend well on Spartan TGIF

01 Jun, 2019 TGIF: Srihari Bang begins his weekend well on Spartan

Every Friday, Spartan Poker hosts a couple of featured tournaments on their platform including a higher value tournament called Elite (won by Siddarth Singhvi) and TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) INR 7 Lakh GTD which has a smaller buy-in and a smaller prize pool too. Kicking off at 7...

Winson Yomso Gold Winner TGIF

11 May, 2019 SSS Day 3: “Thank God it’s Friday,” says Wilson Yomso

Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF) is a weekly online poker offering on Spartan Poker and yesterday was another edition of the same, except this one had a small bump in guarantee since it’s part of the Spartan Super Series (SSS) schedule. INR 12 Lakh was the guaranteed prize pool ...

Induprakash Mishra wins again takes down TGIF on Spartan TGIF

04 May, 2019 Induprakash Mishra wins again; takes down TGIF on Spartan

Spartan Poker happens to be one of the best online poker platforms in India and if you manage to win a tournament here, you know you’re doing well as a poker player. Similarly, for Induprakash Mishra, he can be very proud of himself, having won a couple of major titles on Spartan ...

Varun ‘iwillbluff’ Gupta wins Spartan TGIF TGIF

20 Apr, 2019 Varun ‘iwillbluff’ Gupta wins Spartan TGIF

Spartan Poker’s Friday used to consist of only The Elite with a big guarantee. They innovated again and have now offered another addition to mark Friday as most happening day of the week, the Thank God Its Friday tournament or popularly known as TGIF INR 7 Lakhs GTD. After 4 runs of the...

Rohit Yadav wins Spartan’s inaugural TGIF tournament TGIF

16 Mar, 2019 Rohit Yadav wins Spartan’s inaugural TGIF tournament

Players who visited Spartan Poker yesterday might have noticed that Friday’s feature tournament Triple Bubble wasn’t to be seen anywhere. The company replaced it with an exciting new offering called Thank God Its Friday (TGIF) which instantly became popular and even crossed its guarante...

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