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Steve O'Dwyer Lost Baggage_ CNN Report Blows Up Lufthansa’s Screw Up Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 05 Feb, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 05 Feb, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 05 Feb, 2023

Steve O’Dwyer Lost Baggage: CNN Report Blows Up Lufthansa’s Screw Up

Nobody likes their baggage going helter skelter while travelling. But we have heard many such horrifying stories of lost baggage and the trials that come with it. One such tale is that of Steve O’Dwyer. The Irish-American poker pro who was travelling to The Bahamas for PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) 2023 was separated from his luggage and never saw it coming to him post his arrival at his final destination. 

What’s even more twisted is that pro tracked his missing baggage at London’s Heathrow airport via an Apple AirTage. O’Dwyer’s sits tight at Heathrow and the airlines he travelled by has not moved an inch on the matter despite the pro complaining about his so-called lost baggage. Which airlines? Lufthansa!

Steve O’Dwyer baggage makes headlines

CNN did one good thing when it reported O’Dwyer’s trial with Lufthansa and blew the news wide open for the world to know which airlines one should not travel with if you care for your baggage. As per the information shared by the poker pro to CNN over an email, the luggage is stuck at Terminal 4 of the Heathrow airport. But the funny story is that the airlines reportedly assured the Ireland resident that his baggage will be forwarded to him at Nassau but that never happened. O’Dwyer wasn’t alone; he was accompanied by his girlfriend Elisabeth Wels. The couple was heading to The Bahamas for PCA 2023 and the travel from Dublin to Frankfurt with Lufthansa and later from Frankfurt to Montreal, and then to Nassau turned into a James Wan horror drama. 

O’Dwyer kept following up with the German airlines after reporting it as missing, but to no avail even after 13 days of the tedious ordeal. CNN reported how in a poker related TV appearance, the Colorado-born poker pro narrated the incident which ended on CNN’s news site.

PCA 2023

O’Dwyer busted the Main Event of PCA 2023 but not before throwing a savage AF jibe at Lufthansa. He said, “Don’t fly Lufthansa, the worst airline on the planet.” When did he say this? O’Dwyer was playing a hand against Ian Matakis when only 70 players were left in the game from a pool of 889. The Irish-American did not look happy and took the opportunity to vent his anger rightfully at the airline which did not even bother to update on the status of his luggage. 

Now what?

O’Dwyer and his girlfriend are set to return home and hopefully they will be in the same continent as their baggage. We hope they find it and are reunited with their property that the devil-may-care airline did not look for despite daily follow ups by the luggage owners.  

Steve O’Dwyer Hendon Mob

One look at Steve O’Dwyer’s Hendon Mob stats will surely impress you. He is 14th on the All Time Money List (as of February 2023) with $33,732,515 in total live earnings and $1,872,580 as his career-best live cash which came from PCA 2015’s $97,000 + 3,000 #1 No-Limit Hold’em Super High Roller 8-Handed event. In the 2023 edition of PCA, O’Dwyer finished 4th in Event #66 ($100,000 No-Limit Hold’em – 7-Handed) for $518,500. 

Steve O’Dwyer Net Worth

The 41-year-old pro from Colorado is reportedly said to have a net worth of $5 Million. Well, there you go! You know the answer to Steve O’Dwyer net worth. 

Steve O’Dwyer Twitter

The microblogging site is a funny space with people voicing their thoughts / opinions and then some of them end up getting trolled for sharing. O’Dwyer made it a point to share his angst on his Twitter handle and many people shared their thoughts in the comments section. Take a look below.

Steve O’Dwyer’s tweet on his Lufthansa ordeal


Well, what can one probably say after this? Duh! Don’t fly Lufthansa, yeah?


Image Credit: Poker.org

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