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Amit Kaushik Wins Maiden WPT Title In 8 Max Main Event Warm Up Poker
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 25 May, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 25 May, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 25 May, 2023

Amit Kaushik Wins Maiden WPT Title In 8 Max Main Event Warm Up

Congratulations are in order for Amit Kaushik as he shipped 8 Max Main Event Warm Up at the World Poker Tour (WPT) Prime Vietnam 2023. The series which is being held at Crown Poker Club, saw Kaushik and his heads-up rival Duc Minh Phan settle for an ICM deal to end the tourney. 

The Indian pro took home a pay cheque of VN₫ 1,006,000,000 (~$42,845) while Phan had a payday of VN₫ 1,212,000,000 (~US$ 51,620). The coveted 8 Max Main Event Warm Up fell in Kaushik’s kitty and the pro registered his first-ever win at the WPT Prime Vietnam 2023 series.

This event had 471 entries across two entry days; the overwhelming number of entries led to the advertised guarantee of  VN₫ 2BN guarantee bump up and become VN₫ 6,853,050,000 (~US$ 291,870) which is more than triple the original sum. Each flight of this tourney played down to the ITM of 12.5%. Overall 60 players progressed to the final day of this much-awaited event. 

The VN₫ 16,500,000 (~US$ 700) buy-in tourney saw Kaushik make a remarkable comeback and left everyone around awestruck with his poker prowess. He was at the 54th rank when the game began for the final day. He turned the game around and shipped this event like a boss. 

Final Table Payouts:

Place Player Flag Payout in VN₫
1 Amit Kaushik India 1,006,000,000
2 Minh Duc Phan Vietnam 1,212,000,000
3 Ashish Munot India 650,000,000
4 Anatolii Gorbushin Russia 483,000,000
5 Trung Duc Vu Vietnam 363,000,000
6 Linh Ngo Duong Vietnam 276,000,000
7 Hung Wei Yeh Taiwan 212,000,000
8 Siddharth Jolly India 165,050,000

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In all, the top 60 players make it in the money and the min-cash stood at VN₫ 29,500,000. On being asked about his victory and game Kaushik mentioned, “I entered the final table as second in chips so I had to play very carefully. I just waited for the short stacks to bust out. When it was down to 4 players I was comfortably second in chips, even then I didn’t have to do much, the chip leader was doing everything for me.” 

“When he eliminated Ashish third, we were very deep, and tired, so he asked for a deal and I got the trophy. By three tables, I really had to grind it out and pick my spots very carefully. I waited for hands. I was able to build a good stack for the final table.”

Two more Indians made it to the final table. Ashish Munot finished 3rd for a payday of 650,000,000 while Siddharth Jolly took the 8th spot for a prize money worth VN₫ 165,050,000.

Other notable players from India who cashed at this event include names like Romit Advani (VN₫ 49,500,000), Mohit Bohra (VN₫ 29,500,000), Jasven Saigal (VN₫ 43,000,000), former IOPC Main Event champ, Laksh Pal Singh (VN₫ 34,000,000) and Dhaval Mudgal (VN₫ 129,000,000).

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