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Siddarth Singvi PLO Winner Poker
GS Admin
Posted on 19 Apr, 2019
By GS Admin
On 19 Apr, 2019
By GS Admin
On 19 Apr, 2019

Siddarth Singhvi bags top prize in PLO Spot Light Series

Spartan Poker hosted a day of PLO delight for this month, having already had success with it in March 2019. Yesterday, the clients saw 5 PLO tournaments in the mix, with buy-ins ranging from INR 55 to INR 22,000. The biggest one of these was won by regular Siddarth Singhvi for a staggering amount. Keep reading to know the rest of the results and winners:

 Spot Light Series #5 – INR 15 Lakhs GTD

The last one to wrap up the series was also the biggest. For a buy-in of INR 22,000, the tournament attracted a sizeable feld to the felts and paid out the top 7 places. Siddarth Singhvi aka ‘PeterPunter’ shipped the tournament for INR 4,95,000 first-place cash prize, beating ‘7vik’ in heads-up.

The final hand of HU began with Singhvi having almost double 7vik’s chips. 7vik raised all-in pre-flop with Tc Qd 9c Td and Singhvi called with 7s Qh As Ac. The board revealed Th 9h Ad Kd 3h, and Singhvi showed set of Aces, beating 7vik’s Tens set. The runner-up settled for INR 3,90,000 prize money.

Singhvi, well-known community player, was recently among the winners in Spartan 5 For 5 last month and won INR 5 Lakhs there. Among his recent achievements include winning Spartan Mega FreezeElite and earning Vegas package on Adda52. He was also pitted against Finnish legend Patrik Antonius, when he came to Goa for Delta Corp’s 10-year celebrations.

Spot Light Series #1 – INR 10K GTD

The day began with a small-stakes tournament which had a buy-in of INR 55. It attracted a total of 107 unique players to the felt and broke the GTD by a good margin, relatively speaking. The top 20 places were paid with the min-cash being INR 234. Finishing at the top was ‘karancooper’ who earned INR 4,200 beating ‘alpha07’ in heads-up.

Spot Light Series #2 – INR 40K GTD

This one attracted 64 unique players for the buy-in of INR 275. The top 9 places were paid out of the prize pool. Topping the tournament and earning the fattest pay-check was Induprakash Mishra aka ‘supee’ for INR 11,805. Mishra seems to be in love with PLO, having bagged a title in last month’s series too. He is a good community player and recently even won Spartan Sunday SuperStack for ~INR 7.89 Lakhs.

Spot Light Series #3 – INR 1.2 Lakhs GTD

The first winner of this series, ‘karancooper’ made a double here, shipping this tournament for INR 33,000. He beat 57 unique players in the field and beat ‘kozmos93’ in heads-up to secure his 2nd PLO Spot Light Series title. The top 11 places were paid in the tournament with the min-cash being INR 3,000. The runner-up settled for INR 23,460 second-place cash prize on Spartan.

Spot Light Series #4 – INR 6 Lakhs GTD

The penultimate event was hosted with a buy-in of INR 5,500. The top 10 places were paid with the min-cash being INR 15,375. The player to ship this was ‘Veer’ who took home INR 1,84,500, the second biggest first-place cash prize of the series. He beat ‘wildhorse’ in heads-up who settled for INR 1,47,600 runner-up prize money on Spartan.

Keep reading GutshotMagazine.com for more such tournament updates, round-ups and for general poker news from around the world.

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