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Varun 'VnutsG' Gupta wins Moneymaker 5.0 Poker
Gutshot Admin
Posted on 14 May, 2018
By Gutshot Admin
On 14 May, 2018
By Gutshot Admin
On 14 May, 2018

Varun ‘VnutsG’ Gupta wins Moneymaker 5.0

The Spartan Poker launched the ‘Millionaire’ several months ago, while PokerBaazi and Adda52 came out with their signature tournaments called ‘Moneymaker’ and ‘Big Millions‘ respectively. Together, these constitute three of the biggest online poker tournaments in India and yesterday saw two of these events taking place simultaneously.

While Pranav Khandalkar claimed the Millionaire on The Spartan Poker, the fifth edition of the Moneymaker was also being played on PokerBaazi, where a total of 1058 entries were recorded (665 entries + 393 re-entries) that took the advertised prize pool of INR 1 crore GTD up to 1,05,80,000. The tournament was ultimately shipped by Varun Gupta, aka. ‘VnutsG‘.

Gupta will take home the guaranteed first-place prize of INR 30 lakh and while most people dread waking up on Mondays, he will surely wake up with a big smile on his face. The tournament, which began at 6 pm IST last evening ended at 3:11 IST this morning, which amounts to over 9 hours of grinding. The winner can go out and buy himself a nice gift today as it also happens to be his birthday. Happy birthday Varun Gupta!

The INR 11,000 buy-in tournament saw 72 places being paid out with a minimum cash prize of INR 21,160 (0.2% of the prize pool). Ultimately, Gupta beat ‘Allin47’ in heads up to grab the Moneymaker 5.0 title. Gupta has also been having a good run in live poker of late, winning the APT Finale Macau Main Event in December, for $38,456 (~INR 25.88 lakh).

Varun 'VnutsG' Gupta wins Moneymaker 5.02

Moneymaker 5.0 Final Table results:

  1. VnutsG – INR 30 lakh
  2. Allin47 – INR 15,34,100
  3. Trishuli71 – INR 10,36,840
  4. sp175 – INR 7,40,600
  5. Incognito – INR 5,29,000
  6. loserfish19 – INR 3,70,300
  7. lil_d – INR 2,90,950
  8. yo_bitch – INR 2,11,600
  9. thekid – INR 1,58,700
  10. pescatarian8 – INR 1,32,250

Gutshot caught up with Varun Gupta to ask him about his experience playing the Moneymaker, and shipping the tournament as well. “The experience was pretty fun, coming straight from the PSL final day with quite a disappointing end for Bengaluru Warriors team. Then, finishing the biggest tourney in India as a winner was obviously like a dream thing.”

He further told us about how he made a good comeback during the tournament, saying, “From the start, I had been in a chip-leading position but when some 40-odd people were left, I was once down to 8 BBs where I lost AJ to KJ, but luckily got the much needed double ups when required. So, it was quite a smooth ride.”

“Just before the final table bubble, I shoved pocket sevens (19 BBs) and the player immediately next to me shoved over the top with pocket eights, but luckily we hit our straight on the turn, so this was quiet a lucky hand. The last couple of days at the PSL, I got the privilege of learning from the one and only Aditya Sushant aka ‘Sushi’, so automatically it became a smooth ride. He is the best for a reason. #Beast. Overall it was fun playing the Moneymaker tournament with so many entries.”

For similar updates on the biggest live and online poker tournaments in India, keep reading GutshotMagazine.com!


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