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India's Gaming Industry Launches Skill Online Games Institute Gaming
Smit Trivedi
Posted on 31 Oct, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 31 Oct, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 31 Oct, 2023

India’s Gaming Industry Launches Skill Online Games Institute

The skill-based games industry has recently welcomed the launch of the ‘Skill Online Games Institute’ (SOGI), an initiative designed to serve as the repository for credible data related to skilled online games. SOGI’s primary mission is to provide stakeholders with access to the latest industry developments and emerging global trends.

It arrives at a pivotal moment when the gaming industry is undergoing a transformative phase, recognizing the pressing need for accurate, up-to-date information. With this, it aims to safeguard this immensely promising industry in India whose global revenues were estimated at $159.3 Billion in 2020.

SOGI’s initiative will focus on ‘CRP’ – Cataloguing of information, Research with academic institutions, and Presentations to a wide range of stakeholders including the relevant ministries, academia, regulators and other relevant stakeholders.

Its scope encompasses a wide array of information related to the skilled online gaming industry, including data, research, legal precedents, expert opinions, tax implications, and regulatory frameworks spanning different regions.

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Furthermore, it will delve into various dimensions of the gaming industry, including its economic impact, the effects of existing games on users’ well-being, the interplay between skill and chance, policies that combat illegal gambling, and other aspects that enable stakeholders to make informed decisions. As such, SOGI aims to be the definitive resource for unbiased, fact-based decisions, eliminating undue emotional or moralistic influence on the gaming sector. This will culminate in the creation of a comprehensive industry database.

To ensure the creation of meticulous research in areas where data currently lacks, SOGI has forged collaborative partnerships with esteemed institutions like IIM Bangalore, IIT Roorkee, The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS) and is in the process of forging similar alliances with renowned institutions overseas.

SOGI recognizes the need for moderation in engaging with industries that may have potential negative impacts, acknowledging that responsible consumption is the key.

The industry has roped in Government Affairs veteran, Amrit Kiran Singh to lead SOGI (Skill Online Games Institute). He has played a significant role with PMO, Niti Aayog and the Inter-Ministerial Task Force in getting the Skilled Online Games industry formalized over the past 15 months and the Rules for regulation of this industry being notified.

Previously, he served as the CEO of Jack Daniels, South & Southeast Asia, for more than two decades. He was the Executive Chairman of the International Spirits and Wines Association of India and the Vice Chairman of the World Spirits Alliance, Brussels. He has been India’s representative at WHO (Geneva) on the committee for minimizing the negative impact of excessive alcohol consumption and was honored with the title of “Keeper of the Quaich” by the First Minister of Scotland for helping further the boundaries of Scotch Whisky.

Amrit has been acknowledged for his accomplishments in the alcoholic beverage industry particularly in promoting responsible consumption and in bringing about an “Industry-friendly” regulatory policy that has benefited both governments and industry. He was also the Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce. The chamber of the 400 US companies that have invested in India such as Google, Microsoft, Boeing, Coca Cola, American Express, IBM etc.

Amrit Kiran Singh, President of Skill Online Games Institute, expressed his enthusiasm for the gaming industry and stated, “We are delighted to introduce SOGI, an industry initiative, which is dedicated to empowering skill-based games with its vast potential. India’s online games industry is experiencing rapid growth and gaining global recognition for its substantial economic contributions.”

He added, “Despite holding only a 1% share of the global market, India as a global IT powerhouse, has the potential to reach a 5% to 10% global market share easily. While the recent GST increase poses a significant challenge for Indian players in this industry, SOGI aims to serve as a comprehensive knowledge hub for stakeholders, supporting them in realizing their full potential. Our mission is to help in harnessing the full potential of the skilled online games industry for the benefit of the country while minimizing its negative facets through the use of knowledge.”

Skilled online games, an emerging industry in India, has garnered astonishing global recognition for its economic contributions. SOGI recognizes India’s significant growth potential and is committed to facilitating informed decisions that empower and drive sector development.

About Skill Online Games Institute

SOGI is an industry initiative which aims to be the repository of all information related to the online games industry including data, research, legal judgements, opinions, regulations, and tax structures across different geographies. SOGI is an all-encompassing fact-based information source available to all stakeholders, regulators, other industry officials, service providers to the industry, activists, parliamentarians, academics, and anybody else with an interest in online gaming. The SOGI initiative stands by the attributes of ‘CRP’ – Cataloguing of information, Research with academic institutions and Presentations to the stakeholders, while focusing on the strong aspects of Talent, Technology and Transformation.

SOGI is headquartered in Gurugram, India with Mr. Amrit Kiran Singh leading as the President of SOGI.

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