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Daniel Negreanu Calls Andrew Tate Hot GARBAGE After Greta Thunberg’s #SmallDi_KEnergy Jibe Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 07 Jan, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 07 Jan, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 07 Jan, 2023

Daniel Negreanu Calls Andrew Tate Hot GARBAGE After Greta Thunberg’s #SmallDi*KEnergy Jibe

Twitter can be a tough platform to be on and if you need proof of that check out Daniel Negreanu’s post from 30th December 2022! Why are we suddenly talking about DNegs’s old post. Well, because the poker pro’s tweet throws shade at the American-British social media personality Andrew Tate! Well, the Big Brother star grabbed headlines (more like captured our Twitter feeds) when he showed off the number of cars he owns in order to take a dig at Greta Thunberg

The former Light-Heavyweight Kickboxing World Champion took a jibe at the Swedish environmental activist by showing her how much emissions come only from his extensive luxury car collection. This dig did not end well for Tate as Thunberg replied back with a savage AF answer. She wrote, “Yes, please do enlighten me. email me at smalldickenergy@getalife.com.” (sic) 

What caught our attention is when the six-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner replied with a quote tweet on Alejandra Caraballo’s post on Tate with a caption that read, “Romania FTW. This story is just so…” (sic) Twitterati sure didn’t spare any time in asking ‘KidPoker’ about him calling out Tate! One user asked Negreanu about proving Tate guilty, to which DNegs stated that the former professional kickboxer was a douchebag! Oouch! 

Another Twitter user called out the Super High Roller Bowl winner for taking a potshot at Tate just because the Canadian pro did not like him. The GGPoker Ambassador did one good thing when he gave a befitting reply to this user. Negreanu said, “Dude, guy brags about having 33 cars, look how cool I am! Please pay attention to me! He is an insecure loser masking those insecurities by bragging about his money. That is exactly how you spell loser.” Did the debate on Tate being a douche or a victim stop here? Hell no!

A Twitter user by the handle ‘HOTSALSA14’ commented on Negreanu’s tweet and called it cringy whilst siding with Tate who was arrested in Romania after the alleged pizzagate. The user wrote, “Why is it ftw? He got arrested based on a false claim that will be resolved in 24hours. Like its just cringe if anything. Imagine being arrested because someone lied about you lol its pathetic.” (sic)

‘KidPoker’ gave it back like a pro and said, “That dude is hot garbage bro.” And no, we are not surprised that people were still not ready to accept that DNegs ain’t no fan of Thunberg’s arch nemesis. A biting sense of humour was in the air and we could feel it in our bones.

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Another Twitter user wanted to honestly know what the pro ranked third on the All Time Money List (Hendon Poker), felt about the infamous guy. And boy, Negreanu’s revert did not disappoint and displayed his sharp as a tack personality. The Canadian pro said, “He is a click bait troll bragging about his riches and shits on women. Nothing about him seems remotely redeemable. Incredibly insecure dude masking it acting like a “real man” but he is just a punk.” 

Next up was another user with the Twitter handle CuteBangkokGirl called ‘KidPoker,’ a vegan male feminist. Negreanu wasn’t letting it go either and called Tate a wanker in his reply! He said, “Learn how to be a loser and brag about having 33 cars? Haha please. I can find better role models than this insecure wanker desperate for attention and clicks. Dude is a loser with a capital L.”

There were others too who agreed with Negreanu and replied with tweets supporting his post which showed no mercy towards Tate. Take a look. 

One look at this Twitter thread will tell you that DNegs isn’t the one to shy away from making a point. Not just in the case of Tate but many others where he took to Twitter to voice his opinion on a trending topic (remember Negreanu’s hot take on Robbi Lew – Garrett Adelstein drama?). The pro who exited WPT World Championship 2022 in the 17th spot, sometimes made a point by giving zero fucks and not responding (Ebony Kenney accused DNegs of staring and he had no fucks to give about that accusation).

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