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GS Admin
Posted on 06 Jan, 2018
By GS Admin
On 06 Jan, 2018
By GS Admin
On 06 Jan, 2018

Signature Accessories of Professional Poker Players

Poker players across the world are known for some pretty weird stuff. From an ambiguous sense of fashion to straight up hilarious disguises, poker players have given us some truly memorable moments while at the table.

Here are some of the most manifested style statements of famous poker pros in the world-

Chris Ferguson – The Hat

The six time winner of various World Series of Poker events is known for his large black cowboy hat. You simply cannot miss out on him if he is sitting at your table or any other table around you. His Jesus-like appearance paired with his hat makes him quite the personality.

Greg Raymer – The Lizard Sunglasses

Known by the nickname ‘Fossilman’, Greg Raymer is best known for winning the 2004 World Series of Poker Main Event. That particular event is so famous because he managed to distract his opponents by staring at them through yellow, holographic lizard-eye sunglasses.

The Lizard Sunglasses

Humberto Brene – The Shark Card protector

Otherwise known as the ‘The Shark’, Humberto Brene always has his shark card protector at hand. Whenever he is about to go all-in, he stands up at his table and waves them around. This signal is strong enough for his opponents to rethink their next planned move.

The Shark Card protector

Johnny Chan – The Orange

The famous American-Chinese poker player is known to have a rather fascinating habit about his personal hygiene. Whenever he comes across a player whose hygiene isn’t up to the mark or a player who smokes, he holds up an orange against his face and prefers to smell that.

The Orange

Phil Laak – The Hoodie

Poker players who wear hoodies are not an uncommon sight. However, poker player and commentator Phil Laak took it to the next level. To avoid giving away any information regarding his hand, he tied his hoodie all over his face while his opponents took their turns.

Phil Laak

It is worth mentioning that while these oddities help the poker pros, they are extremely skilled players nonetheless. Practice and patience are the only ways to master the game.

Have a poker buddy who wears funny accessories while he plays poker? Tag him/her and mention the habit in the comments section below!

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