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Top 3 Online Poker Tournaments Poker
Gutshot Editorial
Posted on 30 Dec, 2018
By Gutshot Editorial
On 30 Dec, 2018
By Gutshot Editorial
On 30 Dec, 2018

Top 3 Online Poker Tournaments

  1. Scoop 2018: Spring Championship Of Online Poker is an online poker tournament. It was established in 2009. There are three different stakes in the SCOOP: low, medium –ten times the low stake – and High – 100 times the low stake. The winners of all 183 events in the 2018 SCOOP achieved something special, including both lovely pay-days and all-time poker memories. Of course, it is true that one of those 183 events stands up a notch higher than the rest, along with the winner earning a permanent spot in the poker world’s collective memory, too – the $10,300 buy-in ‘High’ version of the three-day SCOOP main event, and Tankanza of Austria overcoming all to claim the title, a Platinum Pass, and a massive $1, 133, 160.03 first prize. The field was star-studded, the final table highly competitive, all heads-up play a long, long winding roller coaster. Two hours into heads-up a deal was considered, but when Tankanza’s opponent wanted a little more than what was being proposed, Tankanza wasn’t interested in that. “No Tanks”, was the reply. Almost two hours after that, Tankzana had won.   
  2. Micro Millions: Micro Millions is another online poker tournament series that features 121 events, almost all with micro stakes buy-ins as the name suggests, It is a tournament designed for the ‘little guy’. The buy-ins start from as little as $0.11which makes it perfect for players of any skill and it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or a seasoned grinder.  It is considered as the ultimate low-stakes tournaments series.  This popular online game was first introduced back in 2012.  Often large field, low buy-ins online tournaments features lots of less patient players going broke with marginal holdings as they don’t have the stamina to sit through long stretches of bad cards. The Micro Million Marathon will allow you to schedule multi table and play several tournaments at once, which can help with being patient in each individual tournament. One needs to be prompt, patient and ready to adapt.
  3. Spin & Go: Spin & Go is a new 3-player SNG in hyper- turbo format, where the prize pool is randomly drawn and the buy-in can be multiplied by between 2 and 1000 times. Each player starts with 25 bb in their stacks at a 10/20 level, and blinds go up every 3 minutes. The winner of a tournament wins the prize pool. Poker provides many things. Money. Happiness. Intellectual challenge. But when you get right down to reality, professional poker players don’t play for any of those reasons. As a matter of fact, they play because it gives them freedom. When Spin & Go games was created, professionals thought that freedom was waning. The recreational players, eyeing a quick buck, left the cash games and tournaments and started spinning. The pros had nothing to do but complain. Well, not all of them.   

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