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DPT Oct 2023_ Sahil Chutani Ships Main Event For Over 20 Lakh Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 16 Oct, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 16 Oct, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 16 Oct, 2023

DPT Oct 2023: Sahil Chutani Ships Main Event For Over 20 Lakh

Online and live poker pro Sahil Chutani has shipped the coveted Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) October 2023 Main Event title for ₹20,19,109. Chutani, who is a pretty well-known name in the Indian poker circuit, beat Archit Khandelwal in heads-up. 

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The runner-up had a payday of ₹14,38,027. The min-cash was ₹3,63,909 with the total number of survivors making Day 2 being 33 (total entries 124). The final table had heavy-duty names like Aditya Sushant, Gaurav Sood, and Bharat Vasan. Players like Nishant Kumar, Bhaumik Morzaria and Amrit Mishra also made the final table. 

Avinash Koneru who is a former Adda52 Big Billions champion bubbled the Main Event. Adda52 game ambassador Ram Kakkar exited at the 11th spot. Talking about the final table, Chutani was chip leading heading into the final table with a stack of 19.45 Lakh chips. 

Kumar had 10.30 Lakh chips to his tally while World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner had 690K chips to battle it out for the gorgeous DPT Main Event trophy. The first casualty on the final table was Sood, who took home the min-cash set for the final table. He was shown the door by Chutani. 

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The next final table contender to exit was short stacked Vikaash Shah for a sum of ₹4,46,082. Bhaumik Morzaria who had kicked out Shah took the 7th spot and left with ₹5,39,994 in his bankroll. 

Sushant ended his Main Event journey at the 6th spot for a payday of ₹6,45,645. Khandelwal showed Mishra the door at the 5th spot. Mishra who entered the final table with 415K chip stack took home a pay cheque of ₹7,63,035. Online reg Nishant Kumar, took the 4th spot for ₹8,98,033. 

When three-handed play began between Chutani, Khandelwal and Vasan, a stack of 4.4 Million was sitting against Chutani’s side. Vasan lost to Chutani’s game and exited in the 3rd spot for a sum of ₹10,56,510. Heads-up session had Chutani (6.6 Million chips) going against Khandelwal’s 1.1 Million chips. 

In the final hand of the Main Event, Khandelwal played with K9o and open shoved. Chutani called with J5s. The board read: 6s Jd Td Ah Ac. This gave two pairs (AA, JJ) and sadly for Khandelwal it was game over at the runner-up spot.

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Final Table Payouts

  • Sahil Chutani – ₹20,19,109
  • Archit Khandelwal – ₹14,38,027
  • Bharat Vasan – ₹10,56,510
  • Nishant Kumar – ₹8,98,033
  • Amrit Mishra – ₹7,63,035
  • Aditya Sushant – ₹6,45,645
  • Bhaumik Morzaria – ₹5,39,994
  • Vikaash Shah – ₹4,46,082
  • Gaurav Sood – ₹3,63,909

The 15th edition of DPT featured an impressive prize pool of ₹2.5 Crore with over 700 participants. The event was a grand success as it spanned over six action-packed days. It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that Deltin Poker Tournament is one of the best live poker tournaments in India at the moment. 

Speaking on the same CEO of Adda52, Mr. Shivanandan Pare, said, “The 10-year anniversary of Deltin Royale, along with the new edition of Deltin Poker Tournament, fueled the excitement among players, inspiring them to reach new heights. In these challenging times for the industry, events like these become even more critical. They not only serve as a source of inspiration and unity for poker enthusiasts but also demonstrate the resilience and passion within our community. We congratulate all the winners and the participants of the tournament and thank them for making this tournament a success.”

The Chief Marketing Officer of Adda52, Mr. Joydeep Mukherjee said, “Although we observed lower numbers in comparison to the previous editions of the DPT, the resounding participation we witnessed, showcased an unwavering poker spirit and an unyielding passion for live tournaments. We are immensely proud that even in the face of the recent challenges that the industry faces, the energy and enthusiasm of our poker community continue to shine brightly.”

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