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APT Taipei 2023

APT Taipei 2023 High Roller

Phachara Wongwichit Headlines APT Taipei 2023 High Roller

Phachara Wongwichit has emerged as the new APT Taipei 2023 High Roller champion after taking down the event after beating Tsz Him Chan in the swingy heads-up. Wongwichit claimed the title, the shinny APT gold trophy and the top prize of TWD 5,286,500 ($172,630).

Tsz Him Chan Finishes Runner-up For $114,760

Tsz Him Chan called the blinds, followed by an all-in raise of 24 Million from Phachara Wongwichit. Chan made the all-in call with just 6.1 Million left. Chan flipped Q 9 , while Wongwichit showed 6 5 .

The board fanned out 6 5 2 2 8 and Wongwichit jumped in excitement. Chan finished runner-up taking home a pay cheque of TWD 3,514,400 ($114,760). 

  • Chan: Q 9
  • Wongwichit: 6 5
  • Board: 6 5 2 2 8

Tsz Him Chan Leading The Heads-UP

The heads-up is set with Tsz Him Chan and Phachara Wongwichit ready to lock horns for the top spot. Here are their stacks before the heads-up:

Name Chip Counts
Tsz Him Chan 19,000,000
Phachara Wongwichit 10,000,000

Robert Kiss’ Aces Cracked At The Third Spot For $83,940

Robert Kiss has bubbled the heads-up by hitting the rail at the third place. Phachara Wongwichit limped from the small blind with 5 4 for 300,000. Kiss raised to 750,000 from the big blind holding Pocket Rockets. Wongwichit called and the board ran our Q 5 9 . Kiss responded to Wongwichit’s check with a 850,000 bet. The Thailand-based player called.

The turn of 5 cracked Kiss’ aces however, here he moved all-in after Wongwichit’s check. Wongwichit instantly called and flipped for a three-of-a-kind. The J on the river brought no relief as Kiss has to wave goodbye to his High Roller dream. 

  • Kiss: A A
  • Wongwichit: 5 4
  • Board: Q 5 9 5 J

Chen Loses To Chan At The 4th Spot For $67,755

Hsuanchao Chen has left the table after losing in the Chen vs. Chan battle. Chen jammed all-in from the small blind. Tsz Him Chan quickly called from the big blind flaunting pocket nines. Chen flipped A 5 to see 3 J 3 7 J

Chen walked away at the fourth place, pocketing TWD 2,074,900 ($67,755).

  • Chen: A 5
  • Chan: 9 9
  • Board: 3 J 3 7 J

Kuan Han Chen Hits The Rail At The Fifth Place For $53,120

Kuan Han Chen has bid adieu to the FT at the fifth spot. After Robert Kiss moved all-in with J 9 from the small blind, Chen made a call sitting next to him. Kiss had Chen covered, as Chen flipped J 8 .

The board fanned out 7 4 A Q Q , sending Chen packing with a pay cheque of TWD 1,626,700 ($53,120) at the fifth place.

  • Chen: J 8
  • Kiss: J 9
  • Board: 7 4 A Q Q

Peter Da Takes The 6th Spot

Day 1 chip leader Peter Da found an exit at the sixth place after he raised to 400,000 from the hijack and found a caller in Tsz Him Chan from the small blind. After both the players checked the 4 2 8 flop, Chan bet 400,000 on the 5 river. Da called to see 6 on the river, Chan shoved all-in holding J 7 , and Da made the all-in call with pocket sixes.

Da had rivered a set, but it couldn’t hold any water against Chan’s straight as he exited the event at the sixth place for TWD 1,231,200 ($40,200).

  • Da: 66
  • Chan: J 7
  • Board: 4 2 8 5 6

Zarvan Tumboli Bows Out At The 7th Spot For $29,530

Spartan Poker pro Zarvan Tumboli‘s deep run at the APT Taipei 2023 High Roller has ended with the Mumbai-based player taking the seventh spot. The last Indian standing jammed from the UTG holding A K . Tsz Him Chan called with T T .

The board fanned out to Q 3 9 2 5 ending Tumboli’s dream run for his fourth APT title. He bowed out taking home TWD 904,300 ($29,530) for his efforts. GG, Zarvan!

  • Tumboli: A K
  • Chan: T T
  • Board: Q 3 9 2 5

Kevin Choi Out At 8th For $21,700

Kevin Choi has become the next casualty on the FT. His Q J succumbed to Tsz Him Chan‘s J 9 , after the latter called the former’s all-in.

The board of K Q T J 5 eliminated Choi at the 8th place awarding him TWD 664,400 ($21,700) for his run. 

  • Choi: Q J  
  • Chan: J 9
  • Board: K Q T J 5

Zarvan Tumboli Playing It Safe?

Zarvan Tumboli seems to be playing safe, guarding his chips and his position at the FT. He folded three alternate hands after initially contributing to the pots. 

Hand 20: Tumboli bet 260,000 and Hsuanchao Chen called. On the flop of A♠ K♦ Q♦, Tumboli bet 210,000 and Chen called. Both the players checked on the 4 turn. Tumboli checked again on the J river. But this time Chen bet 600,000, and Tumboli immediately folded.

Hand 22: Tumboli called his blinds from the small blind, and Chen raised to 270,000. Tumboli called to see 5 9 7 on the board. Here the Indian pro bet 275,000, which led to Chen quickly raising it to 690,000. Tumboli lost some more chips after folding at this spot.

Hand 24: After opening to 250,000 and finding a caller in Wongwichit, who defended his 120,000 big blind, Timboli bet 225,000 on the 7 T 5 board. Wongwichit called to see the 4 turn. After both the players had checked the river brought K and Tumboli bet 850,000. Here Wongwichit jammed all in, which led to Tumboli folding.

Joshua Mccully Shown The Door At The 9th Spot

Joshua Mccully was shown the exit door by Tsz Him Chan. The shortest stack on the table, Mccully shoved his 2,300,000 all-in in response to Chan’s 225,500 bet. Chan called and showed K Q against Mccully’s deuces.

The board of 6 K T 9 A gave Chan a K-pair and sent Mccully packing at the ninth place for TWD 551,000.

  • Mccully: 2 2
  • Chan: K Q
  • Board: 6 K T 9 A  

Zarvan Tumboli Makes It To The FT Of APT Taipei 2023 High Roller

The Final Table of the APT Taipei 2023 High Roller is all set, with the top nine players in contention of the top spot, the title, the trophy and the top prize of TWD 5,286,500 ($172,630). Tsz Him Chan leads the finalists with 8,485,000 chips, followed by Zarvan Tumboli with 4,290,000. 

Name Chip Count
Tsz Him Chan 8,485,000
Zarvan Tumboli 4,290,000
Kevin Choi 2,990,000
Kuan-Han Chen 2,800,000
Peter Da 2,635,000
Joshua Mccully 2,565,000
Phachara Wongwichit 2,245,000
Hsuanchao Chen 2,110,000
Robert Nemeskeri-Kiss 2,110,000

Junichi Nakagiri Bubbles The FT

Junichi Nakagiri bowed out at the 10th spot, thus bubbling the APT Taipei 2023 High Roller. Nakagiri jammed, while Kuan-Han Chen called. Nakagiri showed 7 8 , while Chen flipped A K

The board fanned J 8 A 4 Q , sending Nakagiri out at 10th TWD 461,400.

  • Chen: A K
  • Nakagiri: 7 8
  • Board: J 8 A 4 Q

Zarvan Tumboli Scores Double Eliminations

Spartan Poker pro Zarvan Tumboli is steadily chipping up. He recently busted two back-to-back eliminations. He first busted Julian Salvesen, followed by Seungmook Jung. 

In a three-way pot, Salvesen’s A J succumbed to Tumboli’sA Q and Hsuancho Chen’s A K on the board 3 2 K . Salvesen was eliminated at the 13th spot for TWD 403,400.

Just a few hands later, he ended the tournament life of Seungmook Jung who hit the rail at the 12th for TWD 403,400. 

Field Narrowing Down Fast

The field is now down to the top 17 players on two tables. Here are some recent eliminations. Places 18-20 cashed TWD 284,700, while 21-23 took home TWD 258,400.

Place Name
18 Takashi Ogura
19 Nguyen Nang Quang
20 Chao Ting Cheng
21 Bastien Joly
22 Chieh Pao Lin
23 Moonho Seo
24 James Mendoza

Zarvan Tumboli Sends James Mendoza Railing

James Mendoza now opened to 100,000 from the cutoff. India’s Zarvan Tumboli raised to 290,000 from the big blind. In response to this, Mendoza jammed with his remaining 800,000. Tumboli quickly made the call. 

Mendoza showed A J , while Tumboli flipped Cowboys. The flop of A K T gave Tumbboli a set as Mendoza now sat with a gutshot. Two eights showed up on the turn and river giving Tumboli a full boat for the win, while the American pro was sent packing for $7,575 at the 24th spot.  

  • Tumboli: K K
  • Mendoza: A J
  • Board: A K T 8 8

More Eliminations At APT Taipei 2023 High Roller

The ongoing APT Taipei 2023 High Roller has witnessed some more elimination. With around 24 players left in field, the action looks pretty intense. Here are the elimination from the 25th to 27th place who received TWD 232,200 ($7,575), and 28th to 31st place who cashed TWD 205,600 ($6,710)

Place Name
25 Julien Rouxel
26 Anton Zhao Lu
27 Sau In Wong
28 Yita Choong
29 Nguyen Huu Dung
30 Zong Chi He
31 Chun-Kang Shih

Queens Resuce Zarvan Tumboli

Spartan Poker pro Zarvan Tumboli and Julien Rouxel were both all-in on the flop of J 5 8 . Rouxel had K 6 , while Tumboli held queens. 

Although Tumboli was leading, Rouxel sat with a flush draw. The turn and river brought 2 6 keeping Tumboli in the lead and eliminating Rouxel at the 25th place for TWD 232,000.

  • Tumboli: Q Q
  • Rouxel: K 6
  • Board: J 5 8 2 6  

Recent Eliminations At The High Roller

Here are some recent eliminations from APT Taipei 2023 High Roller. To know how much these players cashed, head to the payouts section.

Place Name
32 Wooram Cho
33 Junyeob Song
34 Milan Stojkovic
35 Sau In Wong
36 Wai Kiat Lee
37 Jun Hao Wu
38 Timothy Yim
39 Sebastian Guimaraes

APT Taipei 2023 High Roller Payouts

The money bubble is approaching with the top 41 players left in the field. The top 39 will be paid. As the event awaits the bursting of the bubble, check out the APT Taipei 2023 High Roller payouts.

APT Taipei 2023 High Roller Payouts

Place Prize (TWD) Prize (~USD)
1 5,286,500 172,630
2 3,514,400 114,760
3 2,570,500 83,940
4 2,074,900 67,755
5 1,626,700 53,120
6 1,231,200 40,200
7 904,300 29,530
8 664,400 21,700
9 551,000 17,990
10 -11 461,400 15,070
12-13 403,400 13,170
14-15 263,800 11,880
16-17 324,300 10,590
18-20 284,700 9,300
21-23 258,400 8,440
24-27 232,000 7,575
28-31 205,600 6,710
32-39 181,900 5,940

Farhad Aghayev Bubbles The High Roller

Farhad Aghayev became the unfortunate bubble boy after he 3-bet to 140,000 following Junichi Nakagiri’s 50,000 bet. Nakagiri called to see the flop of 7 6 T . Aghayev pushed his single remaining 5,000 chip onto the table and flipped Cowboys. Nakagiri showed A T

The crowd gathered around the table in support of the former Main Event Champion to double. The turn of 8 made no difference, but the A on the river drowned Aghayev making him the bubble boy to bust at the 40th place. All the remaining players have made it in the money, assuring themselves a min-cash TWD 181,900.

  • Nakagiri: A T  
  • Aghayev: K K
  • Board: 7 6 T 8 A  

Chip Leader Peter Da Going Strong

Day 1 chip leader Peter Da is going strong, making sure to dominate the field and maintaining his lead. We are three hours into Day 2 and the Norwegian player now sits with 1,600,000 to top the field. He started the day with a bag of a little over a million chips and has managed to chip up to 1.6 Million. 

Here are some other top stacks in the room:

Name Chip Counts
Peter Da 1,600,000
Nguyen Nang Quang 1,500,000
Wongwichit Phachara 1,200,000
Jung Seungmook 1,150,000
Joshua McCully 1,100,000
Julian Salvesen 900,000
Zarvan Tumboli 850,000
Farhad Aghayev 830,000
Adam Kharman 800,000
Kuan-Han Chen 800,000
Graeme Siow 775,000
Robert Kiss 700,000

Day 2 of APT Taipei 2023 High Roller Begins

The time has arrived for the final day of the APT Taipei 2023 High Roller wherein the top 84 survivors are set to battle it out for the prestigious title, the trophy and the TWD 5,286,500 ($172,630) top prize.

Leading is Norway’s Peter Da with over a million chips. Let’s watch out for what action unfolds at the final day of APT Taipei 2023. 

Peter Da Leads Final 84; Zarvan Tumboli Fourth

Day 1 of the High Roller has concluded with the top 84 survivors bagging and tagging. The two-day event will resume tomorrow with these 84 players locking horns for the ultimate top spot and the grand prize of TWD 5,286,500 (~$172,650) up top.

Leading the pack is Norwegian player Peter Da, who is the only player to bag a million chips. Following him, not ver far behind, is Australia’s Adam Kharman, with 999,000 chips. Spartan Poker pro India’s Zarvan Tumboli has also made it to Day 2 with the fourth-highest stack of 870,000 chips at his disposal.

Place Name Country Chip Counts
1 Peter Da Norway 1,096,000
2 Adam Kharman Australia 999,000
3 Timothy Yim Hong Kong 870,000
4 Zarvan Tumboli India 813,000
5 Napat Chokejindachai Thailand 751,000
6 Chung Chuen Co Hong Kong 727,000
7 Wooram Cho Korea 708,000
8 Julien Rouxel France 703,000
9 Robert Kiss United States 669,000
10 Milan Stojkovic Australia 663,000

302 Entries At The High Roller

High Roller Day 1 closed it’s registrations with a total of 302 entries signing up. The $3300 buy-in paid by all these entries has generated a final prize pool of TWD $26,364,600 (~$860,950).

The ultimate champion of this High Roller event will walk away with TWD $5,286,500 (~$172,630).

Meanwhile, Thailand’s Punnat Punsri has emerged as the APT New Era Champions by taking down the Main Event for TWD 11,210,400 (~$365,270). Read More about it here

Kartik Ved Finds An Exit

Indian pro Kartik Ved has found an exit on Day 2 of the High Roller. With just 37,000 chips left in hand, Ved shoved with A 6 in response to an initial player’s 12,000 bet. The player showed T 7 on the board of 5 8 7 6 J

Ved’s run came to an end in the High Roller event just before the late registrations ended. Will he re-enter?


APT Taipei 2023 High Roller – 8 Max Live Updates

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) is back with another blockbuster edition in Taipei this April 2023. APT Taipei 2023 will be a 10-day series taking place between 28th April to 7th May 2023 at Asia Poker Arena.

The High Roller event at the series is a two-day event. The event will play its Day 1 on 6th May 2023 followed by Day 2 on 7th May 2023. The event has a buy-in of TWD 100,000 ($3,300) and will have a massive guarantee of TWD 4,500,000. 

There will be a total of 40 levels at this event with blinds starting at 200/400 on Level 1. Every player gets a starting stack of 100,000 in exchange for his/her buy-in amount. The registrations to these events stay open till the end of Level 12. 

APT Taipei 2023 High Roller Schedule:

  • Day 1 – 6th May 2023
  • Day 2 – 7th May 2023

We will bring you all the latest happenings from the APT Taipei 2023 High Roller. So make sure to stay updated to Gutshot Magazine. Meanwhile, check out the live updates of Main Event and Super High Roller.

For more news and the latest updates in poker, keep reading Gutshot Magazine. Follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Telegram.

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Place Winner Name Prize
1 Phachara Wongwichit 172,630
2 Tsz Him Chan 114,760
3 Robert Kiss 83,940
4 Hsuanchao Chen 67,755
5 Kuan Han Chen 53,120
6 Peter Da 40,200
7 Zarvan Tumboli 29,530
8 Kevin Choi 21,700
9 Joshua Mccully 17,990
10 Junichi Nakagiri 15,070
11 Hon Cheong Lee 15,070
12 Seungmook Jung 13,170
13 Julian Salvesen 13,170
14 Michael Lech 11,880
15 Nobuaki Sasaki 11,880
16 Sparrow Cheung 10,590
17 Napat Chokejindachai 10,590
18 Takashi Ogura 9,300
19 Nguyen Nang Quang 9,300
20 Chao Ting Cheng 9,300
21 Bastien Joly 8,440
22 Chieh Pao Lin 8,440
23 Moonho Seo 8,440
24 James Mendoza 7,575
25 Julien Rouxel 7,575
26 Anton Zhao Lu 7,575
27 Sau In Wong 7,575
28 Yita Choong 6,710
29 Nguyen Huu Dung 6,710
30 Zong Chi He 6,710
31 Chun-Kang Shih 6,710
32 Wooram Cho 5,940
33 Junyeob Song 5,940
34 Milan Stojkovic 5,940
35 Sau In Wong 5,940
36 Wai Kiat Lee 5,940
37 Jun Hao Wu 5,940
38 Timothy Yim 5,940
39 Sebastian Guimaraes 5,940

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