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APT Taipei 2023

APT Taipei 2023 Main Event

Punnat Punsri Takes Charge And Eliminates Soo Bum Kim In 2nd Place

Level 37, Blinds, 300K/600K, Ante 600K

Punnat Punsri Takes Charge And Eliminates Soo Bum Kim Is 2nd Place

Preflop witnessed Punnat Punsri limping with 9♣ 7♦. Soo Bum Kim played with K♠ K♥. The flop came as J♦ 9♦ 4♦ and Kim throws in a bet of 2,500,000 and the Thai player responds with an all-in shove. The turn and river of 2♦ and 9♥ respectively complete the board. The community cards blessed Punsri with a flush to ship the coveted APT Taipei 2023 Main Event title. As for Kim, his Cowboys failed to impress. Punsri took down the APT Taipei 2023 Main Event title and first place prize of TWD 11,210,400 (~$365,270). The runner-up takes home a pay cheque of TWD 6,375,500 (~$207,730).

  • Punsri: 9♣ 7♦
  • Kim: K♠ K♥
  • Board: J♦ 9♦ 4♦ 2♦ 9♥

Final Table Payouts

Place Player Country Prize (TWD) Prize ($)
1 Punnat Punsri Thailand 11,210,400 365,270
2 Soo Bum Kim South Korea 6,375,500 207,730
3 Tung Wing Wong Hong Kong 4,503,000 146,720
4 King Long Lam Vietnam 3,311,900 107,910
5 Teng-Kuei Hsu Taiwan 2,595,400 84,570
6 Lester Edoc Philippines 1,982,700 64,600
7 Chih Wei Fan Taiwan 1,517,100 49,430
8 Ben Loo Malaysia 1,074,500 35,010
9 Joshua Tan Malaysia 823,500 26,830

Kim Doubles Up Thanks To His Ace

Level 35: Blinds 200K/400K, Ante 400K

Kim Doubles Up

Soo Bum Kim goes for an open shoves with 6,200,000 and Punnat Punsri makes the call. 5♣ 5♥ 8♦ 2♦ 6♠ is presented as the board. These cards gave both players one pair but Kim’s Ace kicker was a saver and Punsri had to let go off his chips to his rival.

  • Punsri: Q♣ J♦ 
  • Kim: A♦ 3♦
  • Board: 5♣ 5♥ 8♦ 2♦ 6♠


APT Taipei 2023 Main Event: Heads-Up Has Begun!

APT Taipei 2023 Main Event: Heads-Up Has Begun!

Thailand’s Punnat Punsri and Soo Bum Kim will lock horns in the much awaited APT Taipei 2023 Main Event heads-up battle. With Punsri dominating the final table, it would be interesting to see if his opponent can spin the game in his favour to ship the prestigious title. 

Punnat Takes Out Tung In 3rd Place To Set Up Heads-Up With Soo Bum Kim 

Level 34, Blinds: 150K/300K, Ante 300K

Tung Wing Wong

Tung Wing Wong goes for an open shove and Punnat Punsri calls. The board reads 6♦ 6♣ 5♠ 2♥ K♥ which gives Punsri two pairs with his KK, 66 while Wong is given the cue to get up and leave at the 3rd place for a prize money worth TWD 4,503,000 ($146,720). 

  • Wong A♦ Q♠ 
  • Punsri K♦ J♦
  • Board: 6♦ 6♣ 5♠ 2♥ K♥


Punnat Shows King The Door After Busting In 4th Place

Level 34, Blinds: 150K/300K, Ante 300K

King Long Lam

King Long Lam put his tournament life on the line when he called Punnat Punsri’s preflop shove action. Lam called off Punsri action but he had no clue that the Thai player had pocket queens. The board ran out as 5♥ 8♠ T♥ 6♥ 3♥ and Punsri’s Queens did the trick for him. Lam was out in 4th place for a sum of TWD 3,311,900 ($107,910).

  • Punsri Q♠ Q♦ 
  • Lam K♦ J♣
  • Board: 5♥ 8♠ T♥ 6♥ 3♥

Teng-Kuei Tsu Goes Out In 5th Place

Level 34: Blinds 150K/300K, Ante 300K

Teng-Kuei Tsu Goes Out In 5th Place

Teng-Kuei Tsu (Q♣ T♥) went for the shove against Tung Wing Wong who responded with yet another shove. Remaining players on the table folded leaving Tsu and Wong to battle it out. The dealer fanned out a board of 2♦ 4♥ 6♥ 4♣ 6♠. This was good for Wong who made better two pairs than Tsu who was on his way out in 5th Place for TWD 2,595,400 ($84,570).

  • Tsu Q♣ T♥
  • Wong: 8♠ 8♦
  • Board: 2♦ 4♥ 6♥ 4♣ 6♠

Lester Edoc’s Fishhooks No Good, Leaves In 6th Place

Level 34: Blinds 150K/300K, Ante 300K

Lester Edoc Has Been Eliminated in 6th Place

Lester Edoc (J♠ J♥ ) goes for an open shove with 6,300,000 and Punnat Punsri (Q♥ Q♣) makes the call. The board ran out A♠ T♣ 9♦ A♣ 7♠. This board was good enough for pocket queens to hold water and let Punsri march ahead while his rival was heading towards the exit door after busting in the 6th place for a payday of TWD 1,982,700 ($64,600). The Thai player now has 45,000,000 chips of the total 56,000,000 in play. 

  • Edoc: J♠ J♥ 
  • Punsri: Q♥ Q♣
  • Board: A♠ T♣ 9♦ A♣ 7♠

APT Taipei 2023 Main Event: Chip Counts At Dinner Break

Level 33: Blinds Blinds: 125K/250K, Ante 250K

Punnat Punsri Leading At Break

Thailand’s number one player Punnat Punsri is only taking his domination in the game to another level. The pro just eliminated Chih Wei Fan in the seventh position to add more chips to his already heavy-duty stack. It looks like he will continue to dominate and show his aggression in the game. But the question remains. Will Punsri ship it?




Name Chip Counts
Punnat Punsri 36,500,000
Lester Edoc 7,000,000
Soo Bum Kim 4,400,000
Teng-Keui Hsu 4,000,000
Tung Wing Wong
Kim Long Lam 2,225,000

Chih Wei Fan Out In 7th After 6-Betting Chip Leader Bombs!

Level 33: Blinds Blinds: 125K/250K, Ante 250K

Chih Wei Fan Out In 7th After 6-Betting Chip Leader Bombs!

Chih Wei Fan (A♣ 5♥) opened with 500,000 and Punnat Punsri (A♥ A♦) took the 3-bett route with 2,000,000. Fan chose to 4-bet with 3,700,000. Punsri hit back with a 5-bet with 5,600,000. A devilish looking 5-bet from Punnat Punsri should be avoided but Fan wasn’t backing out. He threw in his entire chip stack of 14,000,000 in the middle and Punsri snaps calls. The dealer presented a board of 3♦ 7♥ T♣ 8♦ 4♥. Fan hit nothing and Punsri’s Pocket Rockets were  flying high. Fan was out in 7th for TWD 1,517,100 ($49,430).

  • Fan: A♣ 5♥
  • Punsri: A♥ A♦
  • Board: 3♦ 7♥ T♣ 8♦ 4♥

Ben Loo Has Been Finishes 8th

Level 32, Blinds: 125K/250K, Ante 250K

Ben Loo Finishes 8th

From the middle position Chih Wei Fan (A♣ K♣ ) opens the action with 500,000. Ben Loo ( A♦ Qc) responds by shoving 2,500,00. Fan does not waste any time in calling. The board reveals A♥ K♦ 9♦ 9♣ 8♣ which gives Fan two pairs (AA, KK). This meant it was game over for Loo at the 9th spot for a payday of TWD 1,074,500 ($35,010).

  • Loo: A♦ Qc
  • Fan: A♣ K♣ 
  • Board: A♥ K♦ 9♦ 9♣ 8♣

Joshua Tan Leaves In 9th After Flush Over Flush Fails

Level 32, Blinds: 100K/200K, Ante 200K

Joshua Tan Finishes 9th

Joshua Tan got in his remaining tournament life into the pot after Tung Wing Wong shoved pre-flop. The Malaysian made the call while putting himself at risk. Wong had A♦ Q♣ while Tan played with J♦ J♣. The community cards fell: 7♣ K♠ T♣ 5♣ K♣. Both players hit a flush but Wong had a Q-high flush while Tan had J-high flush which was ultimately rendered useless. Tan is eliminated in 9th place for TWD 823,500 ($26,830).

  • Wong: A♦ Q♣
  • Tan: J♦ J♣
  • Board: 7♣ K♠ T♣ 5♣ K♣

APT Taipei 2023 Main Event: Final Table Contenders Are Ready

Final Table Contenders Are Ready To Battle

Take a look at the final table contenders of APT Taipei 2023 Main Event. Thailand’s Punnat Punsri is leading the final nine with a stack of 16,850,000 chips. Second in chip count is Philippines’ Lester Edoc with 2,925,000 chips in his kitty to battle it out for the top spot. Many feel Punsri will ship the coveted title since he is running hot but only time will tell if he actually does win the event. The final table will be live streamed and hence the live updates will be delayed by 30 minutes to avoid spoiling the live stream. 

Chi Wang Out In 10th, Final Table Is Set With Punnat Punsri Leading

Level 32, Blinds: 100K/200K, Ante 200K

Chi Wang Out In 10th, Final Table Is Set With Punnat Punsri Leading

On Level 31, Chi Wang was eliminated on the 10th spot for a pay cheque of  TWD $689,800 (~$22,475). Lester Edoc who termed as the silent assassin played with 9♠ 6♠ and Wang had A♥ Q♦. The flop came as K♠ A♠ 6♣ which gave Wang’s rival a flush draw while she sat with just 6-pair. The turn of 5♠ gave Edoc his flush and that was good enough to throw one player out of the game. The river of 5♦ was mere formality and Wang got up and left the game at the 10th place for TWD $689,800 (~$22,475). Her elimination also set the final table with the remaining nine players. Take a look at the final table chip counts below.

Final Table Chip Counts

Place Full Name Country Chip Counts
1 Punnat Punsri Thailand 16,850,000
2 Lester Edoc Philippines 12,925,000
3 Teng-Kuei Hsu Taiwan 6,000,000
4 Chih Wei Fan Taiwan 5,375,000
5 Ben Loo Malaysia 3,975,000
6 Joshua Tan Malaysia 3,550,000
7 Soo Bum Kim South Korea 3,050,000
8 Tung Wing Wong Hong Kong 2,075,000
9 Long Lam Kim Vietnam 1,975,000

Punnat Punsri Kicks Naoki Matsumoto Out In 11th Spot

Level 32, Blinds: 100K/200K, Ante 200K

Naoki Matsumoto

From under the gun (UTG) Naoki Matsumoto shoved 1,905,000. The action then knocked on Punnat Punsri’s door who was in the big blind position. The Thailand number one asked for a chip count and then matched the bet. Matsumoto had T♠ T♦ while Punsri played with A♠ 9♣. The flop brought 8♠ A♣ 3♦. Punsri hit ace-pair while his rival’s Dimes were already sinking post the flop. 8♥ came on the turn to give Punsri two pairs which kept him ahead. J♦ on the river was the final nail in Matsumoto’s coffin. The Japanese player finished 11th place for a payday of TWD 689,800 ($22,475).

  • Matsumoto: T♠ T♦ 
  • Punsri: A♠ 9♣
  • Board: 8♠ A♣ 3♦ 8♥ J♦

Recent Eliminations In APT Taipei 2023 Main Event Day 4

The APT Taipei 2023 Main Event Day 4 is running full steam and quite fast. Players are only getting more feisty in their play. Proof of that are the recent eliminations in the game where some players bowed out after busting and the survivors are marching ahead whilst aiming for glory. Take a look at recent bust outs.

  • 17th Place – Ryo Kotake – TWD 487,200
  • 16th Place – Kitty Kuo – TWD $487,200 (~$15,870)
  • 15th Place – Kazuhiro Shirasawa – TWD 550,900 ($17,950)
  • 14th Place – Chi Jen Chen – TWD $550,900 (~$17,950 )
  • 13th Place – Tsung Mao Liao – TWD $614,600 (~$20,025)
  • 12th Place – Taku Kubota – TWD 614,600 ($20,025)

Natural8 Ambassador Kitty Kuo Out In 16th

Kitty Kuo

Natural8 Ambassador Kitty Kuo goes all-in with her remaining tournament life of 1,200,000 chips. The action folded to Teng Kuei Hsu in the big blind position. Hsu asked for the chip counts before he made the call.

Kuo had K♣ J♣ Hsu played with A♥ 9♠. The dealer fanned a flop of A♣ A♠ 6♠. This gave Kuo’s rival three of a kind with the Aces. Turn of 5♥ did Kuo no good and finally the river of 8♥ made sure she was out of the game in 16th position for TWD $487,200 (~$15,870).

  • Kuo: K♣ J♣
  • Hsu: A♥ 9♠
  • Board: A♣ A♠ 6♠ 5♥ 8♥

APT Taipei 2023 Main Event Day 4 Begins!

Punnat Punsri

Day 3 of the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Taipei 2023 Main Event ended with Thailand’s Punnat Punsri leading the pack of survivors. 17 survivors remain in the game which will see a winner being crowned tonight. Two remaining Indian pros Nishant Sharma and Abhinav Iyer were eliminated yesterday. With Punsri leading the way, it would be interesting to see how he maintains his domination in the game. The competition is fierce with the remaining 17 players aiming for the prestigious APT trophy and title. And who doesn’t want that hefty top prize of TWD 11,210,400 ($365,270)? 

Stay tuned to Gutshot Magazine as we bring to you all the updates from APT Taipei 2023 Main Event Day 4.

Chip Count Of The Final 49

The field is down to the top 49 players. The players have headed out on a 60-minute dinner break. Here are the chip counts of the top 49 at the break:

Player Name Chip Count
Lester Edoc 3,530,000
Jae Wook Shin 3,200,000
Punnat Punsri 3,000,000
Akira Takasugi 2,900,000
Taku Kubota 2,340,000
Michael Lech 2,340,000
Chi Wang 2,250,000
Zhao Feng 2,100,000
Long Lam Kim 1,985,000
Ting-Yi Tsai 1,920,000
Chih Wei Fan 1,840,000
Soo Bum Kim 1,555,000
Naoki Matsumoto 1,400,000
Tung Wing Wong 1,380,000
Koaru Kishimoto 1,100,000
Julian Salvesen 1,050,000
Kitty Kuo 1,045,000
Chi Jen Chen 1,000,000
Ryo Kotake 950,000
Chi Chang Chang 910,000
Kazuhiro Shirazawa 820,000
Paul Kiem 800,000
Chien Hao 790,000
Yoon Koo Kang 770,000
Tsung Mao Liao 760,000
Guolun Huang 745,000
Joshua Soo Tjan Tan 705,000
Ben Loo 675,000
Teng-Kuei Hsu 665,000
Chi-Kwon Li Su 635,000
Tominari Kobayashi 605,000
Kevin Choi 570,000
Sang Yeon Hwang 570,000
Naruyasu Ota 540,000
Michal Polchlopek 530,000
Chang-Hau Huang 485,000
Su Lung Yeh 485,000
Hung-Ling Wu 480,000
Yuan Cheng Liu 420,000
Ying Kit Chan 400,000
Keita Minami 400,000
Kenneth Hsiung 400,000
Yu You Ci Tsai 380,000
Jheng-Gang Li 355,000
Jeong Yim 345,000
Ham Dongmyung 320,000
Po-Yi Yeh 175,000
Hong Yu Huang 150,000
Chih-Chiang Hung 120,000

Indian Pro Nishant Sharma’s Dream Run Comes To An End

Nishant SharmaGamezy Poker pro Nishant Sharma lost a big pot and was soon eliminated from the APT Taipei 2023 Main Event. After running deep into the event and entering Day 3 with the second-highest stack, Sharma’s straight flush draw lost to Thailand’s Punnat Punsri‘s set. 

On the 5 4 Q board, both the pros put their stacks onto the table to generate a massive pot of 2 Million.  Sharma flipped 6 7 for a straight flush draw, while Punsri showed 4 4 for a set. The turn and river of K and 7 awarded the pot to Punsri, who doubled up, as Sharma was left with just 450,00 (25BB) as he had got the former covered.

Just a few minutes later, Sharma’s run came to an end as he took the 62nd place for TWD 148,400 (~$4,835).

Less Than 100 Players Left

The field has condensed down to less than the final 100 players. The APT Taipei 2023 Main Event Day 3 will run until the final table is set. The remaining players continue to play for the TWD 11,210,400 ($365,270) top prize.

Chip Leader Ravn Teo Runs Out Of Chips

Day 3 chip leader Ravn Teo has been eliminated from the Main Event. The Singapore-based player resumed Day 3 with the highest stack of 1,105,000 chips has exhausted all of his stack. He bowed out at the 121st place today, taking home a sum of TWD 95,500 (~$3,110) for his finish. 

Top Chip Counts

It’s break time, and the players have headed for a 15-minute break. Here are the leading stacks at the break: 

Name Chip Count
Chih Wei Fan 1,650,000
Michael Lech 1,150,000
Taku Kubota 1,100,000
Keita Minami 1,100,000
Soo Bum Kim 1,070,000
Hsuanchao Chen 820,000
Wing Ki Cheng 815,000
Lester Edoc 753,000
Chun-Yu Wu 750,000
Farhad Aghayev 720,000
Paul Kiem 670,000
Thanh Phat Nguyen 580,000
Luke Trotman 570,000
Kitty Kuo 520,000

APT Taipei 2023 Main Event Day 3 Underway!

The most awaited Day 3 of the APT Taipei 2023 Main Event has arrived! The 173 survivors from Day 2 along with 27 online qualifiers from Natural8 will lock horns today to make it to the final table of the prestigious Main Event, 

The money bubble has burst with the conclusion of Day 2 and all these survivors have ensured a place in the money with the top 201 places being paid. 

Bubble Boys

The three players were eliminated at the same time on the bubble. Hon Cheong Lee, Ping-Hsien Chan, and Hiroki Katothat took the 176th, 175th, and 174th place respectively. With just one place being in the money, all three players will share the min-cash of TWD 78,300 (~$ 2,550).

Nishant Sharma Concludes Day 2 With The Second Highest Stack

Gamezy Poker pro Nishant Sharma has concluded Day 2 with the second heaviest bag of 1,064,000 chips. Leading the 174 survivors is Singapore’s Ravn Teo, with 1,105,000 chips. The Indian pro is not very far behind from Teo, as the two are the only players to bag above 1 Million chips. 

With this, Sharma has also ensured himself a spot in the money going into Day 3.  

Triplet On The Bubble

The bubble has officially burst at the APT Taipei 2023 Main Event, with three players busting on the bubble. Cheers and joy spread across the poker room as the money bubble burst. All the remaining survivors will bag and progress to Day 3. Additionally, all these survivors have assured themselves a min-cash of TWD 78,300 (~$2,550).

Nishant Sharma Chipping Up!

Gamezy Poker pro Nishant Sharma is enjoying a good run at the APT Taipei 2023. He first busted Pak Ning Lee with Pocket Rockets against the latter’s A 7 . Lee’s bluff was caught in the wrong spot on the T 8 2 2 board. Sharma collected 900,000 chips. 

He later tabled a nine pair on the 5 7 3 9 4 board with 9 8 in hand, against 8 8 to scoop a considerable pot.

Zarvan Tumboli Exits The Main Event

Spartan Poker pro Zarvan Tumboli has bid adieu to the APT Taipei 2023 Main Event dream on Day 2. Tumboli, who qualified from Day 1A flight with a bag of 204,100 chips, found an exit on Day 2. This also means he did not make it to the money as the Day 2 survivors will make in the money.

He shared the update on his Instagram stories.

Zarvan Tumboli

Quads For Ko

The 80,000-worth pot between Chia Hsiang Ko and Yu Sheng Lin saw Ko check on the board of A J J 3 J . Lin tanked and checked back. 

Ko flipped A J to show quads. Lin let out a sigh of relief. It seems like he was planning on betting on the river. Wise call, Lin!

  • Lin: NA
  • Ko: A J
  • Board: A J J 3 J

Payouts Announced

Payouts for the APT Taipei 2023 Main Event have been announced. As mentioned before, the top 201 places will take home a min-cash of TWD 78,300 (~$2,550). The top-place finisher gets a lion’s share of  TWD 11,210,400 ($365,270) from the TWD 62,594,100 ($2,039,630) prize pool, along with the shiny new golden APT Main Event trophy.

Place Prize (TWD) Prize (~USD)
1 11,210,400 365,270
2 6,375,500 207,730
3 4,503,000 146,720
4 3,311,900 107,910
5 2,595,400 84,570
6 1,982,700 64,600
7 1,517,100 49,430
8 1,074,500 35,010
9 823,500 26,830
10-11 689,800 22,475
12-13 614,600 20,025
14-15 550,900 17,950
16-17 487,200 15,870
18-20 423,600 13,800
21-23 359,900 11,725
24-27 299,400 9,750
28-31 255,400 8,320
32-29 219,100 7,140
40-55 183,500 6,040
56-71 148,400 4,835
72-95 127,400 4,150
96-119 110,800 3,610
120-143 95,500 3,110
144-183 86,600 2,820
184-201 78,300 2,550

APT Taipei 2023 Main Event Creates History

APT Taipei 2023 Main Event is creating history. The event has so far generated a prize pool of TWD $60,324,300 and counting. It is the largest prize pool in the 15-year long history of APT, surpassing the previous record of $1.5M at APT Macau 2008. 

The record for the highest number of entries has also been crushed. The previous highest of 722 at APT Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 2022 was crushed with 1,382 entries and counting at this event. 

201 Players To Be Paid At APT Taipei 2023 Main Event!

With the registrations ended at APT Taipei 2023 Main Event, the final number of entries is still awaited. However, the organisers have announced a total of 201 players would take home a piece of the prize pool. Day 2, which is currently underway will play down to the final 174 players. In addition, 27 players have already secured a place in the money and on Day 3 through Natural8’s online qualifiers. The top finisher will get to take home an impressive sum of TWD $11,017,500 (~$360,000).

Elky In The House!

ElkyInternational poker star Bertrand Grospellier, popularly known as ‘Elky’ has arrived. Entering the event on Day 2 with a starting stack of 40,000 chips, which is less than 25 big blinds. However, the pro is making sure not to leave any stone unturned to stay in the game.

Day 2 Kicks Off

Day 2 of the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Taipei 2023 has kicked off with 566 qualifiers ready for an intense battle. Among them, four players have qualified twice. These players will carry their best stacks forward and forfeit the lower stacks. Thus Day 2 will have a total of 562 players battling it out. Registration are still on till the start of Day 2.

End Of Day 1D

The final flight Day 1D of the APT Taipei 2023 Main Event, has come to an end with a total of 104 players marching their way to Day 2. The last flight saw a total of 183 entries marking their attendance. 

With the end of the starting flights, the event recorded a total of 1,188 entries across the four starting flights. From these 566 entries have made their way to Day 2. In addition to this, 194 entries have also made it to Day 2 through Natural8’s online satellites.

Apart from the new registrations on Day 2, the event has a current total of 1,382 entries battling for the top spot. Besides, at the end of Day 1 flights, the prize pool generated so far stands at TWD 60,324,300 (~$1,966,150).

Sumit Sapra Bags A Small Pot In Day 1D

Indian pro Sumit Sapra opened to 1,200 from the cutoff, to be called by Steven C in the big blind. Steven bet 1,000 on the flop of 5  6  J and Sapra called. On seeing 6 turn, Steven checked and was followed by a 2,200 bet from Sapra. Steven folded as Sapra scooped the pot. 

Day 1C Wrapped Up!

Day 1C has concluded with a total of 131 players advancing to Day 2. The day saw a total of 251 entries entering the second last flight. Leading the pack is French player Jerome Finck who has 255,600 chips at his disposal. 

Indian player Deepak Bothra was also playing this flight. However, we are yet to receive an update on whether he has bagged at the end of the day.

Position Full Name Country Chip Counts
1 Jerome Finck France 255,600
2 Hogeun Kim South Korea 198,800
3 Dongkyu Kim South Korea 198,200
4 Jung Ho Im South Korea 191,600
5 Beabsu Kim South Korea 177,500
6 Nguyen Huu Dung Vietnam 175,000
7 Soo Bum Kim South Korea 174,100
8 Hok Hei Ngai Hong Kong 161,300
9 Yoshikazu Fujita Japan 159,200
10 Adam Kharman Australia 158,800

Last Two Flights To Take Place Today!

The final two flights, Day 1C and Day 1D, of the APT Taipei 2023 Main Event will take place today. The Main Event, which is turning out to be the biggest Main Event in the history of APT, has concluded two flights so far. 331 players have secured a seat on Day 2 from the two starting flights. 

Day 1C will commence at 12 PM, and Day 1D will start at 6 PM. Both flights will play 10 levels of 30 minutes each. 

Day 1B Concludes

Day 1B of the APT Taipei 2023 Main Event has concluded, with 144 entries advancing to Day 2 of the event. These 317 players will join the 187 survivors from Day 1. Day 1B saw a total of 317 entries registering for this flight. 

Leading the pack is Japan’s Hiroyuki Noda, with a stack size of 230,000 chips. Among those who progressed is Indian player Jasven Saigal. The pro played the first Day 1A flight, too; however, he couldn’t bag. He returned to play Day 1B and managed to bag 87,800 chips from the second flight. 

Position Name Country Chip Count
1 Hiroyuki Noda Japan 230,000
2 Vincent Kwun Li Hong Kong 201,000
3 Wai Sum Ng Hong Kong 196,500
4 Sebastian Guimaraes Brazil 190,800
5 Chi Hung Lam Hong Kong 184,200
6 Chun-Kang Shih Taiwan 169,800
7 Yi-Sheng Wang China 166,300
8 Jeu Cheng Ming Macau 165,600
9 Guolun Huang Singapore 164,100
10 Yen-Yung Lee Taiwan 162,300

APT Taipei 2023 Is The Biggest Main Event In APT History

APT Taipei 2023 Main Event has officially become the largest in the history of APT. So far Flight Day 1B has gathered 231 entries recording a total of 862 entries across the two starting flights. Notably, the registrations are still on, and there are two more flights to go at the Main Event. 

The previous highest for any APT event was APT Ho Chi Minh Vietnam 2022, which recorded 722 entries. Not only in terms of the number of entries, APT Taipei 2023 is also close to breaking records in terms of the prize pool. So far a total prize pool of TWD $37,669,950 (~USD $1,221,820) has been generated and counting, which is soon set to surpass the $1.5 Million prize pool at APT Macau 2008.

Let’s wait and watch for more action and records to be broken at this spectacular APT Taipei 2023. 

It’s A Royal Flush At APT Taipei 2023 Main Event

Level: 6, Blinds: 300-600, Ante: 600

There’s no doubt that the APT Taipei 2023 Main Event is turning out to be a blockbuster one. First, it broke records and now a rare royal flush has graced the Main Event. It was a hand between Taiwan’s Jai Song Liu and Ireland’s John Bonadies.

The Ireland-based player was all-in with A K against Liu’s A A . The board brought K  Q  Q T  J  filling the room with excitement and joy as Bonadies was blessed with a rare royal flush.

  • Bonadies: A K
  • Liu: A A
  • Board: K  Q  Q T  J

Day 1B Underway!

Flight Day 1B of the APT Taipei 2023 Main Event is underway. After a blockbuster and record-breaking Day 1A flight yesterday, the cards are in the air for the second flight leading to the Main Event. 

Flight Day 1A saw 437 entries, making it the biggest opening Main Event flight ever in the history of APT. Will Day 1B surpass the record? Only time will tell. Until then, watch Gutshot Magazine to stay updated with all the live happenings at the Asian Poker Arena, Taipei, Taiwan.  

Zarvan Tumboli, Abhinav Iyer And Other Indians Progress To Day 2

Flight 1A of Asian Poker Tour (APT) Taipei 2023 TWD $30 Million Main Event has concluded with 187 players advancing to Day 2. Among them are several Indians, including Zarvan Tumboli, Kartik Ved, Ankit Ahuja, Nishant Sharma and J Raju.

Spartan Poker pro Tumboli is leading the Indian side with 204,100 chips at his disposal. Check out the chip counts of the Indian contingent:

  • Zarvan Tumboli – 204,100
  • Nishant Sharma – 97,000
  • J Raju – 91,800
  • Ankit Ahuja – 87,900
  • Kartik Ved – 73,200
  • Abhinav Iyer – 71,100

End Of Day 1A

The biggest-ever opening flight in APT’s 15-year history has concluded with a recorded 437 entries battling in the field. After an intense battle, a total of 187 players have made it through the initial Day 1A flight, with South Korea’s Namhyung Kim and Taiwan’s Chun-Yu Wu sharing the chip lead with 305,200 chips each. 

Check out the top 10 stacks:

Position Name Country Chip count
1 Namhyung Kim South Korea 305,200
1 Chun-Yu Wu Taiwan 305,200
3 Jongwook Lee South Korea 291,200
4 Naoki Matsumoto Japan 268,600
5 Jae Wook Shin South Korea 253,600
6 Milan Stojkovic Australia 245,400
7 Ravn Teo Singapore 240,200
8 Orathi Nasathaen Thailand 230,100
9 Chak Lam Tsang China 221,400
10 Patrick Liang Taiwan 209,000

Biggest Opening Main Event Flight Ever!

Level: 9, Blinds: 600-1,200, Ante 1,200

APT Taipei 2023 Main Event Day 1A flight has become the biggest Main Event flight in the history. The event has managed to draw a total of 424 entries so far.

The best part is that the registrations are still on, so expect to witness some fireworks in the coming hours. 

Welcome To APT Taipei 2023 Main Event!

The most awaited Taipei edition of the Asian Poker Tour (APT) is all set. APT Taipei 2023 kick-starts on 28th April 2023 at the Asia Poker Arena. The excitement and anticipation for this series are at an all-time high as this is one of the biggest APT series of the year. 

The major attraction and the USP of this series is its prestigious Main Event. The Main Event will be TWD 50,000 ($1,650) buy-in event with an advertised guarantee of a massive $1 Million guarantee. For a buy-in of $1,650, players will get a starting stack of 40,000 chips. The registrations will stay open till the start of Day 2. 

The Main Event runs from 1st May to 6th May 2023. The event will have four starting flights between 1st to 3rd May 2023, with players playing 10 levels on each of the days,  leading to Day 2 on 4th May 2023, where they will play till the money. Survivors from Day 2 will then progress to Day 3 on 5th May 2023, where they will play till the final table. The final tablist will then resume playing on Day 4, to be held on 6th May 2023. 

APT Taipei 2023 Main Event Schedule:

  • Day 1A – 1st May 2023 (Play 10 levels of 60 minutes each)
  • Day 1B – 2nd May 2023 (Play 10  levels of 45 minutes each)
  • Day 1C – 3rd May 2023 (Play 10 levels of 30 minutes each)
  • Day 1D – 3rd May 2023 (Play 10 levels of 30 minutes each)
  • Day 2 – 4th May 2023 (Play to the money)
  • Day 3 – 5th May 2023 (Play to a Final Table)
  • Day 4 – 6th May 2023 (Play to a Champion)

For all the latest updates from the event, stay tuned to Gutshot Magazine.

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Place Winner Name Prize
1st Punnat Punsri TWD 11,210,400 (~$365,270)
2nd Soo Bum Kim TWD 6,375,500 (~$207,730)
3rd Tung Wing Wong TWD 4,503,000 ($146,720)
4th King Long Lam TWD 3,311,900 ($107,910)
5th Teng-Kuei Tsu TWD 2,595,400 ($84,570)
6th Lester Edoc TWD 1,982,700 ($64,600)
7th Chih Wei Fan TWD 1,517,100 ($49,430)
8th Ben Loo TWD 1,074,500 ($35,010)
9th Joshua Tan TWD 823,500 ($26,830)
10th Chi Wang TWD 689,800 (~$22,475)
11th Naoki Matsumoto TWD 689,800 ($22,475)
12th Taku Kubota TWD 614,600 ($20,025)
13th Tsung Mao Liao TWD 614,600 (~$20,025)
14th Chi Jen Chen TWD 550,900 (~$17,950 )
15th Kazuhiro Shirasawa TWD 550,900 ($17,950)
16th Kitty Kuo TWD 487,200 (~$15,870)
17th Ryo Kotake TWD 487,200 (~$15,925)

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