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Nick Schulman Called JRB's Fold Worst In High Stakes Poker’s History Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 29 Aug, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 29 Aug, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 29 Aug, 2023

Nick Schulman Called JRB’s Fold Worst In High Stakes Poker’s History

Jean-Robert Bellande (JRB) isn’t catching a break, is he? Going by his record at High Stakes Poker, doesn’t look like it. The poker player who’s a regular face at the High Stakes Poker games, is not having a fruitful season 11 in any way. 

The four-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Nick Schulman made sure the universe knows about it by saying JRB made the worst fold in High Stakes Poker’s history in a hand against Salomon. 

JRB vs Salomon (Nick Schulman was cherry on cake)

A straddle of $4,000 was in place, Salomon raised it to $15,000 with 42o, JRB further raised the bet to $50,000 holding pocket queens from the small blind position. 

The players in the big blind and straddle both folded leaving Salomon to make some moves. And oh boy he did. 

He jammed and JRB now had the ball in his court. Many thought that it was an easy spot to play for JRB. But who knew that JRB would succumb to overthinking and did something that shocked many including commentator Schulman. 

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JRB mucked his cards but made sure to call Salomon a big bully before making the fold. This move by JRB led to Schulman claiming that the fold made by JRB was the worst ever in the history of High Stakes Poker. 

While it may look like critics need to cut JRB some slack, it is not known why the player is making these questionable moves at the poker tables. Just the other day on High Stakes Poker, JRB mucked his hand against Andrew Robl and Salomon and then got into ranting mode. 

Robl made a flush on the river and JRB and Salomon were left to draw dead. But what followed this hand was a long distraught monologue by JRB (nobody asked for it but JRB was sulking big time). As for Schulman’s comment, he wasn’t entirely wrong, was he?

What do you think of JRB’s controversial poker moves at High Stakes Poker? 

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Image Credit: PokerGo and Pokernews.com

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