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My Poker Coaching - Review Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 07 Aug, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 07 Aug, 2022
By Mrinal Gujare
On 07 Aug, 2022

My Poker Coaching – Review

My Poker Coaching

In a sea of poker coaching platforms, one could get lost and feel hopeless. But don’t you worry, Gutshot is here to help you with poker coaching reviews. We will be reviewing different poker coaching sites and will tell you the pros, cons and highlights of those poker coaching platforms. Aren’t you happy? We hope you are! So without any further ado, let us get started with the My Poker Coaching review.


  • Cost effective when compared to other coaching platforms. 
  • Training course covered across different poker variants like Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO), Razz, Stud, 2-7 Triple Draw.
  • Poker training softwares available to buy
  • Resources to learn online casinos games available along with how to play blogs 
  • Discounts available on  poker coaching courses

My Poker Coaching - Review


  • The poker courses offered by My Poker Coaching feel limited as compared to the affiliate poker coaching brands offered on the site. 


  • My Poker Coaching has made sure they add blogs about various topics which could directly benefit the new players. 
  • Newbies in poker can learn tips and tricks from the blogs published on the website.
  • Massive discounts are offered across courses
  • Users who wish to go beyond poker, and explore sports betting and online casino games.

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Online Master Class

In this course contains the following modules:

  • Success in poker 
  • Essentials of poker
  • Mastering preflop strategy
  • Analyzing your database thoroughly
  • C-betting and barreling guide
  • Printing money from the blinds
  • Mastering 3-bet pots as a caller
  • Bluffing and bluff catching
  • Optimal bet sizing strategy

This course is priced at €2,023 but currently My Poker Coaching is offering a massive discount on the course price and players can buy this one at €397. 

Straddle Games

This course offers straddle game lovers an opportunity to excel at their games and add more money to their bankroll by winning more games. Take a look at the modules offered in this course.

Straddle Games – Preflop King

  • Learn open ranges, defending vs 3-bet ranges from every position.
  • Small Blind/ Big Blind and straddle defense ranges against every position on the table.
  • Learn different ranges against one and or more rivals in preflop betting.
  • Learn exploitative adjustments against recreational players and a lot more

My Poker Coaching - Review

Vital Straddle Game Adjustments

  • Learn preflop and postflop adjustments in multiway and heads-up pots
  • Learn aggressive play to maximize winnings against weaker opponents
  • Learn ways of selecting the best games with the help of software

Bluffing and Catching Bluffs

  • Players will learn how to identify the lucrative bluffing spot and situations
  • How to bluff and catch bluffs like an expert
  • Master key topics like blockers, combos, sizing etc. 

C-bet and Barrelling

  • How to group hands into different categories 
  • Learn when to opt for c-bet and barrel to increase your chances of winning
  • How to adjust your strategy in heads-up and in multiway pots

This Straddle Games course will cost you €1,285 but the poker coaching site is offering a mega discount so you now buy this course at €397.

My Poker Coaching - Review

Crush Live Poker Games

In this course you will learn the below:

  • Preflop strategy
  • Detailed poker training program
  • Advanced poker learning video 
  • Learn poker tells 
  • Learn strategies on adjusting your approach in a game

Players can buy this course at a discounted price of €397. The actual price of this course is €2,076. 

My Poker Coaching’s journey

This poker coaching platform was founded in 2015 by Tadas Peckaitis. My Poker Coaching began personal coaching in 2016 and their first poker training program was launched in the year 2017. In 2018, My Poker Coaching launched strategy content on their platform. The year 2019 was a milestone year in a way, as My Poker Coaching tied up with major poker training sites. This was followed up with the launch of My Poker Coaching’s blogs and new coverage vertical. This poker coaching platform did a complete redesign of its site to provide an unmatched experience to its users.

About Tadas Peckaitis

Tadas Peckaitis is a well-known professional poker player. He is also the author of the free poker book called Play A Game And Be The Boss At Your Poker Table. Peckaitis is the founder of My Poker Coaching—a poker training platform wherein he also teaches foundation courses, poker strategies and modules on how to increase your win rate.


For players who don’t have any budgetary restrictions, will find this poker coaching platform and its offering a steal deal. Those on a budget can make use of the solid discounts offered while they are up for grabs. But overall, My Poker Coaching will get the job done and you will get a chance to expand your horizons beyond poker too.

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