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Hustler Casino Pays Nik Airball $800K A Week (That’s Why He’s Torching Money) Poker
Smit Trivedi
Posted on 26 Jul, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 26 Jul, 2023
By Smit Trivedi
On 26 Jul, 2023

Hustler Casino Pays Nik Airball $800K For The Show (That’s Why He’s Torching Money)

Live streamed Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) games gained a lot of popularity recently, given Hustler Casino Live’s effort to put this format on the map. Anyone who has been watching Hustler Casino Live knows Joey Ingram well. The content creator is a well-known figure behind the mike and is often heard commenting on all the crazy hands that are played during games be it Hold’em games or PLO.

Recently, the Hustler Casino Live commentator took to Twitter and shared his thoughts about an exciting PLO session. He wrote, “Thanks to everyone who tuned into watch the PLO madness tonight… I’ve been having so much fun commenting on this crazy game. @TomDwan dominated while playing 68% of his hands and @nikairball scored a $420,000 comeback win after last nights disaster session…. Back tomorrow at 5pm PST.” (sic)

Nik Airball, who is a regular feature at these HCL games, retweeted the post with a spicy comment saying, “Tom and Airball Show! @TomDwan do you think they’ll like the special guests we have in store for tomorrow on @HCLPokerShow?” (sic)

Questions were raised as Nik Airball confirmed his participation in yet another session after having quite a few poor outings. He had lost a lot of money in the recent past as people started to ask how Airball could afford it (blew up a million bucks and did not stop torching money after that too). 

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Nik Airball gets paid to play HCL 

A Twitter user called, ‘@titov2121’ shared a serious question. He tweeted, @TheRyanFeldman @NickVertucciNV . So, is it true that Airball saved the show and that if he isn’t playing there is no stream? Just clarifying what he said on the stream last night. And mentioning he gets 100k per episode was a little premature!!!!” (sic)

Nick Vertucci complied and did not shy away from spilling the beans. He answered the question stating, “Hahahhahaha. Gotta love nik !!yes we pay him 100k a show and he plays 8 times a month. 800k worth every penny. How do you think you could show up every week and lose and afford it.” (sic)


Now that we all know how Nik Airball has money to burn on HCL quite often, it also goes on to show how poker is getting a lot more mainstream, with such streams turning into a source of entertainment apart from just a sport!

As for Airball’s poker game, he may not be that good with poker, but his entertainment value sure is skyrocketing. He danced on Dwan’s opponent Anthony when offered $500 which shows he can bring eyeballs to the stream which the makers are desperately looking for. 

If Nik Airball gets paid $800K per week for his appearance then torching $500K wouldn’t make the player lose sleep.

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