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7 Types Of Poker Tournaments Every Poker Player Must Know Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 01 Aug, 2021
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 01 Aug, 2021
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 01 Aug, 2021

7 Types Of Poker Tournaments Every Poker Player Must Know

A thing that makes any game or sport even more exciting is its variations. Afterall, variety is the spice of life! And poker is no different. There are numerous variations of the game along with variations in gameplay and formats. If we talk about cricket, we have the T10, T20, One Day Internationals, Test matches etc. Similarly, poker also has a set of tournament formats. Today we’ll discuss seven most famous and commonly played poker tournament formats. 

Freezeout Tournament

A Freezeout is certainly the easiest type to understand. A freezeout tournament is where you buy chips, play the game till you run out of chips. In a freezeout tournament, a player cannot buy back in the tournament after getting busted. 

Multi-buy tournament

As the name suggests a multi-buy tournament lets the player buy in with multiple stacks.The player can register multiple stacks at the start of the tournament  and get more chips to play as much as one wants.

Rebuy Tournament

In a rebuy tournament, a player can buy more chips for a specified period of time after the tournament starts. If a player runs out of chips or gets busted during the rebuy period, he can buy more chips and re-enter. However, after the rebuy period is over, the game continues as a freezeout tournament.

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Freeroll Tournament

A freeroll tournament, as the name suggests, is a free to enter tournament. Any player can participate in a freeroll tournament without investing anything from his/her pockets.These tournaments cost nothing to enter but offer impressive guarantees and rewards.

Satellite Tournament

Satellite tournaments are tournaments where the rewards are seats to high-value tournaments. Unlike other tourneys, a player does not receive cash rewards. The player receives a ticket to the main event or a bigger tournament.

Bounty/Knockout Tournament

In a bounty tournament, a player gets chips for every opponent he/she knocks off from the table. Each player has a certain bounty on them. Whenever a player knocks off an opponent, he/she earns the opponent’s bounty. It is also known as rage.

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Turbo Tournament

A turbo tournament typically runs faster than other tournaments. Here, the blinds and ante increase at a much faster pace. Consequently, the levels also proceed faster. While a level may take approximately 20 minutes; in a turbo tournament, each level ends in around three to ten minutes. Another variant of Turbo tournament is hyper turbo tournament. In a hyper turbo tournament, the blinds increase even faster than turbo tournaments. A level in a hyper turbo usually lasts for just 3 minutes before the blinds or before the antes shoot up.

The world of poker is humongous and so are the number of formats and styles. We have covered some of the most common and popular formats, but there are more that you’ll learn as you dive deeper into the world of poker.

Next time when you get down to playing poker, make sure you try a variety and have maximum fun. Depending on your expertise, cash in hand and the thrill level you want, you can decide on which tournaments suit you best. Playing a tournament that doesn’t suit your needs may often lead to unwanted loss of cash and disappointing games, and no one wants that. So go ahead and play some exciting and rewarding poker.

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