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Tag: Mayur Vengurlenkar

WTF Champs Mayur Vengurlenkar

23 Jun, 2019 Mukundan, Vengurlenkar, Karat among WTF winners on Spartan

So recently, Spartan Poker decided to launch a new featured tournament called WTF. No, it’s not what you’re thinking, and neither is it ‘Wednesday Thursday Friday’. The tournament literally means ‘Who’s The Five’ as it has not one or two, but fi...

Mayur Vengurlenkar claims SSS Event #13 Mayur Vengurlenkar

16 Aug, 2018 Mayur Vengurlenkar claims SSS Event #13

The festivities continue at The Spartan Poker, where new winners are emerging every day, with the Spartan Super Series currently underway. Anurag Srivastava shipped the first tournament on SSS Day 3, while Abhineet Jain followed him by winning the second. The third tournament of the day...

Mayur Vengurlenkar

05 Jun, 2018 Mayur Vengurlenkar wins Spartan Mega Freeze

In a game that sees innovation on a regular basis, poker enthusiasts like to go back to their roots every so often. Those roots for many lie in the Freezeout format where every player gets just one chance with their buy-in and if you bust, that’s the end of your run in a freezeout...

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