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Posted on 15 Apr, 2023
By admin
On 15 Apr, 2023
By admin
On 15 Apr, 2023

What Is Ship It NLH Event AT WPT Prime India 2023?

The WPT Prime India 2023 season is turning out to be a total chartbuster. It has created history by registering the most number of entries at the Main Event. Another interesting and fascinating event on the schedule is all set to begin. This is Event #6 Ship It NLH which is all set to begin at 6 PM on 15th April 2023. 

Why do we call it fascinating? Because it has one of a kind format. The Ship It event has two rounds. In the first round, every player registering for the event will pay a buy-in of ₹15,000 and get a starting stack of 1,200. All players on the table are forced all-in preflop in round 1. The dealer then opens the board and the player who wins proceeds to Round 2 and secures a place in the money. The rest of the players are eliminated. 

In case two or more players have the same hand and split the pot, these players will continue playing in the same format until there is only one winner. Multiple tables take place in the same format and the winner from each of these tables then proceeds to Round 2. Round 1 will have 10-handed tables, while Round 2 will have 9-handed tables.

Round 2 is played in the normal NLH format, wherein every player will get a starting stack of 15,000 chips. They will be seated at the tables and will have to battle it out to win the top spot. 


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