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Mike Matusow Does Not Know Who Neymar Jr. Is? Poker
Donna Amo
Posted on 28 Jul, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 28 Jul, 2022
By Donna Amo
On 28 Jul, 2022

Mike Matusow Does Not Know Who Neymar Jr. Is?

American poker player and Poker Hall of Fame nominee Mike Matusow admitted that he does not know who famous pro footballer Neymar Jr. is. Yes, the four-time WSOP bracelet winner just revealed on Twitter that he actually had to look Neymar up on Google to know who he was.

When it comes to football (or soccer as the Americans call it), Neymar Jr. is a household name. So, some of Mautsow’s followers couldn’t believe that he did not know who the footballer was. The tweet itself was not meant to insult Neymar but was actually a response to a tweet from another poker pro Jeremy Ausmus who mentioned that he was surprised at how very famous people do not get recognized in poker rooms.

Ausmus said in his tweet that he didn’t realise that the PokerStars ambassador was sitting right next to him on the poker table due to the absence of fans surrounding him. This begged him to ask the question as to why stars like the footballer were seldom recognized in poker rooms as they would be mobbed by fans the moment they stepped out in the streets.

Jeremy Ausmus’s Tweet:

While there were many replies to Ausmus’ tweets, it was Matusow’s reply that caught people’s eye. Matusow who is a well-known poker pro stated, “Because most people don’t know who he is!” The poker player is often given the nickname of ‘The Mouth’ and has been a polarizing personality in the poker world. He’s well-known for his outbursts, table chatter, and antics which some people don’t find amusing. So, was this tweet another Mike Matusow moment?

Mike Matusow’s Tweet:

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Followers’ Response

Replies to Mautsow’s tweet about Neymar were divided. Some tweeted that Matusow was ignorant for not recognizing one of the most popular sports players in the world. Here are some of the tweets:

One user commented, “The world is more than just America. Get over yourselves. The US is pretty much the only country Tom Brady would be recognised in, ditto (to a lesser extent) Michael Jordan. Neymar would be mobbed in pretty much every other place on the planet.” While another stated, “You’re kidding right? He’s a top 10 most famous athlete in the world.”

While some came to Matusow’s defense stating that Neymar must have not been that famous if he wasn’t known by a majority of Americans.

Even if Matusow does not know who Neymar Jr. is, the Brazilian footballer is well-known for his interest in poker and is a PokerStars ambassador himself. He was even spotted grinding at the World Series of Poker 2022.

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