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Bipolar Player With Connection To Italian Mob Goes Berserk With His Trash Talk Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 14 Aug, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 14 Aug, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 14 Aug, 2023

Bipolar Player With Connection To Italian Mob Goes Berserk With His Trash Talk 

Big Bet Poker Live hosted a cash game which was live streamed and oh boy this game grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons. Two players got into a crazy trash talk which soon turned into a physical altercation. 

While the trashy table talk was captured on camera, the producers of the show shutdown the cameras when the fight got physical. Keep reading further to know what happened.

During the stream two players locked horns beyond the hand being played. Austin Yoo, a Los Angeles-based cash game player and Jason Liu, a Stanford University graduate made a scene which got out of hand and producers had to intervene. 

Liu who worked for Twitter and Facebook revealed that he was bipolar and will do ‘whatever the fu*k he wants’ while playing. Yoo did not hold back and retaliated with the worst kind of statement one could possibly make. He shot back at Liu stating he would torture his mother and kill Liu. The game was in motion but the back and forth between Liu and Yoo was only turning dark. 

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There was one player who got caught in the middle of this insane trash talk and that was Keir Sullivan.  He was seated in between the two quarreling poker players and reportedly told PokerNews that he wanted both the players to be quiet so everyone could continue playing. Sullivan further added, “I had just lost a big pot and was now stuck on the night after being up for the majority of the stream.” 

Matt Berkey tweeted about the fight

The showrunners issued a statement after news broke of the physical altercation. The statement read, “We regret this confrontation happened on stream and shut the stream down as soon as we saw it escalating to such a level. Our goal is to provide a safe atmosphere for high stakes poker players from all walks of life to come, have fun and celebrate the game of poker.”

“The two players involved have been banned from our stream at this time. We hope to be making future headlines with new ideas, big pots and great competition. Poker trash talking is one thing, but it crossed a line that doesn’t represent the spirit of what Big Bet Poker is trying to achieve.”

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