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Phil Hellmuth’s Jibe At Daniel Negreanu On Designing WSOP POY System Invited Shaun Deeb’s Wrath Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 28 Jul, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 28 Jul, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 28 Jul, 2023

Phil Hellmuth’s Jibe At Daniel Negreanu On Designing WSOP POY System Invited Shaun Deeb’s Wrath

When someone like Phil Hellmuth states that the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Player of the Year award is influenced by Daniel Negreanu and Shaun Deeb, people take notice. Why would, out of the blue, a 17-time record-breaking WSOP bracelet winner say that two people who influence the WSOP POY are Daniel Negreanu and Shaun Deeb

This is what happened in reality and we aren’t making it up. Hellmuth tweeted saying. “Regarding @WSOP “Player of the Year,” we need someone new to take a look at the award. The two guys that influence it the most, Shaun and Daniel, overvalue “Cashes,” and online tourneys If someone wins 3 Bracelets, then they should SNAP win POY!” (sic)

This post by the Poker Brat is pointing towards the fact that DNegs and Deeb have some kind of say in the POY winner, and that they have certain parameters in place which he does not agree with. 

This jibe by Hellmuth did not go down well with either Deeb or DNegs. The six-time WSOP bracelet winner, Deeb took to his Twitter account and wrote, “Prob with that it’ll goto whoever runs the best in sub 100 person fields you can’t shutout people who play a ton of events but only huge fields.”

Shaun Deeb shotback at Phil Hellmuth over WSOP POY

The ball was now in Hellmuth’s court who shot back saying. “Shaun – I have a lot of respect for you, but you and I think differently: to me, anyone winning 3 @WSOP Bracelets is obviously and immutably, “Player of the Year.” It turns out that had someone won 3 this year, w the “Shaun Deeb POY System” in place, they would not have won POY. I think we need a new “POY System.” (sic)

Deeb was in no mood to take it down and let Hellmuth have his way. He also shot back in another tweet which read, “I’ve had 0 input in this system I understand it more than most I know it’s biggest flaws but if you have someone who wins 3 bracelets in small fields no other cashes there’s no way you think they deserve poy over someone who wins 1 and has 5 other fts and 15 cashes on top of that.” (sic)

Phil Hellmuth takes it a notch higher with Shaun Deeb

This made Hellmuth re-examine his words and that reflected in his follow up tweet, “Ok, my mistake Shaun, I thought you and @realkidpoker designed the POY system. But, we do fundamentally disagree: whereas you think 1 @WSOP Bracelet and 5 FT’s is better than 3 Bracelets. I believe it’s not even close! 3 Bracelets FTW.” Deeb reverted by stating, “And 15 other cashes when other has 0 other ones you crazy.”

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The Poker Brat did not breathe easy after being called crazy and shot back saying, “Whether or not I’m crazy, you may be right, but not on this issue. I believe the vast majority of our Poker Champions value 3 @WSOP Bracelets and zero cashes over 15 min-cashes, 5 FT’s and 1 Bracelet. Many of us believe min-cashes are low low value…”

Here’s when Scott Seiver also jumped in and wrote, “you’re both right. min-cashes should be worth less, FTs worth more, bracelets seem good.”

‘KidPoker’ did not jump into the war of words on Twitter, and was rather absent from the comments section. But he did put this tweet out which stated. “Why do you say this again after I corrected you last time? You just presented my position totally backwards. I wrote this in 2018 and sent it to you.” The Canadian further added, “I state must win a bracelet AND limit the number of cashes, AND make min cashes worth less So no, he couldn’t possibly have read what I wrote.” (sic)

Somewhere down the line Negreanu and Hellmuth made peace but Deeb did not look impressed and did hold on to his opinion about the WSOP POY award. 

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