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Daniel Negreanu Taught Mike Matusow A Lesson In Poker And It’s Savage Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 20 Aug, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 20 Aug, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 20 Aug, 2023

Daniel Negreanu Taught Mike Matusow A Lesson In Poker And It’s Savage

When Daniel Negreanu teaches a lesson in poker people pay attention. One such incident happened when Mike Matusow commented on a player’s game on Hustler Casino Live

A player named Mariano made a bet on the river which became a hot topic for debate and comments. Matusow did not stop at letting people know why he thinks Mariano’s river bet was a terrible move. 

But what caught our attention is how the six time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner gave Matusow a lesson in poker and it was savage AF. Interested to know what happened? Keep reading further. 

Daniel Negreanu teaches Mike Matusow poker

How could DNegs let go of a chance to correct someone’s poker understanding and more so if it is a four-time WSOP bracelet winner. 

Matusow obviously sounded upset going by his tweet on Hustler’s video. He wrote, “How can he possibly bet river here? He only beats aq on that river! I mean I’m not results oriented unless he’s turning his aces into a bluff with the ace hearts this is an awful river bet! But hey wtf do I know #clearcheck.” 

Let us add some context here. A hand played between Mariano and Dan Cates aka ‘Jungleman’ led to a Twitter debate and the first one to jump on that bandwagon was Matusow. How did the hand play out? Keep reading to know.

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Dan Cates vs Mariano on Hustler

With $2,000 in the pot, Cates had to call with $800. But ‘Jungleman’ raised it to $2,600 with KQs. Mariano 3-bet to $8,500 with Pocket Rockets. Cates calls. The flop opens 4h Qc Jh. 

Cates checks his option but Mariano pushes $13,000 into the pot. The two-time Poker Player Championship’s winner matched his rival’s bet to see a turn of 2s. 

Mariano is still leading with his pocket aces and ‘Jungleman’ was hunting a win his flush draw. Cates checks again and Mariano goes for a huge bet of $40,000. 

Cates was put on a spot but made the call after some thinking. The river brought 8 of hearts and that gave Cates a flush which easily triumphed over Mariano’s Ace-pair. But Mariano did something awful going by the comments, he bet $85,300 and Cates snap-called. 

When ‘Jungleman’ revealed his hand, Mariano looked very disappointed and mucked his hand. We do feel bad for Mariano but he turned into a betting train. And his gameplay got players talking. 

From what Matusow spoke about Mariano’s play, Negreanu had words for the former. Negreanu commented on the same video post and wrote, “Mike, you can’t bet the river here because you won’t be bluffing enough to get value in this spot. On the river the bet it only 2/3 pot. 

He beats AQ KQ KK AJ KJ JT His bluffs are All AK hands with a heart It’s only a bad bet if you’re a nit and Jungle folds most of those hands.” (sic)

German poker pro Fedor Holz also commented on the video stating that Mariano was chip dumping against Cates. The famous Matt Berkey commented saying it was an underrated tweet. What do you think of Matusow and Negreanu’s tweets? Let us know in the comments section.

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