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Why Is Hanoi Emerging As The Hotspot For Live Poker? Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 19 May, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 19 May, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 19 May, 2023

Why Is Hanoi Emerging As The Hotspot For Live Poker?

If you’ve been actively following the poker scene in recent times, you have certainly heard of several live poker events happening in Vietnam, and especially, Hanoi. So much so that it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there is a poker series happening in Hanoi almost once every alternate month.

Poker Series in Hanoi (2022-2023)

If we look at the past year, the series of live poker events back-to-back in Hanoi started with the World Poker Tour (WPT) Prime Vietnam series in May last year. This was followed by the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Vietnam Hanoi Loyal 2022 series held at the Grand Loyal Poker Club, Grand Vista Hotel in Hanoi in June. Then came the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Summer Festival Hanoi VSOP at the VSOP Club in July 2022.

In September 2023, World Poker Championship (WPC) 2022 hosted the World Poker Championship (WPC) 2022. Later in the next month, in October, the Road to WPT Championship Series was held at the Crown Poker Club in Hanoi. In November 2022, the Grand Loyal Poker Club held the Hanoi Super Series.

Asian Poker Tour Summer Series 2023 Schedule Out Now!

The year 2023 began with the WPC returning to Hanoi in January. In February this year, APT returned for APT Hanoi 2023 at the VSOP Poker Club. Currently, the WPT Prime Vietnam 2023 series is underway at the Crown Poker Club, which kick-started on 16th May 2023. And simultaneously, the city is all set to witness APT Summer Series Hanoi 2023 at the Grand Loyal Poker Club starting 26th May. 

Why Is Hanoi Emerging As The Hotspot For Live Poker

Government Support

The government of Vietnam has shown a positive viewpoint toward the game of poker and its potential economic benefits. Several countries, to date, consider poker a form of gambling and thus heavily regulate the game. In this regard, Vietnam has progressively accepted poker as a skill-based game. This kind of support from the government further accelerates the growth of live poker events and tournaments in Hanoi.

Legal Support

Vietnam has very few legal regulations in place regarding poker. Although there are restrictions on certain forms of gambling, poker is considered a game of skill. This legal clarity has created a favourable space for live poker events, encouraging the growth of the poker industry in Hanoi.

Poker Room Expansion

Due to the increasing demand for live poker and ease of restrictions, Hanoi has seen a growth in the number of dedicated poker rooms and clubs in the city. With a variety of stakes available, from low to high, players of all levels can find poker games of their choice. Some of the most popular poker clubs in Hanoi are the Crown Poker Room, Grand Loyal Poker Room and the recently inaugurated VSOP Poker Room.

Apart from the above reasons, other factors such as growing poker culture, boost in the tourism sector, growth of competitive poker events, and social and networking opportunities have also contributed to making Hanoi a hotspot for poker.

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