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Big Cash’s Poker Insurance Will Save Your Investments From Tanking Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 02 Jun, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 02 Jun, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 02 Jun, 2023

Big Cash Launches Free Poker Insurance to Save Your Poker Investments from Tanking

Have you ever wondered if your poker bets could have insurance? Bets once made are either won or lost, so it would hurt greatly if you lose that money which you would love to have in your bankroll. Confused about what we are saying?

We are talking about poker insurance for the bets made by players while grinding. For all those who thought of saving money on bets, we have awesome good news for you.

First time in Poker, India’s One of the most popular online poker rooms – Big Cash has launched a new feature – Free Poker Insurance, wherein players are eligible for poker insurance while grinding in cash games.

Yes, its right, till date we have heard about getting health, car, life insured but Big Cash poker insurance is first of its kind feature.

If you like to insure your bets while playing online poker games, Big Cash is the place to be and what better than having poker insurance?

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How Big Cash Poker Insurance Works?

This is pretty simple and straightforward. While grinding on stakes when you score a straight or higher, your bets will be insured by Big Cash up to 100% so that you can play big and win bigger.

To access this feature on Big Cash

  • Just login to your Big Cash poker app, you will see list of cash contests/games with insurance icon.
  • In insured cash games whenever you get straight or higher hand while playing poker insurance will get activated.
  • Based on cash tables you are playing a fixed max amount will be insured which will be shown as soon as you get straight or higher hands.

For example – If you are playing on 500/2000 cash table and shown max insured amount is Rs. 1000 then –

Scenario 1 : If you bet Rs. 700 and loose then you will get Rs. 700 back in your Big Cash poker account.

Scenario 2 : If you bet while grinding Rs. 1000 and unfortunately loose then also you will get Rs. 1000 back.

Scenario 3: If you bet for Rs. 1500 and then loose then you get Rs. 1000 back as the max insured amount is Rs. 1000 for this table. 

Isn’t it cool as you already know poker being an unpredictable game? Sure, it is. To eliminate this unpredictable element, Big Cash launched this revolutionary feature to ensure that cash game lovers do not lose their money and have a sense of security while grinding in cash games.

Play @ Big Cash Poker with ₹50 Sign Up Offer

Folks, if you are a cash game fanatic or a tournament player, you must sign up on Big Cash and get grinding. There is no better way to boost your bankroll than grinding on Big Cash. So don’t wait, register on Big Cash Poker via Gutshot Magazine and get ₹50 instant cash and get ready for a gala time and a rainfall of rewards.

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