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Poker: To Go All-in Or Not? Poker
Donna Amo
Posted on 20 Feb, 2021
By Donna Amo
On 20 Feb, 2021
By Donna Amo
On 20 Feb, 2021

Poker: To Go All-in Or Not?

While having the best cards on the table certainly does help, betting is where your poker skills truly come out. Whether you’ve been dealt a bad hand or a good one, your strategy is going to help you get the best out of what you have. Many poker players and coaches touch upon this topic. If you want to learn how to strategize with respect to bets, take a look at the following. 

1. When, Why and How Much – Everything Poker

Posted by PokerStars, players can get a good understanding of how to bet in poker through this video. Daniel Negreanu and Joe Hachem teach players how to bet by analysing a few hands. The first lesson focuses on the four reasons why a player should place a bet which are, to gain value, to protect their hand, to bluff, or to get more information. The video then explains the different types of bets like the 3-bet or the c-bet. This is a good video for newbies and a good refresher course for regular players.

2. When to make a Continuation Bet?

There are various types of bets that one can make in poker and the c-bet or the continuation bet is one of them. When playing, players will hit the flop only about 35% of the time. In other words, the hand ends even before the flop opens. Having a strong betting strategy for this kind of situation will also help players read their opponents better. 

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3. Jonathan Little comes to your rescue

When it comes to poker, there’s no better resource than poker coach Jonathan Little’s channel. The poker expert shares his expertise with any player willing to learn. Here he gives 3 tips that will help poker players get better at their 3-betting game. With this video, players can sharpen up their poker skills to create their own strategies that will help them win big.

4. Should You Check or Bet for Value?

Daniel Negreanu is one of the best poker players out there and any information that he gives will be of immense value. In this video, Negreanu talks about when to check or bet in poker and how to maximize your winnings. In any poker game, getting the highest value is always preferable and this poker champion shows you exactly that.

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5. The Secrets of Bet Sizing in Poker

Knowing how to size your bets when playing poker is crucial. Through this video, Alec Torelli gives players an understanding of how bet-sizing works by answering their questions. Players who find it hard to judge how much to bet on a certain hand will find this Q&A helpful.

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