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Vaibhav Sharma Devil's Freeze Winner Poker
GS Admin
Posted on 12 Dec, 2017
By GS Admin
On 12 Dec, 2017
By GS Admin
On 12 Dec, 2017

SSS Finale Day 1: Vaibhav Sharma wins Devil’s Freeze

The final Spartan Super Series (SSS) of 2017 kicked off yesterday at TheSpartanPoker.com and per usual Day 1’s huge guarantees were easily crushed across all the tournaments. The best part for players, aside from the massive 3.6+ crores in guaranteed prize pools, in this Finale edition of the SSS is brand new Harley Davidson 750cc which will go to the leaderboard topper along with INR 5 Lakh cash prize in the overall 15+ Lakh leaderboard. The seven-day series will see many winners walking away with big prizes and titles but the leaderboard is where players will want to make their mark as that winner will have a big reason to celebrate the new year!

Let’s do a quick round-up of SSS Day 1:-

SSS #1 INR 770 (350K GTD) (RE)

The very first event of the day kicked off at 2 pm with 507 entries making a prize pool of INR 354,000. The event saw many notable players taking part and the prize pool was distributed amongst top 40 players with a min-cash of INR 2,129. Coming on top it was Ragesh ‘raging bourne’ to outlast these entries and defeating ‘luckyaviator’ in the heads-up battle.

26-year old Bangalore based Ragesh said, “The tournament was pretty much smooth sailing throughout. The cards were falling my way and I had a healthy stack throughout which I could use to put pressure on the others in the right spots in the later stages where I was pretty much top 3 stacks at all times. I remember losing only 2 semi-big pots, that too only on the FT, one of which was the first hand HU. Even though I lost that hand HU and we were almost equal in chips, I knew I would win it more often than not. Overall it was just one of those days where pretty much everything goes your way.”

Adding further the software engineer said, “Regarding the leaderboard, its early stages yet and there is still a lot of work to be done. I don’t go into tournaments with any expectation and that is what I can say about the leaderboard as well. I will just try to focus on the process and try to play every tournament to the best of my ability and if something is bound to happen as a result of that, it will.”

The winner was announced in the Level #36 with blinds running 12,500-25,000-2,500, in the hand ‘luckyaviator’ was holding Ah 2c and ‘raging bourne’ had 8c Qh. Both the heads-up players played a raise and re-raise match till the turn and went all-in. The board ran 2h 3h Qc Qs 5c giving three of a kind, Queens to ‘raging bourne’ and also the first title of this SSS Finale edition. ‘raging bourne’ collected INR 94,049 while ‘luckyaviator’ took home INR 58,559 for the second place finish.

SSS #2 INR 330 (180K GTD) (R+A)

The second event drew a participation of 747 entries for a prize pool of INR 224,100 where top 27 players took a share with a min-cash of INR 2,017. ‘pokermajid’ knocked down these entries and ‘MerseyMania’ in the final round. ‘pokermajid’ was rewarded INR 49,302 for the first place finish.

The final hand came in the Level #44 along with blinds 50,000-100,00-10,000 where the hand saw ‘pokermajid’ with 8d 8c and ‘MerseyMania’ holding Ad Tc. After posting the blinds ‘pokermajid’ raised to which ‘MerseyMania’ shoved, ‘pokermajid’ called. The showdown 6s 5h Jc 5s 2s gave two pairs, Eights and Fives to ‘pokermajid’ and also the title. ‘MerseyMania’ collected INR 33,391 for the second place finish.

SSS #3 INR 1,650 (450K GTD) (RE)

Vaibhav Sharma Devil's Freeze Winner2

381 entries came together for the third event of the Day 1 for a prize pool of INR 571,500 where top 30 players took a share with a min-cash of INR 4,000. The recent Two. of. a. Kind winner Shantam Agarwal who plays under the moniker ‘SnapJam’ has claimed the title for INR 151,448 for the first place finish. Agarwal outlasted ‘milliondollerdream’ in the final round who took home INR 94,298 for the second place finish.

In the Level #34 with blinds 8,000-16,000-1,600, ‘SnapJam’ had 7s 6h against ‘milliondollerdream’s 9c Qc. Both the opponents shoved on the river on the board of Qd 6d 3d 6s Ac giving three of a kind, Sixes to ‘SnpaJam’ and also the event title.

SSS #4 INR 6,666 Devil’s Freeze (999,999 GTD) (FO)

The Freezeout tournament drew 210 players beating the guarantee and making a prize pool to INR 12,73,860 which was collected by top 25 places with a min-cash of INR 7,643. Vaibhav Sharma claimed the title for INR 337,573 defeating ‘fi_sh_ark’ at the second place who took home INR 207,002.

The final hand of this featured tournament came in the Level #40 with blinds running hot 12,000-24,000-3,000, ‘vaibhav1188’ had pocket sixes (6h 6d) and ‘fi_sh_ark’ holding As Tc. The pre-flop saw both the players going all-in where the board saw 5h Th 4c 6c 3c. It was ‘vaibhav1188’ to claim the title with three of a kind, Sixes eliminating ‘fi_sh_ark’ at second place.

SSS #5 INR 2,750 (400K GTD) (RE) PLO

278 entries came together for the last event of the day for making a prize pool of INR 695,000 which was distributed to top 25 places with a min-cash of 7,645.’buzzzbeee56′ shipped the title for INR 201,550 defeating ‘badbeatriver’ at second place. ‘badbeatriver’ took home INR 109,463 for the runner-up place.

The Level #43 with blinds 18,000-36,000, the last two players ‘buzzzbeee56’ had 3d As 6d Ad and ‘badbeatriver’ was having Kh Th Qd Jd where the flop both of them going all-in. The board ran Jc 8d 7d 6s 5c with no help ‘badbeatriver’. ‘buzzzbeee56’ claimed the title with Aces.

After Day 1 it’s Ragesh a.k.a ‘raging bourne’ leading the 15+ SSS Leaderboard which you can see below:-

SSS leaderboard3


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