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Posted on 01 Jun, 2018
By GS Admin
On 01 Jun, 2018
By GS Admin
On 01 Jun, 2018

Types of Poker Players

There are a spectrum of human emotions that come into play at the poker table. Different personalities, different playing styles and different perspectives. In this article we will illustrate the different types of Poker players found at the tables.


These guys know at least 95% of the game. That includes the rules, strategies etc. They will usually even have a strategy handy before coming into the play. The only problem is their strategy will be too weak! They play passively and will often limp-call on pre flop. They will find it difficult to fold post flop even when they know their beat. All fish are different, but the most common type of fish is the “calling-station”. Calling-stations seem incapable of folding any hand, however bad it is. Other types of fish like to run crazy bluffs in places where it makes no sense.


These guys are totally clueless! They may even not be completely aware of the rules of the game. They play passive-aggressively ranging from being wildly aggressive with a weak hand to being super passive with strong hands. You want these guys at your table, but try not to scare them away.

TAG aka Tight-Aggressive

Often referred to as the king of all poker player types. This type of player adopts a perfectly coordinated strategy of choosing a very strong number of starting hands while acting aggressive. They often raise and call as opposed to checking or folding. The TAG player plays solid poker and isn’t likely to make any irrational bluffs or calls, and for this reason the TAG style of play is often seen as the fundamental style for a good poker player.


These guys are like TAG, except they play probably a bit too tight! Unlike a TAG who will play around 20% of the hands, a NIT will play 10% of hands or even less. They only play the very strongest hands pre flop, and they will fold on any flop they don’t have a connect with.


LAG or Loose-Aggressive are like good TAGs and can potentially make a lot of profit. The number of LAGs is very low as compared to the number of TAGs because it takes a lot of skill to successfully play a LAG.


These guys take LAG a little bit too far. They play a large number of hands and are aggressive with all of them. Unlike Donkeys, they are aware of the rules of the game, but choose to be constantly aggressive. Maniacs can be extremely tough to play against, especially if they are on your left – but they should be a nice source of profit if you understand how to fight back.

Slim gutshot

These were some common types of poker players found at a table. If you know of any more, do let us know in the comments section below. Also keep reading GutshotMagazine.com for more ‘Poker Gyaan’ articles.

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