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APT Super High Roller - 8 Max
Mrinal Gujare
Posted on 30 Apr, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 30 Apr, 2023
By Mrinal Gujare
On 30 Apr, 2023

Two Quick Eliminations; Bubble Inching Closer

Level 17, Blinds: 20K/40K, Ante 40K

We saw two eliminations and players inching very close to the bubble. And the APT Taipei 2023 Super High Roller Day 2 is getting more fierce by the minute. Take a look at the two eliminations below. This one was a blink and miss elimination at the hands of  Hsien Ren Koh. Short stacked Australian player Tu Thanh Le (J♠ J♥) shoved his remaining tournament life in the middle (with just one 25,000 chip behind left with him). Le’s bet was matched by Koh (Q♥ Q♣). The flop saw 5♥ 6♣ 3♠ and Le threw his last 25,000 chip into the pot and Koh called with lightning speed. The turn and river presented 8♥ and 6♦ which left the Australian feeling helpless. Le left the game just three spots away from the ITM. 

  • Le: J♠ J♥
  • Koh: Q♥ Q♣
  • Board: 5♥ 6♣ 3♠ 8♥ 6♦

In another incident, we have Jason Lau from Malaysia leaving the table, the reporters missed the hand but as seen Lau has been eliminated from the game which means the players are two spots away from the money mark.

Jason Lau

Jason Lau


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