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Is Robbi Lew Leaving Vegas Forever Amid Cheating Scandal? Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 13 Oct, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 13 Oct, 2022
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 13 Oct, 2022

Is Robbi Lew Leaving Vegas Forever Amid Cheating Scandal?

As the Robbi Lew – Garret Adelstein poker scandal continues to get more and more interesting (read messy), the drama seems to be going on for longer than anticipated. Robbi Jade Lew recently tweeted a cryptic post that gives out several hints at the same time. 

Lew was reportedly supposed to undergo a lie detector test earlier today. She shared a post on Twitter which reads, “NEWS ALERT 🚨 Tomorrow! 📰 New Updates / Developments (and not just☝🏼) Find out tomorrow afternoon. #thatPokerChick #leaving #Vegas ✈️ #LA” (sic)

Firstly, in her tweet, Lew says that she would be sharing some new updates and developments on the matter tomorrow. Additionally, she also mentions that it is not just one, but multiple updates. Secondly, the picture she shared shows her holding a set of documents that read ‘Confidential Results.’ 

These two things lead to a lot of speculation on Twitter. The most significant being if she would be sharing the result of the lie detector test publicly tomorrow (she may appear on a morning news show). The other news could be that she’s slapping a defamation case on Garret Adelstien. Several users criticized Lew on her post, while others supported her. 

A couple of users pointed out that the papers she was holding had the words ‘Confidential Results’ handwritten. 

A few players also went on to question the authenticity of the lie detector test.



Lastly, the hashtags mentioned in her post read “#leaving #Vegas #LA.” Does that mean Lew is leaving Las Vegas amid all the drama? #LA clearly says she’s headed to Los Angeles. Could it be for the lie detector test, or to stay away from the cheating saga which isn’t ending anytime soon, or is she heading to LA to take some serious action against Adelstien? Well, things will only get clear after her announcement tomorrow. 

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Photo credit: BetMGMPoker

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