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When Santhosh Suvarna Dodged A Sick Cooler But Later Scooped A $1.86 Mn Pot  Poker
Smit Trivedi
Posted on 30 Aug, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 30 Aug, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 30 Aug, 2023

When Santhosh Suvarna Dodged A Sick Cooler But Later Scooped A $1.86 Mn Pot 

The CEO of Winning Poker Network, Phil Nagy found himself in a situation where his pocket queens ran into pocket kings of Santhosh Suvarna in a Triton Poker’s cash game. Playing in one of the largest televised pots of all time, Phil Nagy saw his hopes of winning one of the biggest pots in televised history go down the drain.

Playing at $1,000/$2,000/$4,000, Nagy (Q♦ Q♥) raised $6,000 from under the gun with Triton regulars Paul Phua, Tony Guoga and Mr. Long, making the call. Santhosh Suvarna (K♠ K♥) reraised to $36,000 while Rob Yong (Qs Qc) placed a four-bet of $85,000. Nagy then opted for a 5-bet of $250,000 which was only called by Suvarna and Yong.

The flop popped out as 7♣ 5♥ 4♥ which pushed Suvarna into dreamland as his opponents were drawing dead. The Indian-origin high stakes poker player checked. Yong followed suit while Nagy pushed in a bet of $300,000. 

This ignited the fire in Suvarna as he moved all-in for $545,000. While Yong decided to bow out of the pot, the price seemed too good to move away for Nagy, who ended up making the call. The dealer ran it twice and the second time the river brought a King, which meant Suvarna had three of a kind to take down this massive pot.

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Yong went on to declare that he had folded his pocket queens, which isn’t what Nagy wanted to hear as that meant he was losing big time. The businessman saw the $1,862,000 pot go into the hands of Suvarna.  This pot was one of the biggest we have seen in recent times; poker fans were in for a treat with a plethora of nose-bleed stakes games being played by Suvarna and other Triton regulars. 

Santhosh Suvarna ducks a cooler smartly 

Santhosh Suvarna has been on fire while playing at Triton Poker’s cash games. The high roller was recently seen dodging a sick cooler which reflected Suvarna’s disciplined approach to the game. Suvarna was up against  Mr. Long (Qh 7h) in one of the previous hands.

Playing with Snowmen, the Indian-origin poker pro had a three of a kind and was enroute to win the pot. He was leading the way till the board read 4s 8h 5h 9s. However, the 3h popped out on the river and handed Suvarna’s opponent a flush.  Carefully making the assessment, Suvarna decided to fold and cut down his losses which also shows that a good fold is any day better than facing a sick cooler.


Earlier in February 2023, Patrik Antonius won a pot worth $1,978,000 which grabbed headlines while Tom Dwan called a ballsy bluff by Wesley to win a $3.1 Million pot on Hustler Casino Live which was the biggest pot in the history of televised poker games in the US.

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