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Alan Keating Misreads His Fives As Deuces, Calls A 100K Raise On High Stakes Poker Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 04 May, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 04 May, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 04 May, 2023

Alan Keating Misreads His Fives As Deuces, Calls A 100K Raise On High Stakes Poker

Holy mother of God! What the hell happened to Alan Keating on High Stakes Poker? The poker player who made headlines for winning a record-breaking 1.2 Million pot on Hustler Casino Live has fucked up like never before! Keating was playing on High Stakes Poker against Jean-Robert Bellande (JRB) and what happened next will leave you gobsmacked. 

Alan Keating vs JRB on High Stakes Poker

Poker gods were just not looking over Keating as this player dug up his own grave and didn’t even realise what hit him when the river card opened. What are we talking about? On High Stakes Poker, Keating locked horns with JRB in a hand worth over $200K. Keating was playing with fives (5h 5c) and his rival JRB had As 7s. 

Keating, who is known to be Dan Bilzerian’s good friend, raised $3K preflop which JRB calls. The flop came with 6d 3c 9s. Here, JRB checks and Keating checks behind him to see a free turn of 6s. JRB hits a flush draw but checks his option, but Keating throws in a bet of $4K. JBR makes the call to see the river of 2s.

This is where Keating decides to throw in a bet of $45K which leaves everyone confused including the commentators who thought he would opt for a value bet. JRB raises to $100K given his flush draw improving which easily beats his rival. If only JRB’s rival knew what on earth he was doing, calling that raise of $100K with his fives. JRB reveals his hand as flush and Keating hits back saying no good. 

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But wait, Keating must have got the shock of his life when he took a hard look at his hole cards. He kept staring at his cards for a few seconds before mucking them (after agreeing to showdown). If there is one thing players who grind in high stakes poker must do, it is to read their hands correctly more than anything else. But Keating must have missed that class going by his actions in this hand. Nobody in a game on High Stakes Poker, must have read their fives as deuces and here Keating does the unthinkable. 

Alan Keating misreading his hand on High Stakes Poker against JRB

Keating admits to misreading his fives as deuces which led him to call that $100K raise by JRB as having pocket twos would give him a full house over his opponent’s flush. But sadly for Keating that wasn’t the case, and he ended up shooting himself in the foot. The conversation post the shocking revelation was that Keating thought he had deuces, and JRB was kind enough to consider giving his rival the raise back.

JRB who recently lost big to Eric Persson asked Keating about his hand, to which he replied saying fives. JRB was quick to respond saying that if Keating did not have a hand to call his raise, he would have given the raise back. He further added that fives were still fine because if JRB was bluffing Keating would have won with his fives. 

Hell was breaking loose for Keating but there was no hiding for this high stakes player. One of the commentators on the game sarcastically said that Keating must have read his fives upside down which was the reason for his actions. We can only say one thing to Keating: Please read your hands correctly for the love of God!


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