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Spartan Poker Presents Celebrations Poker Carnival Poker
Amarylisa Gonsalves
Posted on 06 Aug, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 06 Aug, 2023
By Amarylisa Gonsalves
On 06 Aug, 2023

Spartan Poker Presents Celebrations Poker Carnival

One of India’s leading online poker brands, Spartan Poker, is hosting a live poker tournament at The Celebrations Sports Club located in Lokhandwala, Mumbai. The poker event is exclusively for the members of the esteemed club.

Titled ‘Celebration Poker Carnival,’ the tournament takes place on Sunday, 6th August 2023. The event begins at 12.30 PM in the card room of the club. The tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of ₹50,000, which will be distributed among the top 12% of the players who survive.

The poker enthusiast members of the club wishing to participate had to register themselves on the Spartan Poker app and deposit ₹500 to enrol for the tournament. This would act as the buy-in to the tournament. After enrolling, the participants gathered at the registration desk at the venue, submitting their names and usernames.

All the participants get a starting stack of 1,500 chips and will start at Level 1, with blinds 10/20. Each level will play for 12 minutes as the tournament progresses. The participants will have the option to rebuy or re-enter the tournament till the end of Level 6. After Level 6, the players still in the field will head out for a break and will have a break after every five levels.

We will be updating all the happenings from the event live on this page. So make sure to keep an eye!

Throwback to Celebrations Card Carnival

The Celebrations Club also hosted a rummy tournament called ‘Celebration Card Carnival,’ last month. Check out how the event went:

The Celebration Sports Club Mumbai Card Carnival

Shuffle Up And Deal

Poker Carnival

The tournament has kick-started with the organisers making the Shuffle-up and deal announcement. The players have taken their seats and have started playing.





41 Players Register

The tournament has registered 41 players so far. The rebuy option is available to the players for the first one hour of the tournament. 

Poker Fever At An All-Time High AT The Celebration Club

The poker fever is at an all-time high, here, at The Celebration Club. With 44 unique entries, and just a few more minutes left for the end of registrations, players are flooding to the registration desk to rebuy into the event and take at shot at the ₹50,000 prize pool.






End Of Registrations

The late registrations have ended with a total of 44 unique entries and 46 rebuys. The players are out on a 10-minute break, post which they will resume at Level 7. 

Payouts Announced

With a total of 91 entries, the top 12% will be paid. The organisers have decided to pay the top 12 players from the prize pool of ₹50,000. The top-place finisher gets ₹15,000. The min-cash will be ₹1,000. 

Place Amount 
1 ₹15,000
2 ₹10,000
3 ₹7,500
4 ₹5,000
5 ₹3,500
6 ₹2,500
7 ₹1,500
8-12 ₹1,000

Down to the final Four Tables

The field is down to the final five tables of five players each. The game continues to get intense as the players are now eyeing the top spot.

Dhruv Khanna Bubbles The Tournament

A player named Dhruv Khanna bubbled the event by busting at the 13th place. Although Vicky Talwar busted at the same time on another table, his higher stack made sure he cashed. Talwar took the 12th place for the min-cash of ₹1,000.

The final Table is Set

The final table of the Celebration Poker Carnival is all set. The final nine players will now battle it out for the top spot. Here are the chip counts:

  1. Kedar Pradhan – 25,200
  2. Aneel – 23,100
  3. William – 20,500
  4. Sarthan Goyal – 15,300
  5. Dwimidh – 13,800
  6. Mohit Wadia – 11,900
  7. Kashish – 11,600
  8. Prashant – 11,400
  9. Jimit – 3,800

Aneel Asrani Is The First Casualty

The second-highest stack, Aneel Asrani has become the first casualty on the FT in a classic AK vs AQ battle. Asrani was all-in with AK against chip leader Kedar Pradhan’s AQ. The board fanned out to 83JQ6, giving Pradhan a Q-pair for the win. Asrani walks away with ₹1,000.





Jimit Pandya Takes The 8th Place

The lowest stack on the FT, Jimit Pandya has taken the 8th place cashing ₹1,000 for his finish. 

Mohit Wadia And Dwimidh Agarwal Bow Out

Mohit Wadia and Dwimidh Agarwal have bowed out of the tournament at the 7th and 6th place, respectively. While Wadia took home ₹1,500 for his seventh-place finish, Agarwal enjoyed a pay jump to walk away with ₹2,500.

William Tocher And Prashant Gopalkrishnan Succumb To A Double Bustout

William Tocher and Prashant Gopalkrishnan have taken the 5th and 4th place for ₹3,500 and ₹5,000, respectively. 

The Last Lady Standing Kashish Mangtani Is The Second Runner-up

The last lady standing, Kashish Mangtani, has gracefully walked out at the third place after her Snowmen couldn’t survive against Sarthak Goyal’s T8 on the T445Q board. The lady in black bowed out gracefully at the third place for ₹7,500.






It’s Time For Heads-Up

With Kashish Mangtani’s bustout, the heads-up is set between Kedar Pradhan and Sarthak Goyal. Both the players seem to be in their poker element as they put their best foot forward. 








Sarthak Goyal Finishes Runner-Up

After a brief swingy heads-up, Sarthak Goyal has taken the runner-up spot after battling out hard at the event. Goyal managed to chip up a few times; however, he lost a major portion of his stack in the second last hand. In the last hand, he was left with just the blinds as was all-in. He had Q3, while Kedar Pradhan had 45. The board brought K5827, crowning Pradhan the champion.

Kedar Pradhan Wins The Celebration Poker Carnival

The chip leader continued to dominate the table and walked away victorious with the title and the top prize of ₹15,000 to his account. He outlasted a field of 90 entries to emerge victorious and claim victory among his peers. Congratulations, Pradhan!










Final Table Payouts: 

Place Player Username Amount 
1 Kedar Pradhan kedar1 ₹15,000
2 Sarthak Goyal sartz22 ₹10,000
3 Kashish Mangtani kashish585 ₹7,500
4 Prashant Gopalkrishnan PrashantGk ₹5,000
5 William Tocher wilman ₹3,500
6 Dwimidh Agarwal dwimidh1 ₹2,500
7 Mohit Wadia crescendo ₹1,500
8 Jimit Pandya jimpandya ₹1,000
9 Aneel Asrani aneel3012 ₹1,000

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