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Kumar Shubham
Posted on 28 Apr, 2023
By Kumar Shubham
On 28 Apr, 2023
By Kumar Shubham
On 28 Apr, 2023

What Are Welcome Bonuses In Poker?

Poker, as we all know, is a game that is continuously expanding every day and minute. This skill and technique game has a large global user base. According to some reports, over 30 Lakh Indians have taken an interest in this game and are participating in little and large competitions.

What is causing poker’s fast growth?

One of the differentiating features that is leading poker to grow massively is its fascinating reward types, which are jam-packed with various forms of welcome bonuses, prizes, rakebacks, spin and wins, and many more. Apart from these factors, it is the poker platform’s unwavering dedication to providing players with a fair gameplay policy and a quick withdrawal system.

What is the most important thing a player searches for before starting a game?

Undoubtedly, it’s a welcome bonus! Certainly, every player appreciates being greeted with warmth and camaraderie. And welcome bonuses are similar, they greet players with open arms by offering them the greatest and most enticing prizes at their first step.

What exactly are welcome bonuses?

A welcome bonus is a reward given by online poker rooms to new players when they simply register or start playing after registration on any online gaming platform. Rewarding welcome bonuses exist in a variety of forms, and you may find them as part of a deposit bonus, a sign-up bonus, or simply a welcome bonus. Let me provide a clear picture for you: Assume a poker room chooses to offer new players a welcome bonus in the form of a deposit bonus. So, how does it work? As part of their welcome bonus, that platform may offer you a 100% deposit bonus up to ₹500.

Now, if a player deposits ₹500, they will receive a ₹500 deposit bonus, which will be considered under their welcome bonus bracket. The total welcome bonus you will earn here is ₹1,000. The criteria for giving welcome bonuses also differ from platform to platform. If the criteria says to receive a welcome bonus by playing in cash games or tournaments and accumulating loyalty points.

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Then, to get your welcome bonus, you are required to play in cash games and tournaments and start accumulating loyalty points. Each poker room has its own set of terms and conditions for welcome bonus offers. Hence, before taking the bonus sum, every player must properly read and comprehend all of the terms and conditions

Is there a platform with the best welcome bonus?

MPL Poker, indeed. This poker platform is one of a kind, and it is establishing a reputation for itself in the industry for its generous welcome bonus offers. MPL Poker’s welcome bonus is now stealing the show amid several others that currently exist.

When you opt to begin your poker adventure with any platform that provides the greatest industry standard welcome bonus offer. Then, at all costs, you should choose MPL Poker. Want to know why?

Each player who joins the platform receives a ₹30,000 welcome bonus. It is the platform’s first step award to help you begin your journey with joy, and a bankroll to start with. If you begin playing on this platform on a daily basis and become a dedicated player, you will see what the finest rewards and poker games truly are.


Today, we believe that if you are a player who is involved in a game of mental skill and strategy, you should get rewards at every level. Why? Because you work hard here, putting all of your abilities to use, investing your valuable time and, most importantly, your hard earned money

So you should look for the greatest online gaming platforms that appreciate your time, energy, money, skills, and so on. To help you get started, we recommend starting with MPL Poker, where you will be immersed in a world of poker celebrations that will reward you at every step.

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MPL Poker - Welcome Bonus (30,000)

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