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Nik Airball vs Henry Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 24 Aug, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 24 Aug, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 24 Aug, 2023

Nik Airball Got Balls Of Steel To Fu*k His Rival With An Overbet (Revenge Saga)

Who doesn’t love a twisted revenge saga? Everyone loves it. And Nik Airball is the epitome of all things twisted, bizarre and unpredictable. Why are we saying that? Keep reading and you will know why. 

Airball played two hands against a poker player named Henry on Hustler Casino Live, which amply proved that the former got some balls of steel. Are we exaggerating? Hell no! Airball knows how to fuck his rivals in the most acrimonious way.

Pocket Aces vs. Nik Airball’s AQo

Airball got dealt AQo and Henry had Pocket Rockets. Four players were in contention when the flop opened with 6 A 8 . Andy had a flush draw with his 64s. Airball bet $1,500, Henry raised to $4,200; Andy and Airball called. The turn brought Queen of clubs and Airball hit two pairs, Henry still has the top set and Andy is sitting with a flush draw hoping it will improve on the river. 

Airball checks, Henry bets $12K and Andy folds. Airball, then goes for an overbet (basically he just overkilled) with $44,525. Airball covered Henry who then was auto all-in and when cards were revealed Airball had to swallow the bitter taste of defeat, as pocket aces sailed through smoothly. 

Nik Airball overbets for revenge 

Airball had Cowboys and Henry (oddly again got dealt pocket pair) played with pocket tens. Airball 3-bet to $3,000 and Henry called. 

The dealer fanned out a flop of T 6 J and this gave Henry a set with his tens and Airball checks. Henry checks back to see a turn of Queen of clubs. Controversy’s child, Airball, then throws $5K to get a call from Henry. The 2 of spades did nothing for either player but Henry was leading. 

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Now Airball who sat with Kings had to do something or he would have surely lost his mind (losing again to Henry, not a good idea), so he overbets to $25K and that throws Henry into a deep tank. 

A few seconds later, Airball called the clock on his opponent, which finally resulted in Henry folding his better hand. 

Airball got his revenge and the commentator who said that he can’t imagine a world where Henry folds, will definitely know that he lives in a world where Henry actually folded his set against Airball’s King-pair, thanks to his overbetting skills. 

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